Top 10 places to visit at Christmas

Top 10 places to visit at Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching, with only 9 more weekends to go. If you cannot face Christmas at home this year, it is not too late for you to book a last minute break away for you and your family. Of course, people want different things when it comes to Christmas celebrations, but here are just ten different destinations that are all very popular at Christmas time…

1)  Iceland


There is no denying that Christmas should be a fun holiday, which and Iceland is the perfect destination for you to unleash your inner child. With the snowy surroundings and a glimpse at the Northern Lights, it really is a beautiful destination. There is so much to see and do as well, including visiting glaciers, hot springs (perfect on a cold, snowy day), as well as volcanic craters. The capital city, Reykyavik is truly charming and beautiful and is a lovely place to spend your Christmas day. 

2) French Alps

French Alps

If you are an active family, and want to spend your Christmas engaging in extreme sports, skiing in the French Alps is the perfect choice. You can spend your days on the slopes, surrounded by beautiful scenery, before enjoying a hot chocolate in a hot tub in your log cabin at the end of the day. It is perfect place if you want a destination that offers both relaxation, fun, and sports. 

3) Prague


Prague is incredibly festive, and an excellent destination for those of you who are looking to get away this Christmas. It was the home of King Wenceslas, so it is easy to see why it is such a big celebration there. It is perfect for couples who are looking for a romantic destination to visit. There is something about Prague at Christmas time that makes it particularly romantic, and an excellent place for a festive getaway. 

4)  Paris, France


Paris has so much to offer at Christmas time. The city of lights truly lives up to its name around the Christmas period, and the streets are lined with festive lights, with of course, the focal point being the Eiffel Tower. France is a perfect destination whether you are travelling with your family, or with your partner. It offers both romance, and fun family entertainment, and what’s even better is just how close it is to England, so travelling to and from is easy, and you do not have to endure a long flight. 

5) Aspen, Colorado


Aspen is perfect if you are looking for a traditional snowy getaway for the Christmas period. It is rare that we will experience a proper white Christmas back here in England, but in Aspen, it is for certain. You are surrounded by truly stunning views, with the opportunity to ski down the mountains that are blanketed in snow, and the town is host to an incredible music event during the festive holiday. Definitely a great one to consider. 

6) Edinburgh, Scotland


If you are looking for somewhere that is slightly closer to home, Edinburgh is brilliant around Christmas time. If you like a slightly faster paced Christmas, you can enjoy the fast paced city life that is filled with light shows and fireworks over the festive period. It is a brilliant family friendly location that is right on your doorstep. 

7) Santa Clause Village, Lapland

Santa Clause Village

Santa Clause Village in Lapland is known as ‘Europe’s Christmas capital’ and is a truly spectacular destination to visit, particularly if you have young children, as it will really wrap them up in the excitement that is Christmas day. It is an incredibly popular destination, with thousands of visitors from all over the world holidaying over Christmas. There are two different theme parks within the village, which include a real reindeer, a tour of Santa’s workshop and of course a meeting with the man himself. 

8) New York City, New York

New York

Christmas is something that New York City does incredibly well, and often boasts of being one of the best cities to experience a grand Christmas day. As well as enjoying the hustle and bustle of the fast paced New York life; you can also visit the well-known and legendary 69-100 feet Norway spruced tree, which is fully decorated with 30,000 lights attached to 5 miles of wiring, finished off with a star weighing 550 pounds. 

9) Thailand


Despite being a Buddhist country, Christmas is celebrated in Thailand, and makes a very charming holiday destination during the Christmas period. It is perfect if you are looking for somewhere further afield where you can enjoy a warm and relaxing day by the beach on Christmas day itself. There are a huge range of hotels and spas to choose from, and you are guaranteed hot sunshine in certain areas. Perfect for that winter sun holiday. 

10) Caribbean


This final destination is slightly closer than other warmer destinations, but is still great if you are looking for that last minute bit of sun. Although you might experience a little bit of rain and humidity, warm sunshine is guaranteed. It is a perfect family holiday destination, as you can arrive in under eight hours. 

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