Waterproof bags for the active traveller

Waterproof bags for the active traveller

If you like active holidays that really push you to the limit, you need to make sure that you have the right equipment. You wouldn’t step onto a tennis court to play a match without the right equipment and this is no different. If you are travelling over water and tough terrain, you need to know that you have luggage that will stand up to the test. Here at Bags Direct, we have a huge range of luggage that has been designed specifically for this. This means that you can push yourself right to the limit, safe in the knowledge that your belongings are staying safe and dry.

Let’s start with the Samsonite Paradiver collection. This is a very versatile, lightweight range of luggage that provides a practical solution for the active traveller. We offer different sizes and styles, to suit whatever you need for your adventure.  What is unique about the Samsonite Paradiver collection is that it has been inspired by a skydiver’s parachute pack. These are responsible for getting them safely to the ground, so the fact that they have been inspired by this means that you are getting the best. The entire luggage in this collection has been made with PU water resisted coated material and has reversible zips, allowing you to travel through wet areas, knowing your possessions are staying dry. The back packs in the collection have been fitted with a padded back panel, ergonomic shoulder straps and a sternum strap, giving you comfort and support when you are carrying it. This is essential if you are pushing yourself and crossing tough terrain as it can prevent unnecessary injuries.

Make sure you stay protected if you are going on a physically demanding holiday. With our choice of highly durable, comfortable and completely water proof bags, it is one less thing to worry about. All that’s left is for you to enjoy pushing yourself, safe in the knowledge that your luggage is staying safe and dry. Overboard’s range of 100% waterproof bags are loved by athletes and sportspeople and are being used all over the world. These bags are perfect for those going on demanding water holidays as all of the bags are suitable for quick submersion, even floating when they are dropped in water. There are many different features that make this bag completely waterproof. It is made from nylon-coated PVC tarpaulin. It has been built to last, so it can take a bit of a beating! The welded seams and Fold Seal System keep your belongings dry and secure. Not only does it keep your clothes dry, but it also keeps it protected from the wind, sand and any other nasty’s that might disturb your luggage. The removable shoulder straps and carry handles provide easy handling. It isn’t just luggage that Overboard have thought of. Their collection of waterproof tablet and phone covers, mean that you can still take your luxuries with you, regardless of where you are travelling to.

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