Tight on space but love to travel?

Tight on space but love to travel?

Do you dread the day when you have to pack for your holiday, knowing that it is time to either go up into the loft to retrieve your suitcases, or make your may through the maze of spiders webs to fetch them from the back of the shed, where they were put the year before, when you had had to go through the same thing then? BagsDirect may have the perfect solution for you to prevent you having to face your fears of the loft and dive through a forest of creepy crawlies. With Samsonite’s range of foldaway cases, not having anywhere to store them can be a thing of the past!

Their Foldaway Duffle Case is perfect for packing all of those holiday essentials. With its 111.5 Litre capacity, it is the same size as other hard backed cases, however, with a few simple moves; this case reduces to just ¼ of their original size. This not only solves problems of storage at home, but means you no longer have to clutter up your hotel room after you have unpacked with your suitcase as it can be neatly folded away and stored in the wardrobe.  With their TSA approved locks and numerous compartments, these cases are a joy to use. The Duffle Case also comes in a cabin size which is perfect for those weekends away or business trips. If the Duffle Case is not for you, the Upright Case offers the same practicality, just in a slightly different style. The Upright Case is slightly smaller than the Duffle, with a capacity of 83 Litres; however, with their cabin size case of the same design, it is perfect again for a holiday. Both designs and all of the Foldaway cases feature the smart collapsible wheeling system, the lightweight fabrics and an innovative foldable frame, meaning you can roll it, fold it and store it.

The Samsonite Foldaway cases do not compromise on quality. They are reliable, lightweight and comfortable to carry and hold, all with the added bonus of being able to be folded away for easy storage. Of course, if you do like to travel a lot, but do not have a lot of storage space at home, it is not just Samsonite that make space saving cases. With our huge range of duffle bags and holdalls, they are the practical choice of luggage without taking up too much space in your home. Whatever your needs are, BagsDirect can help you find the perfect luggage for you and your home. 

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