The new range of i-stay bags from

The new range of i-stay bags from

Have you ever been running to catch a train, and found your laptop bag sliding off your shoulder, resulting in an expensive breakage, missing your train or spilling your morning coffee? This is exactly what happened to the creator and visionary of i-stay bags, the stylish yet practical bag that provides a non slip strap to keep everything in place on the go. Available now in a range of colours and sizes, the i-stay bag is exactly what you need when carrying laptops and tablets on the move. Moreover, all i-stay bags also come with plenty of space to store everything you could need, from your wallet and phone to documents and books. 

Perfect for those who carry their work with them, the innovative i-stay bags are easy to use and provide the capacity to carry a wide variety of tablets and laptops, including iPads, e-readers and netbooks too. The smallest i-stay in the range is the 10.1 inch, ideal for students looking to carry textbooks and devices on the go. The slightly larger 13.3 inch i-stay bag is built for business and provides a bigger capacity. With this bag, there is enough room to hold all the documents and files you require for work, as well as pouches for business cards, a USB and the space for a tablet, netbook or laptop. There is also the larger still 15.6-16 inch ladies laptop bag, with extra space to carry all your handbag essentials too. 

Unlike any other bag on the market, the range of i-stay bags have been certified for use by The College of Chiropractors, who have endorsed these fantastic bags for their ability to provide all the strength to carry around your office on the go without damaging your back. The i-stay range actively helps to prevent any muscular discomfort caused by the everyday stress and strain that carrying a heavy bag can bring. This is down to the specialist webbed straps which help to distribute pressure evenly, which not only minimises damage to the shoulder, but actively helps to make your bag feel lighter too. Made from thick rubber, these straps are comfortable to wear and look futuristic and stylish too, available in a five great colours, from neutral grey, white and black to bold red and purple. 

Created for those who are always on the move, the i-strap bag stays put, so you don't have to.

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