How to save space when packing

How to save space when packing

over packed casePacking for a holiday can evoke a lot of emotions. On one hand, you are super excited as you know you are going away for a little while, because, regardless of how quick your break is, it still gets you away; but on the other hand it can be incredibly stressful. You either pack far too much that you have to do the age old trick of sitting on your case in order to shut it, or you spend your days prior to leaving fretting that you have forgotten something. It seems that there is no happy medium to make packing a stress free time. The trick is to organise, organise, organise. If you know that what you have out is exactly what you need, all you need to do is get it in the case, and with our space saving tips, it means we can eliminate some of this stress. Read on to find out how you can make your packing experience a far easier one.

The worst cases are the ones that have been packed at the last minute and consist of people just throwing stuff that they think they will need into a suitcase in no logical order at all. Not only is this an incredibly bad way to utilise the space inside the case, you will inevitable find that you get to your destination and find that you have forgotten something of importance – more than likely a phone charger, or plug adapter. So, to not only make use of any space saving tips that are mentioned further on, before you start anything, it is so important that you have written a list of everything you feel that you will need. Include obvious items as well such as your passport. Literally everything you will need during your time there. Think about where you are going, and realistically what items you will use during your holiday. Check the weather forecast before you write your list and keep an eye on in it in the run up to your departure to ensure that you have packed the correct items.

During your planning, and list writing, actually plan your outfits for your time away. Think about items that can be worn multiple times, andsuitcase consider the material of your clothing. Linen does not travel at all well, and unless you want to be ironing all of your clothes as soon as you arrive, it is a material to be avoided if you can. Although this can be difficult if you do not know exactly what you are doing with your days, try, in this circumstance to pack items of clothing that can be both smart and casual. To avoid bringing too much with you when you go on your holiday, plan all of your outfits before you go. This way you can really consider the clothes that you can wear more than once. Lay all of your outfits on your bed, to eliminate any that you think you will not wear. When you are doing this, there are certain things that you should be considering. Try, if you can to only bring one jumper or jacket the whole trip. Obviously, this is dependent on where you are going and what the weather will be like during your stay; but eliminating bigger, bulky items will save you a heap of room in your case, and you can get away with sporting the same outerwear for a few days. Along that same line, take clothing that you know you can get a few wears out of before they require washing. Jeans for example, can be the basis of a number of outfits, as you can wear these for more than one day, reducing the amount that you will have to pack.

Although, it is worthwhile planning your outfits prior to travelling to ensure that you do not over pack, it can be somewhat problematic, and it is essential that you are flexible with your decisions. Don’t forget that, regardless of where you are going, the weather can suddenly change, and the shorts and vest top that you had planned to wear that day is no longer appropriate. Try and take versatile options that you can mix and match in case you do change your mind at the last minute or the weather is not quite how you imagined. Also, by doing this, you are creating more outfits with fewer items, thus, saving you space in your suitcase.

When you come to actually packing your case, you have probably been informed of so many different ways that you should definitely do it. In reality, packing your case is incredibly personal to you, and only you can decide which items you need to have easily accessible, or items that you do not want squished at the bottom of your case. However; to make it easier, there are a couple of tricks that you can bear in mind to make your packing experience less stressful and more effective.

friends on holidayFirstly, roll your clothes as opposed to folding them. If you’re sceptical of this theory, just try it and you will be amazed at just how much of a difference it can actually make to the space. Not only that, but it actually reduces the creases in your clothing, which is particularly good if you are travelling long distances and do not want to spend your first few hours ironing all of your clothes. You can do this with most clothing items, but cotton t-shirts and casual shirts and dress work the best. It is very simple to do – just fold your shirts in half lengthways, and then start rolling from the hem up to the neckline. After this, all you need to do is slot them into your case. It also saves you time when you reach your destination as you will not have to look through piles and piles of folded clothes; you will be able to see what you have very easily.

Secondly, it is important to put heavier items in first. Think about the clothes that you have packed, and decide what material is the heaviest. Denim and corduroy should definitely be placed in first before other materials. This is because they are much more resistant to creasing, and will be able to withstand having more weight on top of them without them creasing as much as other materials. You will also find that they are a lot bulkier than other materials and you may struggle to get them in if you leave them until last, particularly if your suitcase is full.

Finally, do not forget to make the most of your shoes. Although you should try and keep shoes to a minimum, and only pack a couple of pairs; the likelihood is that you will end up having to take more than one pair. Before you pack these, fill them with rolled up socks and underwear. Not only will it save you valuable space in your case, it will also prevent your shoes from becoming squashed, keeping the shape of them. It is a win win situation really. Saves you space, and protects your shoes.

If you follow these simple tips, you will find that you will have a lot more space than you think. You don’t need to follow really fancy packing scenarios that appear to make things more complicated than you need; you just need to be organised and not over pack. Take your time and do your research of your destination. Instead of packing for every single eventuality, be wise with what you are packing and pack versatile items. If you stick to these rules, you will find that the days of sitting on your suitcase wrestling with the zip in order to close are behind you.  

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