Top 10 bag trends for 2016

Top 10 bag trends for 2016

A bag is essentially a functional accessory, and a good bag can make or break an outfit. They are quite a statement piece, and it is important to make the right choice when it comes to planning your outfit. Your shoes and bags are just as important as your clothes and should not be the result of a rushed decision. To keep up with the changing trends, we have put together a list of the top 10 bag trends which are set to be popular in 2016. 

1)  Furry Bags


Furry bags are set to become massive in 2016. As the temperature begins to drop, they will look brilliant with any outfit and can be worn anywhere at any time. If you’re a beginner with furry bags, look for subtlety, such as a dark coloured bag, with a hint of texture. Of course, for the braver and bolder of you out there, we are seeing bright colours representing a giant puffball all over the catwalk. Although this trend is not for everyone, it is set to be absolutely huge!


2) Cross Body Bags

Cross body

This one is perfect for those of you who like to carry your belongings practically. The across the body bag is bag, and it is set to be massive this spring and winter. Across the body bags have been designed to leave your hands free when you are using them. This does not mean boring though – quite the opposite in fact and the joyous thing about this trend is just how versatile it is. We have seen all kinds of bags on the cat walk in variable sizes, colours and textures. If you are sporting an across the body bag, you are on to a winner. 


3) Bag Belts


Now this trend was big in the 90’s and is set to make a huge comeback next year. For a style of bag that has adopted different names all over the world, it is often considered a difficult one to pull off; but with the right guidance, they can really make an outfit. Move your mind away from the horror that was the huge, nylon, zipped 90’s craze, and think about sleek, modern fabrics; such as leather. Small, someone understated leather bags, will instantly add to an outfit without being overbearing. They are also another hands-free options for all you practicality seekers out there.

4)  Fringed Bags


Fringed bags are bag (although to be honest, they never really went anywhere!) and are channelling the 70’s more than ever before. In both clothes and accessories, we can see a great 1970’s influence for 2016, which means no style of bags are safe from fringing. If you are feeling creative, you do not even have to purchase a new handbag. You can take an old saddle bag (which by the way, are also set to be huge), or even a backpack and add fringing to it, instantly giving you another seasons wear from it. 

5) Brightly Coloured Bags


Brightly coloured bags are bag, and the brighter the better. Colour blocking has always been big, and now you can include your bag. Top designers are showcasing brighter and bolder bags than ever before, and it is the perfect opportunity to inject some colour into your wardrobe. Wear your brightly coloured bag with contrasting colours, to be right on trend. It doesn’t matter what style of bag, whether you prefer messenger bags or clutch bags, as long as its bright, it is bang on trend. 


6) Messenger Bags


Messenger bags are a trend that is due to last all through 2016, and look so sleek and stylish on your arm. Messenger bags are so versatile; you can easily incorporate it into your own individual style. It is the perfect opportunity to add other trends to it as well, such as a large furry messenger, a brightly coloured bag, or even a large messenger with fringing. There are so many opportunities with this trend to really take it further. 

7) Over the Shoulder Bags

Over the shoulder

There is something so chic, elegant and stylish about an over the shoulder bag. They make a perfect day to night bag and are slightly more practical than a clutch bag if you are prone to putting it down and forgetting where. Chained or thin leather straps have been seen all over the catwalks for 2016. Whether they are zipped, or simple with a front flap, they are set to be huge. Another beauty of over the shoulder bags is that they can be worn in a variety of ways as well. Whether you choose to wear it across your body, over one shoulder, or even with the strapped wrapped around your arm, you will be hitting the trend head on.

8) Clutch Bags


Clutch bags do not always scream practicality; however, clutch bags will continue to be huge in the 2016. A lot of designers have turned to small, box like textured clutches, whereas others have gone for large models that can be carried under your arm. Whilst the smaller ones are ideal for evenings, the larger ones are becoming more acceptable to use during the day. Just like other bags, you can combine a number of other trends; such as adding a brightly coloured bag that contrasts with your outfit, or even a furry one that will compliment and add texture to your style. 

9) Chic Backpacks


Long gone are the school days where you were ridiculed for carrying a backpack containing all of your books. They are now considered a vital accessory for any fashioniser globetrotter and have been covering the pages of fashion magazines for upcoming trends. Whether you decide a brightly coloured, textured, or simple backpack is more your style you will fit in perfectly. Don’t feel backpacks have to be carried on your back though; instead, carry your backpack by the top handle in your hand to really show it off, and give your makeover a modern finish.

10) Box Handbags


This final trend that has predicted to be huge this season and into early 2016 is a little out there, and might not be for everyone. In fact, it is a look that is easier to work than you may first think, and can really make an outfit look fresh and modern. Box handbags are everywhere. Think about a makeup case, turned handbag, or a small carry suitcase that has been converted into a handbag. Box bags, as you would imagine tend to be quite rigid, and really are a statement piece; however, if you like slightly alternative fashion trends, than this one really is perfect for you. 

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