How to plan the perfect Honeymoon

How to plan the perfect Honeymoon

honeymoonYour Honeymoon is one of the most memorable and meaningful holidays that you will go on as a married couple. After all, it is the first trip that you are likely to do as Mr and Mrs. Therefore, a lot of thought should be put into it. People spend years planning their perfect wedding, and yet leave their Honeymoon to the last minute. Experts say, it is advisable to book your honeymoon at least six months in advance, but many people leave it is an afterthought once all of the wedding planning is over. It should be included as part of the wedding planning; and time should be dedicated to your honeymoon. We have tried to make this easier for you, and below are some helpful hints and tips that are designed to help you and your partner plan the perfect honeymoon.

Before you even begin the planning and booking process, it is important to spend time with your husband or wife to be and talk about what you both want from a honeymoon. If you have different interests, it would be unfair to base your honeymoon solely around one of these interests, as after all, it is a holiday to celebrate you as a couple. So, sit down and both tell each other what you would ideally like to spend your honeymoon doing, and then you can either find joint interests, or find an ideal destination that will conform to both of your interests. Remember though, compromise is important, because the trip is about both of you, and it is unlikely that you will find somewhere that is one hundred percent perfect for both of you.


Before you start booking, it is also worth deciding on when in the year you would like to go. Bear in mind that prices vary throughout the year, and if you are working to a tighter budget it may be worth looking at when places are cheaper. If you do wait and go out of season, to get more for your money, it might be that you cannot go away straight after your wedding, and this is something that you need to decide as a couple if you are happy with. Alternatively, if you have not booked your wedding yet, you can try and plan it so that your honeymoon and wedding are both during the cheaper seasons, allowing you to get the most out of your money. It is likely that you have set a budget for your wedding, and when deciding on that, it is also worth setting one for your honeymoon as well.

If you are worried about getting everything organised in time, travel consultants are incredibly invaluable. Not only will they help you to combine all of your ideas and create your perfect honeymoon. This is what they do for a living, and you will avoid falling into any common traps and mistakes. After all, you will hopefully only be planning one honeymoon so it is important that you get it right. They will take all the stress out of the planning side, and leave you focused on the big day itself. Although many people avoid hiring a travel consultant as they believe that it will actually cost them a lot more, they can in the long run actually save you money as they will find you all of the best deals that you might miss should you be taking care of it all yourself. They will also have insider knowledge as to some hidden, less common locations that you might not have thought of.

When you are ready to actually book your honeymoon, do not forget to book it in your maiden name. Of course, a newly married couple will want to use their married name immediately, remember that if you are going very soon after your wedding day, your passport will still be in your maiden name, and this is the one that you will be required to use when booking your flights and hotels. However, don’t forget to sing it from the rooftops that you are travelling on your honeymoon as many different hotels and airlines will pull out all the stops and have special privileges for newlyweds.


Don’t forget your honeymoon is a once in a lifetime holiday. Traditionally, it is the first time away as a married couple, and it is so important to create lots of memories during your time away. Take lots of photos, don’t restrict yourself, try your hand at new activities that you wouldn’t normally get the chance to do, sample the local cuisine, and mingle with local life. That said, remember that it is important to engage in romantic activities as well – a quiet dinner in a beautiful secluded setting, or a couple’s spa massage – find something that you will both love, and just spend time enjoying each other’s company.  It is also nice touch to treat your other half with a surprise whilst you are out the

Ultimately, just have fun and enjoy yourself. This is your honeymoon, and a time that is designed for you to just celebrate each other’s love and being a married couple. Planning both a wedding and honeymoon can be stressful, so really use this time to relax and see parts of the world that you have always wanted to, no matter what destination you choose. Take the time to plan it well, and set yourself a realistic budget for the area that you are visiting. You want to be able to go and enjoy your time away and not spend the time worrying about money, or not being able to do certain things whilst you are there. On a final note, look for set activities prior to going as you might be able to pre pay for these, meaning you do not have to worry about finding the money when you are out there. re – something that will make the break that little bit more special. Whether this is organising an activity that they have always wanted to do prior to going, or just buying them a special treat during your stay, it helps to make the time away really special and something that you will cherish forever.

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