Out with the old and in with the new - the rise of the staycation

Out with the old and in with the new - the rise of the staycation

UK HolidayWhen people think of summer holidays, most will picture a warm beach somewhere exotic and abroad. So why is it more and more people are actually staying in England, and taking breaks a lot closer to home? In 2011, a survey of 200 people concluded that nearly thirty percent of those questioned would consider a holiday in the United Kingdom over one abroad. The question is why. Among obvious ones, like the cost, there are more obscure ones that we will discover. Read on to find out why more and more people are embarking on the new ‘staycation’…

Perhaps the most obvious reason for staying closer to home is the price. It is becoming more common for people to be saving money where they can, and luxuries like holidays are where people are saving the most. Although the weather is not as guaranteed as it is in places abroad, Great Britain has some beautiful places to offer, and people are beginning to realise this. Some of the most beautiful places in earth are hidden in the depths of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, and this is the perfect time to explore them. The tourism board has identified the recession-related issues for a reason that tourism abroad has declined in more recent years, and mirrors the above conclusions. That people are trying to spend less and are staying local.

Although it is possible to travel abroad on a budget, there are many different things to consider when doing so. Firstly, you have to decideHotel where you are going – different places cost very different amounts as you would imagine, and you need to decide what is appropriate for your budget. After that, there is accommodation to think about. Will you be hiring a villa or house, or staying in a hotel? What will you do about food? If you go all inclusive at a hotel, you run the risk of it becoming expensive, but if you do not, you either have to budget your money to ensure that you have enough to eat out every night, or know of somewhere you can get some food shopping in order to cook for yourself. On top of that, the likelihood is that you will end up spending more on excursions than you would if you were holidaying at home. Normally, trips abroad to a place are less frequent and sometimes a once in a lifetime trip. This means that you naturally try and fit in as much in your days as you possibly can, as you might not get a chance to return to the same place again. This means added costs, as you will probably be paying for more excursions on a foreign holiday. On a holiday in the United Kingdom, the joy of it being right on your doorstep means that you are more easily able to visit the same place again, making your holiday more relaxed.

Things that people sometimes forget that bump the cost up of a holiday abroad is the exchange rate. It may be that you end up spending more at the time of your holiday, in comparison to one at home due to the exchange rate, and not getting as much local money for your British money. However; this could work the other way round, and you might end up with a lot more as well. This obviously depends on where you choose to go, and what the exchange rate is like at the time. Also, people will tend to buy more souvenirs and gifts when they holiday abroad in comparison with holidays at home. Although this seems bizarre, as you have a limit as to what you can bring back, it goes back to not being able to visit this area whenever you want. For some reason, it seems more acceptable to be a bit pickier about what and who you buy for when you holiday in the UK compared to when you are abroad, when everyone tends to go overboard with little nic nacky gifts. Finally, there is the cost of a passport. Getting a passport is a lot harder than it was a few years ago even and this might be putting people off going abroad. If you do not already have a valid passport, you are less likely to book a spur of the moment holiday abroad, due to the length of time, and rigorous process it takes just to get a passport. It seems that even to renew a passport is lengthy and dare we say it – a lot of hassle, which leads to more and more people just planning a holiday closer to home instead.

HighlandsFinally, the United Kingdom is absolutely chocablock with beautiful places to visit. The fact is, because it is right on our doorstep, we often take it for granted, but in doing this, never actually experience what the island has to offer. Whether you pick the Lake District, sunny Cornwall, or the mountainous regions of the Highlands in Scotland, you can imagine you are somewhere tropical if you really wanted to. But, why would you, when you have this much beauty right on your doorstep.

Are staycations always cheaper though? This seems to be the main reason that people choose not to go abroad, but in actual fact a survey carried out in 2012 by MyVoucherCodes found that more than half of those who opted to stay at home during the summer actually found that it was more expensive than their last trip abroad. On average, people were spending just over £700 pounds for a ten day break in the United Kingdom compared to just under £700 for the same length trip overseas. Although there are a lot of possible reasons – some of which have been highlighted above the survey places the majority of the blame for this on the unpredictable weather caused them to spend more during the days in order to find something suitable that will entertain their families.

The fact is though that the number of staycations that are being booked are increasing for whatever reason. It is completely understandable and well worth it too. You do not have to go abroad to appreciate a good holiday or to feel like you have had a break. You can easily do this closer to home. That said, they should not be compared to holidays abroad and treated as a cheaper substitute. It is possible to travel around the UK on a budget, but just like it is possible to have a holiday overseas on a budget. Treat the United Kingdom as just another destination on your list, and plan and book it like you would any other. We can guarantee that you will not be disappointed. 

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