Sports and Fitness bags at Bags Direct

Sports and Fitness bags at Bags Direct

At Bags Direct we have a huge choice of sports bags to choose from. Whether you need waterproof heavy duty holdalls or a cabin backpack we have the bag for you. With our large selection, you can pick the bag that best suits you and your needs.

Overboard are the world leaders in waterproof cases and bags. They are suitable to use at the beach, on a boat or even in the water. They are used worldwide by athletes and sports people and are designed to keep your belongings completely dry. What’s more, they also offer waterproof cases for Kindles, iPads and other electronic devises. These are perfect for holidays as you can relax in the pool and not worry about damaging your phone, e-reader or tablet.

It is not just waterproof bags that we sell at Bags Direct. We also stock a variety of back packs, including a range of The Healthy Back Bag, which distributes weight along the entire length of the spine, which makes it feel lighter. It also means that it will not stress your spine, as you will not have twist your body to compensate for the bag pulling away from you which happens in a lot of backpacks. The Healthy Back Bags are a unique teardrop shape and the non-slip strap ensures that it does not slip about. We also stock the bag in a variety of colours, to suit everyone’s taste.

Our range of Revelation by Antler holdalls is perfect for those who need to transport their sports equipment. The trolley bag has two wheels plus a handle, allowing you to drag your belongings around. This is particularly useful if you transporting heavy equipment. Revelation do also manufacture the holdall without the wheels and handle with makes a perfect gym bag, as it can easily be folded down to be stored in the locker. All of the Revelation by Antler holdalls features an adjustable shoulder strap too, so the bag can easily be carried over the shoulders.

Finally, the CabinZero bag is an innovative new concept, ideal if you are going on a sporting holiday. The bag has been designed to ensure that you make the most of your cabin luggage allowance. The Cabin Sized Backpacks have a huge capacity of forty four litres, which means you can pack a lot of belongings, but easily carry it on your back. The CabinZero Cabin Sized Backpack will fit most airlines maximum dimensions, however, it is always best to check with your airline, prior to flying with them.

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