Planning the perfect winter holiday

Planning the perfect winter holiday

Holidays do not have to be reserved for the summer months, and more and more people are choosing to take winter breaks away. Whatever you decide to do, and wherever you decide to go, read out advice on how to plan the perfect winter getaway.

AustraliaWinter can become dull and rainy at times, and it is understandable that you might want to escape the weather. Snow can be incredibly pretty to look at and is a lot of fun for the first couple of days; however, it soon becomes a bit of a nuisance when you have to carry on your day to day life. So, why not plan a warm escape somewhere? One of the most popular destinations that visitors flock to is Australia. Our winter is their summer, and a good one at that. Australia is a place that you can guarantee to be sunny, regardless of where in the country you visit. There is also so much to see and do – who wouldn’t want to spend their Christmas day snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef? It is a brilliant family location, as well as the perfect place to engage in a little bit of travelling. Australia is such a vast area; you could spend weeks travelling around seeing everything that it has to offer. The downside to travelling to Australia is that it is better for those with a slightly larger budget as flights can be quite expensive.

Other warm, winter destinations include The Canary Islands and The Maldives. The Canary Islands has a flight time of approximately four hours. This is brilliant if you are travelling with little ones and perhaps do not want a very long flight. Not only that but flights are very frequent from airports all around the UK. Although The Canary Islands are popular destinations to visit any time of year, they really come into their own during the winter months. The islands themselves are so diverse and really offer something to everyone. Whether you are looking for a family, sports, or relaxing holiday, you can find it on one of The Canary Islands. Finally, the Maldives is a complete tropical paradise whatever time of year you go, as the temperature remains hot for the entire year. Again, this is a perfect destination for if you are travelling with young children, as there are frequent, direct flights from the UK, allowing you to pick the best time to travel.

If you simply want a break without having to worry what the weather is doing, consider a city break.  New York is absolutely beautiful new yorkduring the winter months, and although it is likely to be covered in snow, you will never be short of something to do. Also, because it happens so frequently in that area, life simply goes on and does not stop at all. Not only that, city breaks are absolutely fantastic to do with your family. All cities are full of educational attractions, all of which are normally open on major bank holidays, so you will never be short of anything to see or to do during your visit. City breaks are perfect for long weekend breaks as well.

If you do not want to travel far, why not consider a location that is slightly closer to home. Although the weather can be a bit dreary, the United Kingdom really does have some absolutely fantastic cities that are literally right on our doorstep. These are easy to explore on a long bank holiday weekend, and are absolutely perfect for those who are on a slightly tighter budget than others. It is also ideal if you are travelling with very young children, who you do not want to take on a long flight.

skiingAlternatively, a hugely popular winter holiday is a skiing one. Although this takes quite a lot of planning and can be fairly costly, if can make the perfect winter break for you and your family. Just like you would when planning any other holiday, it is a really good idea to shop around to get the best deals. Also, many resorts will offer package deals which will include a ski pass, allowing you to ski when you want. If you have young children it can be the perfect opportunity for them to learn a brand new skill as well. All resorts will have instructors that can assist them giving them a holiday that they will never forget. If you are thinking of embarking on a sporty holiday, remember to get the appropriate insurance, and take precautions where necessary. A skiing holiday is very fun; however, it can soon end up as very costly should anything go wrong. Although this type of holiday can be quite expensive and is better suited to those with a larger budget, you can cut the cost down where possible. If you do not have the equipment, the majority of ski resorts will let you hire them for the duration of your stay for a small price. Doing this may work out cheaper than bringing all of your own equipment and skis as you may have to pay extra at the airport.

Winter holidays can be really good. If you feel that you are lacking some sunshine during the colder, darker winter months, then a warmer holiday is perfect for you, and is a brilliant pick me up. Likewise, if you are looking to embrace the colder weather and really have fun in the snow, a more active, skiing holiday could be right up your street. Whatever you decide to do, the perfect winter holiday is only a few clicks away. 

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