Waterproof bags: Samsonite vs Caribee

Waterproof bags: Samsonite vs Caribee

There are times when you know exactly what you want from the bag that you are looking for, but can still be faced with a number of important decisions to make. When different brands offer very similar products, it can be difficult to know which one to go for. Do you go for the cheaper option, and spend all the time wondering if it is cheaper because the quality is not so high? Or do you go with the more expensive option, assuming that you are getting more, and running the risk that you are paying more for a product that is not any better suited for the job in hand?

CaribeeOne of the most important things that you can do prior to buying a bag or a piece of luggage that has to stand up to a specific job, whether that is frequent use, or if you know that you will be using said bag on a tough journey and you need to ensure that it can stand up to the job in hand, is to thoroughly research all of the products that you are considering. At BagsDirect, quality will not be the problem that you face, as every single brand that we offer our customers offer outstanding quality, but it is still important that you make an informed choice.

If you are looking for specific qualities in a bag, say, its waterproofing ability, it is important that you are clear on the exact features so that you can then make an informed choice as to whether you feel that it will be appropriate for the job. Both Samsonite and Caribee have created high quality waterproof bags, but knowing which one to choose can be very difficult. To simply glance at them, you would not be able to tell what pros and cons each backpack had, and it is only when you learn more about the brands and the collections, not to mention the product itself, that you may find the choice is actually a lot clearer than you would have initially thought.

We’ll begin with a little bit about Caribee as a brand. They are one of Australia’s most loved urban and adventure travel brand, that have been designed and built for dynamic people on the move. From this, you would be forgiven for assuming that their waterproof bags will be ideal for you if you are going on an active holiday, where your backpack is likely to need to withstand a lot of wear, whilst still protecting your belongings from the wet weather. Samsonite, on the other hand, is an incredibly popular brand that have been constructing high quality luggage for over one hundred years. As a brand, they ae constantly bringing out new and innovative designs, ensuring that they meet the needs to all of their travellers. They place a lot of focus on security and quality, creating masterpieces that appeal to many frequent travellers. Does Samsonite’s experience reign over Caribee’s lesser known brand? Or does the fact that Caribee design exclusively for the adventure travel sector, make their waterproof bag a more appropriate choice?

The Samsonite Paradiver backpack is considerably smaller than the Caribee Interface, with a capacity of 16.5 litres, compared with a whopping 40 litres of the Interface. Whilst some might not consider this a fair comparison, given that they are such varying sizes, it is information like this that can really help swing you in one direction or the other. If you are travelling on a long trip, or going somewhere that requires you to bring a lot of luggage, obviously the Caribee is going to lend itself more to you than the Samsonite; but those going on a short weekend break for example simply would not require this much space, and might see this as a disadvantage.


Both bags feature handy pockets and compartments, allowing you to keep all of your belongings organised and easily accessible. The Samsonite features the main zip compartment, a bottle holder, a side pocket, as well as a key hanger and a mobile phone pocket. The Caribee is very similar, with the main difference being that the Interface has a separate padded notebook/laptop section, allowing you to safely transport your computer with you. So, again, if you are looking for a bag that you can transport your laptop around in, the latter is far better for you. Both bags also rank very evenly on comfortability as well, as both bags have a padded back, as well as cushioned shoulder straps. This is not only ideal if you are going to be using them for long distances, but also if you are using them regularly.

So, just how waterproof are these bags, and will they keep your belongings protected? After all, this is what you are looking for in your backpack as a starting point, so it is important that they live up to their demands. The Caribee Interface boasts a waterproof zip on the laptop compartments, which would imply that your laptop or notebook will remain fully protected even in the harshest of weather conditions. The Samsonite, focuses more on the material that the Paradiver is constructed from. It has been made from the resistant polyurethane coated polyester. This makes it resistant to showers and implies that it will keep your belongings protected; however, it does not state that it is fully waterproof. Again, this makes deciding between the two quite simple really. It is so important that you think about how you will be using your bag, and what will best fit in with your needs.

Up until now, you have made your decision without knowing the price of the two bags. This means that you have made informed choices rather that picking the cheapest one to get a bargain, or a more expensive one thinking it will automatically be better quality. This is one of the best ways to make your choice. You can narrow your search down to some that are all in a price range, but try not to base your decision solely on the price. In the case of the Samsonite and Caribee, they are both very similar prices, so you will not have that worry. To find out the full details of the Samsonite Paradiver click here, and the Caribee Interface, here.

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