Stay comfortable with the i-Stay non-slip strap

Stay comfortable with the i-Stay non-slip strap

Here at Bags Direct, we offer our customers the latest bags as soon as they become available. One of the more unique products we offer is the i-Stay range, a new and healthy way to keep your bag in place on your person. This means that you can forget the days where you are forever pulling your bag back up onto your shoulder, or carrying a heavy laptop in your hands, leaving no free hands to retrieve your train ticket, or answer your phone, which is not what you need after a long day in the office.


The i-Stay range and in particular the i-Stay strap is a patented webbed design that can be fitted onto any bag that has ‘D’ rings. This means that you do not have to move your laptop and contents of your laptop bag over to another bag, risking messing up the organised files, you dimply have to remove your old strap from the case and replace it with an i-Stay strap. However, her at Bags Direct, we do offer a range of  i-Stay laptop and notebook bags, which are available in a huge range of sizes and colours and all come with the strap fitted. It has been designed to spread the weight of the bag, as well as staying put on your shoulder, leaving both of your hands free. Not only the fact that it keeps your valuables safe and you comfortable, it is also stylish and is the perfect accessory for both men and women.


If you experience a dull ache in your back, shoulders and neck after carrying your heavy bag or laptop, the award nominated i-Stay strap could be perfect for you.  Due to the fact that it spreads the weight of your belongings evenly and does not slip off, it can help to minimise the pain felt after carrying heavy bags. It has been recommended by the College of Chiropractors as it helps to avoid ‘musculoskeletal discomfort’.

The strap on its own is available in five appealing colours; black, red, grey, white and purple and the strap can be attached to a huge variety of different items. It is the perfect accessory for your holiday, if you are planning on carrying a heavy camera around the whole time your away or just as an essential on your gym or work bag. It really is such a versatile accessory and is so easy to use on your existing bags.

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