Unleash your fun side with our new Tokyoto collection

Unleash your fun side with our new Tokyoto collection

Luggage does not have to be boring, and the new Tokyoto collection that we have at BagsDirect will let your inner child come out. Their quirky designs will let your personality shine through, and their features will absolutely astound you.

planeOne of the things that make Tokyoto so unique is that they are one of the only companies who specifically design and manufacture cabin sized luggage. These are accepted on the majority of major airline services; however, it is recommended that you do check the size allowance before you travel to ensure that you will not have to check it in upon arrival. The cases might be small, but that does not mean that any quality has been compromised at all. These cases meet all of the essential criteria that you will look for in any case, plus more, and are perfect for that long weekend break away, or times when you want to inject a little bit of fun and personality into a serious business trip.

We’ll start by looking at the actual case. They are made from this highest quality material, and have been built to last a long time. They are incredibly lightweight, which means you can fill them up, without having to worry about the weight of your suitcase. They weigh just 2.9kg, and have a thirty litre capacity, so they are perfect for a short trip away. This is because their hard outer casing has been constructed from polycarbonate – a long lasting and robust, yet incredibly lightweight material. The high quality does not stop there either, and the interior of the case has different compartments so you can organise your belongings, along with clipped luggage straps so you can arrive without your clothes being creased.

The Tokyoto cases have been designed with absolute ease in mind as well. They have four fully rotational wheels, which allow you to move it easily in any direction. The top and side carry handle only aid this, meaning you can easily manoeuvre your luggage around, even if you are in a rush. The resistant tube handle has been built to last, and can easily take the weight of your belongings, so you can travel in ease.


Security of the case has not been compromised either and all cases have been fitted with a fixed combination TSA lock. It is not unusual that security may need to open your luggage in order to inspect it. You will not be present for this, and thus, will not be able to manually open your case with your key. Because of this reason, you might have previously experienced receiving your luggage with a padlock that has been broken and is not keeping your luggage secure. This is where the TSA approved locks really come into their own. Security officers recognise TSA approved locks, and they have been designed so that they can be opened with a ‘master key’, allowing officials to do their job and examine your luggage, without compromising the security of it for the rest of your travels.

The Tokyoto collection has one thing that the majority of cases do not though, and it is this feature that really makes them stand out from the rest. They have an in built charger that is capable of charging your phone or tablet whilst you travel. Never will you be stuck, having lost power halfway through your travels with no way to charge it. You can buy the case without this feature, but for a very small fee, your case will be fitted with a small, removable device that means that your mobile will always be ready to make calls regardless of where you are. These chargers are fully rechargeable themselves, and each charge is able to charge your phone or tablet approximately two or three times. Each charger comes with three different connectors which fit the majority of all smartphones – a USB Connector, MicroUSB and IPhone. A really joyous added feature with this is that it fits neatly in a specific pocket inside the case, allowing the chargers to come through a specially designed port in the case, which allows you to charge your phone or tablet with the case shut and locked. However, the charger is completely removable, which means you can take it anywhere with you, meaning you really never have to run out of battery again.

Boarding LoungeSo they are the features that really set this case apart from others, but what about the appearance of them. All of the cases are fun and bright and feature really eye catching designs that will really make you stand out from the crowd. From coloured bricks to a case featuring ‘Tokyoto Airplane Noodles Soup’, they are very varied and different. These designs certainly are not for the feint hearted, but are a really good way to inject a little bit of fun into your travel. They will make a perfect gift for a keen traveller, for those who might be struggling with gift ideas, and the best thing is, as long as you order your Tokyoto case from us by 22nd December, you will receive your case in time for Christmas. Perfect for those last minute buyers. You can see the full Tokyoto design that we offer at BagsDirect, here

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