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June 20/06/2017

5 Most Expensive Handbags In The World

What is the most amount of money that you have ever spent on a handbag? The vital fashion items for women come in all shapes, styles, sizes and colours, some more practical than others. But, for most of us, spending a few hundred dollars on a handbag would be a treat. Whilst we might window shop longingly at the bags that cost thousands, we could never actually imagine buying them. So, just how expensive is the most expensive handbag? Read on to find out. Here are just five of the most expensive handbags in the whole world.

July 25/07/2016

15 of the best leather handbags

There is something incredibly luxurious about a leather handbag, and at BagsDirect, we really do have a fantastic collection. They make perfect gifts for loved ones, or even for yourself, and we really do have something that will suit everyone’s taste, whether you are looking for a large shopper style bag that you can carry around with you, or a small clutch for an evening out, we have it covered. Here is just a small collection of the leather bags that we have on offer. 

July 22/07/2016

Caribee vs. CabinZero: Backpacking Luggage

If you are planning a backpacking holiday, it is important that you have the right luggage. A backpack is the most common choice, as it is easy to carry around and it leaves your hands completely free during your travels. That said, there are a number of different things that should be considered when you are travelling, to ensure that you are comfortable your entire trip. 

June 07/06/2016

15 of the best lightweight bags

Let’s face it; the majority of airlines are not quick to give you extra luggage allowance, unless you pay over the odds for it. In fact, many are doing the opposite and actually reducing their weight allowance, sending many travellers into a frenzy at the thought of having to leave many of their much loved belongings at the airport. Have you every though that the weight of your bag might actually be contributing to this. Some cases are naturally very heavy, and before you have even placed your first item in it, you are half way to your weight allowance already. At BagsDirect, we stock a huge number of lightweight luggage options to suit all styles, so you can travel safe in the knowledge that you will not arrive at your holiday destination with only half of the things you set off with. 

June 03/06/2016

How the i-Stay collection can help you.

Carrying any extra weight from a bag every single day can begin to cause you problems and pain, regardless of what it is you are carrying. As any woman will know, the average handbag, filled with essentials that you cannot cope without during the day now weighs approximately the same amount as a small dog, with the average weight of a handbag coming in at over 6lbs. Whilst that does not seem like a lot of weight to carry for a short period of time, it will come as no surprise that this can over time have a detrimental effect on your posture, putting pressure on your spine, causing you to experience unnecessary pain. 

May 18/05/2016

10 of the best cases for children

Travelling with children can sometimes be stressful in its own right, so make it easier by investing in a child friendly suitcase, allowing them to be responsible for their belongings. At BagsDirect, we have a huge selection of child friendly luggage which have been decorated to suit children of all ages. Here are just ten of the collections that have been designed with children in mind…

May 09/05/2016

How to choose the best briefcase

At BagsDirect, we have a huge range of office bags and briefcases. We appreciate that everyone needs something different from their briefcase, which is why we cater for everyone, whether you like traditional style cases, trolley cases, or a modern and simple backpack. We have the perfect gift ideas for those struggling to think of what to get a keen businessman or woman. 

April 25/04/2016

Waterproof Bags: Samsonite vs Caribee

There are times when you know exactly what you want from the bag that you are looking for, but can still be faced with a number of important decisions to make. When different brands offer very similar products, it can be difficult to know which one to go for. Do you go for the cheaper option, and spend all the time wondering if it is cheaper because the quality is not so high? Or do you go with the more expensive option, assuming that you are getting more, and running the risk that you are paying more for a product that is not any better suited for the job in hand? 

April 19/04/2016

Realise your travel potential with the new Tundra collection from Antler

Finding the perfect bag is important, particularly if you are a regular traveller. At BagsDirect, we stock a huge number of high quality brands, to help ensure that you always find the perfect one for your adventure. Finding a brand that you love and trust is so important, which is why we believe that the new Tundra collection from Antler could be the perfect choice for an active traveller that likes to keep things casual…

April 15/04/2016

Top 10 holiday destinations

Sometimes, deciding where to go on holiday can be one of the hardest decisions to make. Once you know where you want to go, it can become a little bit easier, as you can start planning your trip and what you will do once you are out there. We have put together ten of the most popular places to visit in the world to help you out when it comes to deciding where you will travel to. 

April 11/04/2016

10 of the best carry-on luggage at BagsDirect

If you are going away, it can seem incredibly intimidating if you can only take hand luggage with you. If you are prone to over packing anyway, you might resign yourself to the fact that you are going to have a lot of extra fees to pay for your increased luggage allowance, making your budget flight suddenly a lot more expensive. But, with some simple packing tips, it is possible to pack for a two-week holiday, with just a hand luggage allowance. 

March 31/03/2016

How to cope with a hand luggage allowance

If you are going away, it can seem incredibly intimidating if you can only take hand luggage with you. If you are prone to over packing anyway, you might resign yourself to the fact that you are going to have a lot of extra fees to pay for your increased luggage allowance, making your budget flight suddenly a lot more expensive. But, with some simple packing tips, it is possible to pack for a two-week holiday, with just a hand luggage allowance. 

March 29/03/2016

How to plan a holiday with children

If you have young children, you will know how exciting planning a family holiday can be. But, it can be difficult to try and incorporate everybody’s needs into the holiday. If you organise everything in advance, there are ways in which you can make the planning stress free. Just follow our simple steps, and you will be able to plan the perfect family holiday for you and your children. 

March 16/03/2016

10 of the exclusive destinations in the world

Exclusive destinations are often out of the majority of people’s price range; however, there are really some beautiful destinations, that if you are in the position to visit really are a once in a lifetime experience. Although, these are often reserved for the rich and famous, we have put together a list of some of the most exclusive destinations to visit in the world. 

March 11/03/2016

10 of the most child friendly destintions

Planning a holiday for your family can be rather time consuming and stressful, particularly if you have young children. Trying to decide on a destination that is both fun for you, especially if you only have a maximum of one holiday a year, and suitable for your children, can be somewhat difficult. However; there are a number of places that can be just as much fun for both you and your children. Below are just ten of the most child friendly destinations.

February 26/02/2016

10 ways to make lasting memories from your travels

If you are planning your gap year travels, or have simply taken a period of time off and are considering a lengthy travel trip, it is important to make lasting memories. If you are visiting many different areas in the same trip, it might be all too easy to forget some of the earlier memories that you have made, but there are many different ways that can help you make lasting memories, as well as gaining keepsakes from each of your destinations. Modern day technology has meant that it is much easier to share pictures and thoughts on social media during your travels; however, the following ideas provide a much more creative way of building memories that you can keep for years and years to come. 

February 05/02/2016

10 of the best beaches in the world

There is nothing more relaxing than lying on a white sandy beach listening to the waves lapping at your feet. If you are looking for the perfect beach holiday, it can be difficult to know where in the world to really get the benefits of the best beaches. This is why we have compiled a list of some of the best beaches in the world. There are so many wonderful and simply exquisite beaches all around the world, so this list is by no means exhaustive; but here are ten of the best beaches in the world.

January 28/01/2016

How to prepare for your first backpaking holiday

Any sort of travelling is exciting, and if you are the adventurous type, a backpacking holiday is the perfect opportunity for you to see different parts of the world that you might not usually get to see, whilst having an adventure at the same time. Whether you decide to go by yourself or with a travel buddy, it is advisable that you put an element of planning into it, particularly if it is your first time.

January 20/01/2016

How to plan the perfect Honeymoon

Your Honeymoon is one of the most memorable and meaningful holidays that you will go on as a married couple. After all, it is the first trip that you are likely to do as Mr and Mrs. Therefore, a lot of thought should be put into it. People spend years planning their perfect wedding, and yet leave their Honeymoon to the last minute. Experts say, it is advisable to book your honeymoon at least six months in advance, but many people leave it is an afterthought once all of the wedding planning is over. It should be included as part of the wedding planning; and time should be dedicated to your honeymoon. We have tried to make this easier for you, and below are some helpful hints and tips that are designed to help you and your partner plan the perfect honeymoon. 

January 13/01/2016

Holiday ideas for February half term

Although your children have only just gone back to school after the Christmas break, the likelihood is that you are already looking forward to the February half term. If you are looking to take your family away during the break, it is not too late to make some last minute bookings. If you are stuck for ideas of where to go, we have just ten destinations to get you started. They vary in budgets and destinations, and we hope there will be a location to suit everyone. 

January 04/01/2016

10 Hot Deals from BagsDirect

With Christmas and New Year all over for another year, it is time that you treat yourself a little, and our BagsDirect, Hot Deals January sales are the perfect opportunity to either buy a loved one a well-deserved gift, or even a New Year present to yourself. All of our Hot Deals currently have thirty percent off of their original price meaning that you can grab yourself some excellent bargains. Below are just ten great products that all have massive reductions. There really is something to suit all taste. 

December 16/12/2015

Why the Healthy Back Bag would make the perfect gift this Christmas

If you are struggling to think of a gift to get your friend or family member the Healthy Back Bag could be perfect. It is available for both men and women, and not only looks great, but comes with great health benefits as well. It is incredibly affordable, and at BagsDirect, you can still get in time for Christmas, so it is perfect for those last minute presents. We offer a lot of variety with regards to colour and size, so you can find the perfect gift for your friend or loved one. 

December 11/12/2015

Unleash your fun side with our new Tokyoto collection

Luggage does not have to be boring, and the new Tokyoto collection that we have at BagsDirect will let your inner child come out. Their quirky designs will let your personality shine through, and their features will absolutely astound you. 

December 09/12/2015

10 places to see in the New Year!

Deciding where to spend New Year’s eve can sometimes be a tricky one. If you are stuck for ideas, but know that you want to get away for a few days, and see in the New Year in a place you haven’t before, we have picked just ten brilliant destinations that you could consider…

December 04/12/2015

Why Samsonite luggage makes the perfect gift

Christmas is just three weeks away, and if you have not already finished your Christmas shopping, you are probably thinking about what to get everyone. If you have a keen traveller in your family, a really good quality suitcase or travel set is likely to be a much appreciated present. At BagsDirect, we stock a huge range of Samsonite luggage. We offer free delivery on all orders over £35, and we believe they make the perfect gift, but, if you need a little bit of convincing, just read on…

November 20/11/2015

10 things to do in London

Many people visit London from all over the world every year, and it is the perfect place to go for the day, if you live close enough, or even a long weekend. It is right on our doorsteps and yet, many people often bypass this beautiful city in favour for somewhere abroad and hot. There are so many wonderful things to do in London that it really is worth a visit. Here are our top 10 things to do when you are in the capital city of England…

November 19/11/2015

Top 10 places to visit in Europe

Europe is the perfect place to enjoy both a weekend break, and a longer holiday. There are so many different areas that are right on our doorstep, and often get overlooked. You can often get really cheap flights to destinations in Europe, and, as many of them are within driving distance, which means they are excellent destinations for those who may not be as keen on travelling. Here are just ten destinations that you can visit in Europe.

November 05/11/2015

Get Christmas sorted with BagsDirect

At BagsDirect, we have something to offer the whole family. The high quality designs of our luggage mean that our products make excellent gifts, ideal for now when people are likely to be thinking of buying gifts for their loved ones for Christmas. 

October 23/10/2015

Top 10 places to visit at Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching, with only 9 more weekends to go. If you cannot face Christmas at home this year, it is not too late for you to book a last minute break away for you and your family. Of course, people want different things when it comes to Christmas celebrations, but here are just ten different destinations that are all very popular at Christmas time…

October 22/10/2015

The rise of shopping trolleys...

The 5p bag charge came into force last week and it has sent a number of people into a frenzy. The reality is that this is not a sudden change. Many shops have been charging for plastic bags for a long time now in a bid to encourage people to re-use bags, and help the environment. 

October 14/10/2015

Choosing between a city break or a beach holiday

Planning what type of holiday to go on can often be quite stressful and difficult. There are so many different types of holidays that you can embark on, and normally it is difficult to try and fit everything you want to in all in one go. This normally means choosing an element to sacrifice, with the promise that “you’ll do that next year” only to find a year later, something else has come along, and you are once again foregoing that element. What if you didn’t have to choose though? What if you could combine certain elements into one holiday? More and more people are choosing to visit destinations where you can combine both a city break and a beach holiday, getting the advantages of both, and very few disadvantages of visiting each one separately. But, does doing this bring new advantages and disadvantages? Read on to find out…

October 08/10/2015

10 ways to keep your luggage safe when travelling

Going on holiday should be a really fun and exciting break away, and you do not want to spend your first few hours of your break away worrying about your luggage, and whether your belongings are safe or not. We have all read horror stories of poor unsuspecting travellers had their cases tampered with after they had been checked in or even that their luggage had been lost in transit. Whilst, of course, this is the pure minority, there are a number of different things that you can do, and extra precautions that you can take to ensure that your luggage stays safe. 

October 01/10/2015

How to recover from jetlag

Jetlag can be incredibly frustrating. Not only can it cut into the time you have on your holiday, but it can also be a nightmare when you return home and have to immediately settle back into everyday life, and catch up on the weeks’ worth of washing and unpacking, not to mention going back to work. Quite simply, it is a massive inconvenience. If you are going away to a country where there is a large time difference, read on for our tips on how to quickly recover from jetlag. 

September 30/9/2015

Out with the old and in with the new - the rise of the staycation

When people think of summer holidays, most will picture a warm beach somewhere exotic and abroad. So why is it more and more people are actually staying in England, and taking breaks a lot closer to home? In 2011, a survey of 200 people concluded that nearly thirty percent of those questioned would consider a holiday in the United Kingdom over one abroad. The question is why. Among obvious ones, like the cost, there are more obscure ones that we will discover. Read on to find out why more and more people are embarking on the new ‘staycation’…

September 24/9/2015

Top 10 bag trends for 2016

A bag is essentially a functional accessory, and a good bag can make or break an outfit. They are quite a statement piece, and it is important to make the right choice when it comes to planning your outfit. Your shoes and bags are just as important as your clothes and should not be the result of a rushed decision. To keep up with the changing trends, we have put together a list of the top 10 bag trends which are set to be popular in 2016. 

September 23/9/2015

10 most haunted places in Britain

Halloween is just around the corner and that means that it is only right to discover the scariest places that are right on our doorstep. There is something a little sinister yet exciting about visiting a supposedly haunted place around Halloween even if you are sceptical on the existence of all things spooky. We have compiled a list of ten of the most haunted places in Great Britain that you should visit this Halloween.

September 02/9/2015

Planning the perfect winter holiday

Holidays do not have to be reserved for the summer months, and more and more people are choosing to take winter breaks away. Whatever you decide to do, and wherever you decide to go, read out advice on how to plan the perfect winter getaway. 

September 01/9/2015

How to get the best holiday deals

If you have not been on holiday in years because of the cost, then we could be about to help you. Taking time out is so important, but it is easy to see why people get so put off going on holiday because the cost is just so much. However, there is help out there and many ways in which you can get a brilliant holiday on a small budget. Read on to discover how you can have the family holiday you would like, whilst saving money as you go.

August 20/8/2015

15 beautiful places you must visit in your lifetime

The world is absolutely brimming with hidden areas of pure natural beauty. It is hard to limit this apparent endless list to a select few, which makes this no means exclusive. We have simply put together just a few outstanding areas of beauty which can be found throughout the whole world. If you ever get a chance to visit just one of these destinations in your lifetime, jump at it, and soak in the memories…

August 17/8/2015

10 things to consider when buying a school bag

Buying a school bag can be a stressful time. It is difficult to find a bag that is suitably stylish for your child whilst remaining practical. Luckily, at BagsDirect, we have a huge array of school bags that you can chose from that will suit both you and your budding student. But, just what should you be thinking about when you are buying a school bag. We have comprised a handy list of 10 things that will be worth considering before you embark on the stressful task of buying a school bag that will determine their cool points for the entire year…

July 30/7/2015

How to save space when packing 

Packing for a holiday can evoke a lot of emotions. On one hand, you are super excited as you know you are going away for a little while, because, regardless of how quick your break is, it still gets you away; but on the other hand it can be incredibly stressful. You either pack far too much that you have to do the age old trick of sitting on your case in order to shut it, or you spend your days prior to leaving fretting that you have forgotten something. It seems that there is no happy medium to make packing a stress free time. The trick is to organise, organise, organise. If you know that what you have out is exactly what you need, all you need to do is get it in the case, and with our space saving tips, it means we can eliminate some of this stress. Read on to find out how you can make your packing experience a far easier one. 

July 28/7/2015

Choosing the right suitcase for your holiday

Packing for a holiday can be a stressful process and trying to decide what type of suitcase can be even worse. Most people over pack for any holiday, whether it is a business trip, a short weekend break or even a family holiday, which not only means that you are carrying more items than you need through the airport, but it might also mean that you are using the wrong case completely. At BagsDirect, we have a bag for every occasion, and are here to help you pick the most suitable bag for your holiday. We stock much loved brands such as Samsonite, as well as luxury brands such as Tony Perotti, to ensure that all of our customers get exactly what they are looking for. 

July 13/7/2015

Top 10 treks in the world

If you are planning a trek or a hike somewhere in the world, you need to make sure that you have the luggage that will stand up to the demand. At BagsDirect, we have a huge range of heavy duty luggage that has been designed with hikers and trekkers in mind. Have a look at our extensiv range to find the bag that is best suited to you and your requirements. Treks are some of the best ways to see some parts of the world. You can reach heights that would be inaccessible in any other way, and take in views that you could only dream of. The world is home to some truly stunning mountain ranges, and other beautiful hiking trails, and to pick just ten is not easy. 

July 3/7/2015

How to cope with Jetlag

Jetlag is likely to be something that everyone experiences at some point during their lives, particularly if you are travelling a long way, and into a completely different time zone. Anyone who has experienced jetlag before will know that it is a feeling of tiredness and confusion, when you have been travelling on a long flight. It can take a while to adjust to a new time zone, which can also affect your appetite, digestion, bowel habits, urine production, body temperature and blood pressure. 

June 17/6/2015

Don't forget your dad this Father's Day

Father’s Day is just around the corner, on the 21st June. Knowing what to buy your dad for his special day can be difficult, but at BagsDirect, we have a whole range of luggage, as well as briefcases that he can take to the office on offer. Whether your dad is a keen traveller, or an important business man, we have something that is suitable for him, and because we offer free delivery on any orders over thirty five pounds, now has never been a better time to order from us. For all those late minute gift buyers as well, we will provide next day delivery on many of our items, as long as you order by 3pm, the day before. 

June 13/6/2015

Top 10 beaches in the UK

Looking for somewhere closer to home to go on holiday? Or simply for the day? Britain is home to some truly stunning beaches that can often get overlooked; however, we are here to show you just why you should take the time to visit the beaches that are right on your doorstep. There are so many to pick from, but here, are just ten of the top beaches in Britain…

June 9/6/2015

Top 10 weekend break ideas

If you are looking for a get away without having to take too much time off work, why not opt for a weekend break somewhere? They are a perfect opportunity to get away for a short amount of time with a loved without having to spend too much time or money away from home. We have created a list of just ten ideas of what to do and where to go on a weekend break, for your perusal should you be considering it. 

May 31/5/2015

Get ready for summer with BagsDirect

Summer is fast approaching us, even if the weather is not quite showing it yet! When purchasing your new summer wardrobe, do not forget about your accessories. Jewellery, handbags and shoes, will finish off an outfit completely and should not look thrown together at the last minute. At BagsDirect, we have a huge selection of both fashion handbags, and trendy luggage sets to get you sorted for your summer, wherever you decide to spend it.

May 28/5/2015

Finding the perfect handbag for your body shape

If you are planning a trip away, it is so important to ensure that you have the correct cover should anything happen on the holiday, and you are faced with a lot of unexpected costs. Approximately one in five adults risk going away on holiday with no travel insurance, assuming that nothing will happen to them. But, did you know that some travel insurance companies will pay out should something happen to the plane during your flight? 

May 21/5/2015

12 things you must know about travel insurance

If you are planning a trip away, it is so important to ensure that you have the correct cover should anything happen on the holiday, and you are faced with a lot of unexpected costs. Approximately one in five adults risk going away on holiday with no travel insurance, assuming that nothing will happen to them. But, did you know that some travel insurance companies will pay out should something happen to the plane during your flight? 

May 18/5/2015

Where to go on holiday with your friends...

The first time that you go away with your friends, you know that it will be a holiday to remember. Whether you choose to go abroad or stay closer to home, the location is no doubt something you would have been mulling over for some time. This is why we have comprised a list of the 10 most popular holiday locations for you and your friends to travel to…

Apr 27/4/2015

Travelling tips for honeymooning couples

Your wedding day is something you spend months and sometimes years planning. It normally takes a lot of saving to really make your day special. Why let that slip for your honeymoon? Although your honeymoon does not necessarily have to cost an arm and a leg, there are many things that can make your first holiday away as a married couple truly special. 

Apr 22/4/2015

Planning your family holiday

Planning a family holiday can sometimes seem like an incredibly stressful experience. From trying to decide where to go that suits everyone, to packing everyone’s belongings, it can sometimes feel like it is more hassle than it is worth. But this all changes when you arrive at your destination and all your planning is worth it, as you have a family holiday that has something for everyone. But where should you start? We are going to help you through every step of planning your holiday, including different hints and tips, to not only make the process easier and less stressful but also, to ensure that you are getting the most out of your holiday that you. 

Apr 13/4/2015

10 family friendly holiday destinations

If you are thinking of booking a last minute family holiday in the summer holidays, it is important to know where the best places to visit are. There is more to consider when travelling with children, and therefore it is essential that you know your chosen destination is suitable and can cater for your children’s needs. Here are just ten family friendly holiday ideas for you to consider. 

Apr 08/4/2015

10 essential travel accessories

Going on holiday can be somewhat stressful. Although it is well worth it when you arrive at your location, wherever it may be; trying to remember everything that you need can be difficult. We have comprised a list of items that can help make your holiday a little easier and stress free, so you can devote all of your time to relaxing and enjoying your time away.

Mar 30/3/2015

10 ways to make the most of your gap year

If you chose to take a gap year to go travelling, it is so important to make the most of it. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and the opportunity to be able to do this at another point in your life will be less likely as you will probably be working. Therefore, it is important that you really make the most of it, and appreciate your once in a lifetime opportunity that you have been given. You do not want to look back with any regrets…here are just ten ways in which to make the most out of your gap year abroad. 

Mar 24/3/2015

How to stay safe when travelling alone

Travelling alone can be incredibly liberating and is a sure confidence booster, but it is so important to make sure that you stay safe. You will not have the back up of someone else being there if something was to go wrong, and you need to know what to do in all eventualities should something happen. Many people prefer to travel on their own as they do not have anyone else to answer to and can explore all of the places that they want to, so if you are considering, definitely go for it, but just follow our tips on how to stay safe.

Mar 18/3/2015

15 popular holiday destinations

If you are planning a family holiday or a break away this summer, you may have already have booked it, or have an idea of where you want to go. The destination you choose can obviously make or break a holiday, so it is important to choose wisely. Here are fifteen of the most popular destinations throughout the world for you to consider, if you have not already chosen. 

Mar 12/3/2015

Mother's Day at BagsDirect

Make your mum feel really special this mother’s day (15th March) by giving her a gift from BagsDirect. We offer free delivery on orders over £35, or you can opt for the next day delivery for those last minute gift buyers. Whether she needs a new handbag, or an accessory, we will have something to suit her.

Feb 27/2/2015

Preparing for your business trip abroad

If you are lucky enough to work for a company that will send you abroad for important meetings, you will know just how exciting and rather stressful it can be. On one hand, you know that you are there on business and should not be thinking of it as a mini holiday, but on the other, you are planning on how much exploring and sight-seeing you will be able to cram in during your free time, if you have any. 

Feb 24/2/2015

What to consider before booking a holiday

Going on holiday is an exciting adventure no matter how old you are, and deciding where in the world you want to visit can be one of the most exciting things about it. It is very easy to caught up in the exciting aspects of the planning and organisation of the more fun aspects and forget about the essential things that need to be considered prior to going away anywhere on holiday, whether it is abroad, or just a weekend break away somewhere in this country.

Feb 16/2/2015

10 Useful tips when travelling with children

Travelling with young children can be a very stressful experience. They will be excited, particularly if they are old enough to know that they are going on holiday. Whether you are driving, flying or getting another form of transport, these ten useful tips are always worth bearing in mind, to try and make your travelling experience as stress free for both you and your family as possible. 

Feb 10/2/2015

Top 10 places to visit in the UK

If you are planning a break away, but are unsure of where to go, why not look closer to home. England is home to some truly beautiful areas, and can often be overlooked with more exotic areas. Whilst the weather may not be so ideal, wrap up warm, and discover the beauties that lay on your doorstep. Here are our top ten destinations that England has to offer. 

Jan 30/1/2015

Essential items for all backpackers

If you are planning on travelling on your gap year it is important to make sure that you stay safe during your travels. Depending on how long you are going away for, will determine how much luggage you will need to bring with you; however, there are some definite essentials that you should not be leaving home without. 

Jan 26/1/2015

14 ways to pack a suitcase

Packing your suitcase for a holiday can be a very stressful process. No matter how much you try, you never seem to have enough room for everything you want. There seem to be so many tips to make it easier, garment bags, rolling vs. folding; but what actually helps? We’ve narrowed it down to 14 easy tips to help make packing easier, even for the most inexperienced traveller. Make this, a thing of the past…

Jan 19/1/2015

Selecting the right luggage for you

Preparing for a holiday can be a stressful process; especially the closer it gets and you start to think about packing. Whilst you are running around getting the last minute essentials, it is easy to let your suitcase choice fall to the last minute, meaning you may not get the best one for your intended travel. For example, if you are planning on visiting a lot of countries or cities, you will require a different case then if you were going away on a business trip. 

Jan 08/1/2015

Top 10 Gap Year Destinations

If you want to start university with a barrage of stories of what you got up to on your gap year that you spent travelling, make sure they’re good ones. Whether you decide to travel around different continents, or prefer to stay in just one, we’re confident that there is a perfect place for everyone. Here are our top ten gap year destinations…

Sep 22/9/2014

Let your wild side out with Antler's new Zygo Animal collection.

If you are jetting off on a last minute holiday, to catch a final bit of sun before winter sets in and the countdown to Christmas begins, look no further than BagsDirect for your luggage. It can be so frustrating waiting at the carousel and not knowing what suitcase is yours as there are so many near identical cases slowly making their way round, but with Antler’s new Zygo Animal Print collection, this can be a thing of the past. These cases are perfect for all you fashionista’s out there who want an on trend case that will be sure to make you stand out from the crowd. 

Sep 8/9/2014

Going to university? Look no further than BagsDirect

When you are preparing to go to Uni, you are generally a bag of mixed emotions. On the one hand, you cannot wait, you are going to meet loads of new people and have the time of your life. For a lot of people, it is also the first time living away from home and whilst this is exciting, it is nerve wracking for anyone. You are entering into the unknown which can always be slightly unsettling. Don’t let your luggage and packing become something to worry about though. At BagsDirect, we have a huge range of large heavy duty suitcases that are perfect for those who are packing to head off to Uni in the coming weeks and as we aim to dispatch our items within 24-48hrs, it is perfect for those last minute panics. 

Aug 26/8/2014

Waterproof bags for the active traveller

If you like active holidays that really push you to the limit, you need to make sure that you have the right equipment. You wouldn’t step onto a tennis court to play a match without the right equipment and this is no different. If you are travelling over water and tough terrain, you need to know that you have luggage that will stand up to the test. Here at Bags Direct, we have a huge range of luggage that has been designed specifically for this. This means that you can push yourself right to the limit, safe in the knowledge that your belongings are staying safe and dry. 

Aug 11/8/2014

15% off Kipling Products at Bags Direct

Kipling is a fun, popular brand that is loved by many. Their designs are packed with attitude and are both professional and feminine, but with the iconic monkey key ring that comes attached to all Kipling products, they are anything but boring. The brand was named after the well-travelled author Rudyard Kipling, after three girls decided that they wanted a bag that was affordable and functional, yet feminine. Now, nearly thirty years later, people in all parts of the world are carrying the Kipling mascot monkey around with them. For a limited time only, here at Bags Direct, we are offering 15% off all Kipling products, making this an ideal time to stock up on one of the worlds most loved brands. Whether you are looking for purses, handbags or luggage, there is something for everyone. 

Jul 21/7/2014

Stay comfotable with the iStay non-slip strap

Here at Bags Direct, we offer our customers the latest bags as soon as they become available. One of the more unique products we offer is the i-Stay range, a new and healthy way to keep your bag in place on your person. This means that you can forget the days where you are forever pulling your bag back up onto your shoulder, or carrying a heavy laptop in your hands, leaving no free hands to retrieve your train ticket, or answer your phone, which is not what you need after a long day in the office. 

Jul 7/7/2014

Tony Perotti - an affordable piece of luxury

Tony Perotti creates his luxurious luggage with the combination of high grain leather and hand tanned eco-friendly oils. This makes the leather products original and unique. Here at Bags Direct, you can get these timeless pieces at incredibly affordable prices, with many items being in the Spring Offer Sale, offering 25% off. So, why not treat yourself or a loved one to a classic design in the Tony Perotti Spring Offer, exclusive to Bags Direct. 

Jun 19/6/2014

Bag yourself a bargain in the BagsDirect clearance sale!

There really is something for everyone in the BagsDirect clearance sale. From children’s accessories to ladies handbags, we provide you with the luggage that you are looking for. Our sale offers you a massive forty percent off the original price, so not only are you getting an excellent service, excellent products but also excellent value for money. 

Jun 06/6/2014

Introducing the new range of Ted Baker Luggage...

Any girl understands the importance of travelling with a suitcase that is not just practical, but one that looks good too. New to Bags Direct, the Ted Baker women’s floral trolley cases do just that. Their practical design serves a purpose, whilst its elegant floral print and delicate colours are sure to brighten up anyone’s travel experience. 

May 29/5/2014

Sport and Fitness bags at Bags Direct

At Bags Direct we have a huge choice of sports bags to choose from. Whether you need waterproof heavy duty holdalls or a cabin backpack we have the bag for you. With our large selection, you can pick the bag that best suits you and your needs. 

May 27/5/2014

Ladies Briefcases

Traditionally, briefcases were very much a male necessity. It became the epitome of a city office worker; however, there were not many styles. You could almost guarantee it would be a rectangular leather box with a handle! That couldn’t be more different now. Whilst the function of a briefcase is still the same, it can now be worn like an accessory and what’s more, they are no longer aimed at men. At Bags Direct we have a huge range of briefcases, just for ladies. From the chic and stylish, to the practical, we have them all. 


May 9/5/2014

Samsonite Cosmolite...the future of travelling?

Samsonite have been experts in luggage for over one hundred years and they are one of the world’s lead luggage providers. They strive to create suitcases to suit the needs of all travellers and their design and quality keeps their customers coming back for more. When travelling with a Samsonite suitcase, you do not need to worry about your belongings for the whole journey. Samsonite give their customers what is important and their worldwide vision of giving travellers exactly what they want, have enabled them to travel further, with ever lighter, stronger and more innovative products at their side. 

Apr 24/4/2014

Tight on space but love to travel?

Do you dread the day when you have to pack for your holiday, knowing that it is time to either go up into the loft to retrieve your suitcases, or make your may through the maze of spiders webs to fetch them from the back of the shed, where they were put the year before, when you had had to go through the same thing then? BagsDirect may have the perfect solution for you to prevent you having to face your fears of the loft and dive through a forest of creepy crawlies. With Samsonite’s range of foldaway cases, not having anywhere to store them can be a thing of the past!

Apr 11/4/2014

Accessories at BagsDirect

It’s not only bags we do here at BagsDirect; we supply a large number of travelling accessories. From wallets to vanity cases and scales to padlocks, we have travelling covered.

Make sure you are well prepared when it comes to travelling. 

Mar 26/3/2014

Hand Luggage Only...

Picture this; you’ve decided to escape the English weather and have booked a last minute holiday to spend a week sunbathing on a hot beach. You’ve managed to get a really good deal on the flights as you have decided to use a budget airline. It doesn’t matter that you are not travelling in luxury though, as the destination will more than make up for it. You finish the booking and you see the feared line…‘Hand luggage only’.

Mar 14/3/2014

The Healthy Back Bag

Back pain is a costly problem. According to one survey, over half of the adult population in the UK reported lower back pain lasting for at least 24 hours at some point during the year and four out of every five adults will experience back pain at some stage in their life.  The National Health Service spends more than £1 billion per year on back pain related costs.

Mar 6/3/2014

Treat your mum this mother's day with a bag from BagsDirect

Mother’s Day is fast approaching (30th March for those of you who don’t know!) and what better present to get your mum than a handbag. At BagsDirect we have all sorts of styles, shapes and sizes, not to mention brands. Whatever you think she will like, whether it is evening, across the body or our luxury and leather selections we will have one to fit the description.

Feb 17/2/2014

Going on holiday? Make sure you have the right luggage

Here at BagsDirect, we have been experts in luggage for over thirty five years, so when you buy from us, you know you are not only getting great quality and service, but also a great deal. When you are planning a holiday, make sure you check out our luggage collection. Whether it is a dream holiday, a business trip, or a weekend away, there will be something to suit your needs.

Feb 10/2/2014

Going on holiday with kids? Then head to BagsDirect…

It can be a nightmare trying to get your kids’ ready for a day out, and as an adult you end up carrying around more than you ever imagined. Why not lighten your load, with our range of kids’ bags. Whether it’s to go on holiday or just for a day out at the park, we have the perfect bag for you and your little ones.

Jan 22/1/2014

Excellent deals in Bagsdirect clearance section

For top quality bags and accessories with 50% off, look no further than Bagsdirect. This leading bag supplier is holding a Christmas sale and has a great selection of laptop bags, holdalls, backpacks

Jan 16/1/2014

Cool commuters: stylish, functional laptop bags from Bags Direct

In the worlds of work, play and study, our laptops are indispensable, and keeping things safe and secure when on the move is incredibly important.

December 16/12/2013

Bagsdirect 50% off Christmas Sale

For top quality bags and accessories with 50% off, look no further than Bagsdirect. This leading bag supplier is holding a Christmas sale and has a great selection of laptop bags, holdalls, backpacks and folders, all at half the original price. As well as their fabulous products and discounts, Bagsdirect also offer next day delivery.

December 2/12/2013

Bag Yourself a Bargain this Christmas - Up to 60% Off Selected Handbags!

From tempting totes, lavish leather handbags and sparkly clutches to classic briefcases and luxe luggage, Bags Direct has a massive festive sale to carry you through the Christmas period in style. 

November 20/11/2013

The best luggage to choose for your winter holiday

As the weather turns colder and the mornings and nights draw in, it is definitely time to book a holiday and take some time away. Whether you are embarking on a long haul sunshine break or a shorter trip closer to home,

November 2/11/2013

The new range of i-stay bags from

Have you ever been running to catch a train, and found your laptop bag sliding off your shoulder, resulting in an expensive breakage, missing your train or spilling your morning coffee?

October 25/10/2013

Our Samsonite Range

Whether you are a global traveller, need a sturdy bag or backpack for day to day use, or a protective case to transport your laptop, then the samsonite luggage range can offer both the durability, excellent quality

October 15/10/2013

Our Kipling Range

Founded in 1987 in Antwerp, Belgium, Kipling bags have become internationally recognisable for their pretty nylon fabrics and cute furry monkey zips. Each bag comes with a monkey corresponding in colour, and as the brand has continued to evolve so have the different types of monkeys and apes on the zip.

Sept 25/09/2013

Bag Yourself a great brand at

Bagging yourself a great bargain and a famous brand is as easy as pie at With such a huge range to choose from, you can be sure we have the right bag for you.

Sept 15/09/2013

Find quality luggage and travel bags

We all prefer to travel in different ways. A weekend getaway in the country may mean a small holdall for some, but for others, none other than a large, multi compartment suitcase will suffice. Fortunately, Bags Direct houses a wide selection of brand luggage at competitive prices in all manner of shapes, sizes and functions. 

Aug 29/08/2013

How to choose the right luggage for your holiday

Whether you are jetting off to sunnier climes for a fortnight, taking a few months to explore the world or simply getting away for a long weekend city break, having the right luggage is vital.

Aug 21/08/2013

Fantastic Leather bags at Bags Direct

Nothing says elegant and effortless fashion like the leather handbag: from the catwalk to walking the dog, it suits any outfit, any occasion, and any season.  More...

Aug 16/08/2013

A Suitcase To Suit Every Traveller

The days of travelling with old wooden trunks and heavy valises are long gone and these days travelling with durable, secure and good looking luggage is what modern travellers now expect. With a huge range of luggage for all travel needs, Bagsdirect can offer up a suitcase to suit every traveller. more....

Aug 13/08/2013


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Aug 01/08/2013

Cabin Case By Airline

Are you off on your travels? Lucky you! Make sure you have the correct size cabin case by browsing our  new selected size bags section for your flight. It will save you on potential unwanted costs.