Realise your travel potential with the new Tundra collection from Antler

Realise your travel potential with the new Tundra collection from Antler

Finding the perfect bag is important, particularly if you are a regular traveller. At BagsDirect, we stock a huge number of high quality brands, to help ensure that you always find the perfect one for your adventure. Finding a brand that you love and trust is so important, which is why we believe that the new Tundra collection from Antler could be the perfect choice for an active traveller that likes to keep things casual…

Tundra messengerAntler is a high quality British company who has been designing great luggage for over one hundred years. Their team of talented designers create luggage sets that meet the demands of their customers. Each collection has been expertly designed to suit the traveller’s needs. They strive to push the boundaries of technical innovation whilst maintaining their unique British sense of style. Their luggage has been built and made to last, and no product leaves Antler until it has been rigorously tested to ensure that this is the case. These are not simple test that are carried out, they are put through stricter tests than many other leading brands, so you know that if you are investing in an item bearing the Antler logo, it has been made to last, and will perform for all the adventures that you embark on. Antler are incredibly successful and their sales are not just limited to the United Kingdom. They are a very trusted brand, and can have millions of customers across the whole world.

The Tundra Collection from Antler is a contemporary update on the incredibly popular Urbanite Casual Luggage collection. The Tundra Collection is a heavy duty yet casual luggage range that is perfect for active travellers. It comes in numerous different styles depending on the trip that you are taking, from laptop messenger bags, to backpacks and duffle bags. Regardless of what style of Tundra bag that you choose, they are all incredibly versatile and lightweight, thanks to the high grade, durable polyester fabric. It is because of this fabric, and the expert stitching that makes the Tundra collection really durable, and means that it stands out from the rest. All of the cases have designed with a number of different pockets in order to keep the user organised on whatever journey they are taking with the bag, and every piece of luggage has the users comfort at the forefront of the design. Everything has been incredibly ergonomically designed to ensure that the bags are comfortable to wear or carry, and each piece of luggage has a number of different carry straps on it, so you can lift it in a number of different ways, finding a position that is completely comfortable for you.

The Tundra Laptop/Tablet Messenger Bag is an incredibly versatile and practical bag, that allows you to conveniently carry your tablet or laptop around with you comfortably. The bag features padded handles and straps, to ensure that it does not place any unnecessary stress or pain on your shoulders or hands when you are carrying it, and the bag contains a plethora of pockets and compartments which allow you to keep all of your work organised and easily accessible for when you require it. This laptop bag is ideal for jobs that require you to bring your own computer into work every day, as well as business trips.

The Tundra Laptop/Tablet Backpack has very similar qualities to the messenger bag; however, it is perfect for those who regularly go away for work, as you can safely transport your laptop and important documents, as well as having room to pack the toiletries and clothing that you require for your business trip. This backpack is very comfortable to carry due to the same padded handles and strips that are featured on all of the Tundra bags, and allows your hands to be free on the journey. Because of the high quality of the Tundra bags, it comes as no surprise that the laptop compartment is fully padded, keeping your belongings protected.

If you prefer something a little more substantial for a working trip away, the Tundra 54cm 2-wheel laptop Trolley Backpack could be absolutely perfect for your trip away. It is an incredibly versatile and contemporary piece that can be used for many different trips. Not only does it have a handy laptop and tablet compartment, it also has a number of different pockets and compartments so you can really organise your belongings, and have important items easily accessible. One feature that really makes this high quality piece of luggage stand out from the rest is its ability to be used either as a 2 wheeled suitcase, or as a convenient backpack, allowing you to easily take it all different journeys.

tundra trolley

The final three bags that we feature in the Tundra collection are better suited to longer trips, such as a family holiday, or a travelling trip. The Tundra 74cm 2-wheel Large Trolley Duffle Bag, the Tundra 78cm 2-Wheel Mega Decker Duffle Bag and the Tundra 54cm Weekend Holdall Bag. They all have the versatility that the Tundra collection has, and have all been built to last. These high capacity bags are excellent for longer holidays, and the amount that you can fit in them is remarkable. All three bags have multiple pockets and compartments, so you can still keep all of your belongings organised and easy to get to. Whether you pick the duffle bag, or the 2 wheeled cases, they all have padded handles and straps to make them comfortable to carry. The soft, pliable fabric allows awkward items to be packed easily, as well the cases being packed flat when they are not in use.

The new Tundra collection from Antler really is perfect for all travel possibilities. No matter what bag you choose, you are guaranteed high quality luggage that has been built to last. Every item in this collection is incredibly versatile and can be used for a number of different trips, or work commitments. Discover more about the Tundra Collection from Antler here.

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