Why the Healthy Back Bag would make the perfect gift this Christmas

Why the Healthy Back Bag would make the perfect gift this Christmas

If you are struggling to think of a gift to get your friend or family member the Healthy Back Bag could be perfect. It is available for both men and women, and not only looks great, but comes with great health benefits as well. It is incredibly affordable, and at BagsDirect, you can still get in time for Christmas, so it is perfect for those last minute presents. We offer a lot of variety with regards to colour and size, so you can find the perfect gift for your friend or loved one.

HandbagYou might not have realised just how much damage your bag was doing to you, but it is actually one of the leading causes of bad backs, which, incidentally is one of the most common health complaints. Although, of course there are other causes for bad backs, such as the way you sit at work, or the type of job that you do; however, if you carry a heavy bag around with you every day, this could be partly the cause of your ailments.

So, if you know someone that carries a heavy bag around with them to work every day, and you are struggling for a gift for them this Christmas, the Healthy Back Bag could be perfect. Here is a quick breakdown of how different styles of bags could be harmful. Shoulder bags are a fairly obvious one. Although these are some of the most popular styles of bags, they are also among the most damaging, particularly if they are heavy. They tend to be favoured with business men and women alike as they look smart and appropriate for office wear; however, the reality is that they put an uneven strain on your spine, core and legs, which forces you to compensate in order to maintain a good sense of balance. You begin to use muscles that would not normally be engaged, and in time, this can lead to soreness of the back. In more serious cases, over time it can contribute to scoliosis, which causes curvature of the spine, and other long term back problems.

Backpacks are often thought of as being the healthier and comfier option, and in many respects this is the case; however, you still need to be careful, as it can cause damage in other ways. Although you will not be pulling your spine to the side, a heavy backpack will naturally pull you backwards slightly. Just like the shoulder bag, you are over compensating to keep your core upright, causing your shoulders to roll forward. This will begin to cause back and shoulder pain, as well as neck pain; which are something that a lot of us face anyway from sitting in an office all day. Although there are features that you can look for in your bag, or habits that you can adopt that will help to minimise any pain, the best way is to look for a bag that actually prevent this from happening, and this is exactly what the Healthy Back Bag does.

The Healthy Back Bag has a very unique design to it. It has been designed in a tear drop shape, in order to distribute the weight of the contents across the back, preventing it from pulling on just one side, from one point on the shoulder. The aim of this is to ensure that it touches the body in several places, when it is worn, as this will help to make the bag feel lighter, and will naturally encourage you to have a better posture. The bags are made from an incredibly soft and pliable Microfibre fabric, which allows the bag to mould to the shape of the body. The bag features one non-slip strap, ensuring the bag stays on the shoulder when it is being worn, so you do not have to put any strain on your neck or spine trying to keep the bag on your shoulder.


At BagsDirect, we are proud to stock the Healthy Back Bag in a large number of different sizes and colours, making them suitable for both men and women. We are sure that you will be able to find something for even the fussiest of people. It really could change the way people carry their belongings, and we are confident that it really will be one of the most comfortable bags that you, or a loved one will ever own. The Healthy Back Bags have all been designed with ease and organisation at the forefront. Gone are the days when you will be digging around trying to find the one key that has fallen to the bottom of your bag. The bags have all been designed with clever pockets that are both inside and outside, which keeps all of your belongings organised. It also means that the weight can again be evenly distributed around the bag, thus preventing injury or pain.

The Healthy Back Bag is the perfect gift for any loved one this Christmas, but particularly if you know that they carry heavy bags every day. You can choose the perfect size and colour for them, and they will not be disappointed. You are still in time to order with delivery in time for Christmas too, so it is the perfect time to get those final, last minute gifts. Remember, BagsDirect offer free deliver on all orders over £35.

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