The rise of shopping trolleys...

The rise of shopping trolleys...

The 5p bag charge came into force last week and it has sent a number of people into a frenzy. The reality is that this is not a sudden change. Many shops have been charging for plastic bags for a long time now in a bid to encourage people to re-use bags, and help the environment.

SupermarketIn a nutshell, the reality is that plastic bags really are incredibly damaging to the environment. Approximately only 1% of plastic bags will actually become recycled, leaving near enough all other plastic bags to go to landfill. When they begin to decompose they slowly release toxic chemicals. Not only that but when  the bags begin to break down they can enter the soil, which can have devastating consequences for the animals who feed on that soil as they will often choke and die as a result of ingesting the plastic. What is perhaps more worrying, as it will have a knock on effect to the statistics above is the number of plastic bags that we actually consume throughout the world annually. Research suggests that there are approximately 500 million to 1 billion plastic bags consumed every year. Many countries and American States have actually banned all plastic bags in a bid to save the environment, meaning consumers have to find other ways of carrying their goods home.

So, just why is everyone in such a frenzy about this matter. Social Media has been in meltdown with the sheer number of people seemingly ‘rebelling’ at the thought of having to pay a mere 5p for a plastic bag, and have resorted to childish measures of stealing supermarket trolleys and baskets. One major supermarket reported having just 12 baskets left in the whole store the day the charge was brought in! Just like anything, it is just going to take time to get used to. It is frustrating if you have just popped into a shop after a long day at work to get a few items, only to get to the till and realise your bags are back home, but eventually people will get used to it and begin to carry small, reusable bags around in their handbags, ‘just in case’.

This new tax has meant that it is the perfect time to invest in a shopping trolley, and sales for these have soared in the last week. It seems that they have really shaken off their ‘granny’ reputation and are becoming somewhat of a fashion accessory. Shopping trolleys are perfect for those who are fed up of lugging heavy shopping bags home, or those who often forget to pack enough bags, resulting in you spending yet more money at the checkout. They are better for your health as they put less strain on the arms and wrists. You can fit a lot more in the trolley, without having to bear the weight of the shopping as the trolley does it all for you. They are incredibly easy to manoeuvre as well. You will no longer have to barge past people, knocking your heavy bags into them to get from a to b.

Rolser Trolley

At BagsDirect, we have a huge range of Rolser shopping trolleys, which have been designed with the user in mind. They are perfect and practical to take to the shops with you, and means that you will never have to pay for a carrier bag again. Rolser are an award winning Spanish company that have over forty years of experience in designing bags, trolleys and luggage that all have the user in mind. They are made from the highest quality materials, with the capability to adapt and answer the demands of the users. It is for these reasons that we are proud to stock their shopping trolleys at BagsDirect.

Like we said earlier, shopping trolleys are no longer seen as being popular only with the older generation, and Rolser’s collection really reflects that. The 2 wheel black and white shopping trolley features on trend monochrome vertical stripes that will only add to and to an outfit as well as giving you something stylish and practical to take your shopping home in. They also do a huge number of brightly coloured trolleys, which again create a colour pop accent – another trend that is being seen a lot.

All of Rolser’s trolleys are created with a wipe-clean, waterproof material, so your shopping will stay protected in even the wettest weather. The frames are constructed from the highest quality aluminium, and many of them can be folded down in two very easy steps, so you can carry your trolley around easily when you are in the supermarket.

The choice really is endless when it comes to Rolser’s collection, and we are lucky enough to be able to supply these to you. They have completely changed the way for shopping, making it easier, more stylish as well as preventing you from spending money on unnecessary plastic bags. Shopping trolleys are much better for your health and posture than carrying many different plastic bag, and Rolser’s range is absolutely perfect. 

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