Ladies Briefcases

Ladies Briefcases

Traditionally, briefcases were very much a male necessity. It became the epitome of a city office worker; however, there were not many styles. You could almost guarantee it would be a rectangular leather box with a handle! That couldn’t be more different now. Whilst the function of a briefcase is still the same, it can now be worn like an accessory and what’s more, they are no longer aimed at men. At Bags Direct we have a huge range of briefcases, just for ladies. From the chic and stylish, to the practical, we have them all.

Tony Perotti, Enzo Rossi and The Bridge all have very chic, classic designs. All made from high quality leather, they provide a timeless look. The Green Collection from Tony Perotti is multifunctional. As well as having a specific laptop section, this stylish bag has an internal organiser section as well as an internal zip and mesh section. The main compartment is also lockable, giving you the security that traditional briefcases have. With the practical shoulder strap, this feminine bag is suitable for all of your work documents and is available in three different colours, to suit all tastes.

The i-stay laptop bags on the other hand are very modern and funky. They are available in lots of bright colours and different sizes, allowing you to pick the one that is best suited to you and your needs. The i-stay has also been recommended by The College of Chiropractors and is proven to be better for your posture. The unique i-stay strap is webbed, preventing the bag from slipping off of your shoulder. Not only that, but the cushioned rubber is thick and cushioned, making it incredibly comfortable to carry. The other advantage of the i-stay laptop bags is they leave your hands free. If you need to access your phone easily when you are on the move, you do not have to re-arrange everything that you are carrying, because the i-stay bag will simply not move from your shoulder. This design is perfect for those busy workers, who need a durable briefcase, but do not want to compromise on the appearance.

Finally, the Vaude Hiddensee Canvas Briefcase has a modern satchel-like design. The waterproof canvas material, which is available in either wood colour or black, is perfect for carrying transporting your laptop and important documents whatever the weather. There is a carrying handle on the top of the Hiddensee top lid and also a removable shoulder strap for convenience.

Here at Bags Direct, we believe that briefcases can be stylish and modern. We stock a huge range that has been manufactured with women in mind. So, whatever your style, we will have one that will be perfect for you. 

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