Where to go on holiday with your friends…

Where to go on holiday with your friends…

The first time that you go away with your friends, you know that it will be a holiday to remember. Whether you choose to go abroad or stay closer to home, the location is no doubt something you would have been mulling over for some time. This is why we have comprised a list of the 10 most popular holiday locations for you and your friends to travel to…

1)  Ibiza


Ibiza is one of the most popular holiday destinations for those aged 18-30. It has a combination of beautiful scenery, stunning beaches, as well as a busy, bustling night life so it is no wonder that this area is so popular. It is steeped in history, so you can take in the sights, as well as spending your nights with some of the greatest DJ’s there are.  It is easy to see why this island is such a popular choice with the young traveller. 

2) Crete


Crete features on our list, and is again, an incredibly popular choice of destination. By day, you can really get involved with the local culture, cuisine and character, and by night, you can experience the local bars and clubs. Aside from this, Crete boasts some of the most beautiful scenery around, from beaches with crystal blue waters, to cliffs that overlook the mountains. It is the perfect location if you and your friends are looking for something more than just a good night out. 

3) Newquay


Next on the list is a destination that is a little closer to home. Hidden in the depth of Cornwall, Newquay is the closest place you will get to being abroad without leaving the country. The white beaches rival those in Spain, and the nightlife will not disappoint either. If you enjoy surfing, this is definitely the place to visit and is a perfect opportunity to get away with your friends for the first time, without having to leave the country.

4)  Malia


There is more to this island than just pubs, bars and clubs. It is like a maze of historic buildings and sights, not to mention white sandy beaches and blue seas. It is a very popular holiday destinations and the beaches can get very crowded in peak seasons. The nightlife is a bonus, and is very busy and high energy, so if you are looking for somewhere to go where you can fill both your days and nights, Malia would be a very popular choice. 

5) Faliraki


Faliraki has been an incredibly long-time favourite holiday destination among young adults. It features a three mile log sandy beach with crystal clear waters, as well as other fun daytime activities for you to enjoy. That said, one of the most popular reasons that people visit Faliraki is to experience the unforgettable nightlife. According to those who have been, it is unforgettable and unbeatable. 

6) Kavos


Kavos has become very popular with British tourists over the years, and in more recent ones, it has become a very popular choice for young tourists. It is an incredibly lively part of Corfu, with plenty of activities to become involved with. It has a large beach area, and plenty of restaurants, shops and hotels. Of course, the nightlife in Kavos is incredibly popular with the young visitors, and there is something to suit everyone, whether you want a pub, club, or bar. 

7) Kos


Kos is a beautiful Greek Island that has so much to offer tourists. There is so much to see during the day, as the island is absolutely steeped in history. On top of this, it is home to some stunning beaches where you can relax and take in the views. Whether you are looking to have a relaxing break with friends or somewhere to have a good party at night, Kos is perfect for you. It really has something for everyone. 

8) Magaluf


In the summer months, Magaluf turns into the perfect location for an 18-30’s holiday. It is somewhat of a personality change from the rest of the year, and is transformed into a party area, where the clubs and bars are open all week for you to enjoy a night out whenever you wish during your stay. On top of this, it has perfect sandy beaches for you to enjoy, and plenty of watersports, restaurants and other excursions for you to enjoy during your stay. 

9) Zante


Zante is another incredibly popular Greek Island, and rightly deserves a place on our list. Nights out in Zante are wild, and the popular hotels tend to be just 10 minutes away from the main strip. There is something different to do all night, every night. That said, there is also plenty to do during the day as well. You can relax on the beautiful white beaches, or engage in some fun watersports and other activities if you are feeling up to it!

10) Amsterdam



Although Amsterdam is not your typical beach holiday, it is quickly becoming a popular destination for young tourists to go and deserves the final spot on our list. Amsterdam is filled with history, and is perfect for those of you who are looking for something slightly different to do. With tours along the canal, and museums on your doorstep there is plenty for you to fill your days with. At night, you can experience the local bars and pubs, and really let your hair down. 

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