How to plan a holiday with children

How to plan a holiday with children

If you have young children, you will know how exciting planning a family holiday can be. But, it can be difficult to try and incorporate everybody’s needs into the holiday. If you organise everything in advance, there are ways in which you can make the planning stress free. Just follow our simple steps, and you will be able to plan the perfect family holiday for you and your children.

family beach holidayBefore you begin the booking process, start by setting yourself a rough budget. If you get your children involved in this part, you could likely see yourself booking a holiday that is likely to see you broke in the weeks and months after it. When thinking about your budget, it is not just the travel and accommodation that you need to think about. Consider the costs when you are out there, particularly if you are travelling with younger children, as you will need different activities to keep them busy throughout the days. Whilst you and your partner might be happy to lie on the beach all day, your toddler might not be so happy to do so! Set yourself a realistic budget, with enough for you to enjoy different excursions, and meals out, as well as enough to treat yourselves to some local goodies.

Once you have decided a budget, get a list together of places that you are interested in that fit within your budget. Find out what is available at each location, and the different excursions that are available. Seek the help of a travel agent to find out exactly what can be offered to you. Once you have got together a list of a few different places, get your children involved in the decision making as to where you finally go on holiday. Getting them involved slightly later in the planning process allows you to get finalise the budget, and limits their choice slightly, making it easier to find a destination that everyone agrees on. Try and turn this into a fun activity for them, and get them to write a list of everything that they want to do on their holiday, before matching up the best location. By doing this, your children feel like they have a big part in picking where you all go, and gets them involved in the planning process.

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If you have toddlers, there are many different things that you need to take into consideration when planning your holiday. Young children require constant supervision, so bear this in mind when looking at excursions. If you are staying at a resort, ‘kid’s clubs’ can be an effective way of allowing your children to have fun safely; however, do not be tempted to leave them there for the duration. A family holiday is a really good way of broadening your child’s horizons, and an excellent way of developing your parenting skills, so make sure you allow yourself enough time to spend with them as well. Toddlers are curious and love nothing more than to explore new areas, so make the most of this, and get them out and about exploring a new country, city, or area. You can easily plan outdoor and adventurous activities that require minimal cost, such as a walk and a picnic, or even a camping holiday. If you are going to a beachy resort, let your children enjoy fun days out playing on the beach and swimming in the sea. All of these are very cheap to do, and your toddler will love it.

Older children will have a better attention span than very young children, and although they will still enjoy fun, child based activities, it is the perfect opportunity for you to do something more educational with them, and take them to different museums and allow them to soak up the culture and see how the way of life differs, as they will be able to understand and appreciate it that little bit more. Find out what they are doing in school, and see if there is anything that you can do whilst you are away that will bring their studies alive. Not only will they understand it better, and will hopefully have an interest in it, but it is something that they can take back to work and talk about with their peers. Between the ages of eight and twelve is the perfect time for you to combine, fun activities with more adventurous, and educational ones.

family ski holidayGoing on holiday with a teenager can be tricky. Usually at that age, they are fiercely independent, not to mention rebellious, and are likely to want to do something different to everything that you have planned. That said, there are many ways in which you can make a family holiday fun for a teenager. You can make it an adventure for them, rather than just a destination, and visit a few different locations. With older children, allow them to take charge a little more in what activities you do. This doesn’t mean that you cannot do things as a family, but let them have more control over what they do. Don’t force older children to traipse around museums and other cultural areas if they really don’t want to. Whilst there is nothing wrong with encouraging them to see the local culture, and experience the local way of life, there is nothing wrong with leaving them to relax by the pool whilst you visit an area if they really do not want to come with you. This is obviously completely at the discretion of you as a parent, but remember that you were that age once, and you might not always want to be at your parent’s side.

There are many different ways in which you can make the planning and booking of a family holiday fun and stress free. By involving the family in the planning process, you can easily combine activities that everyone wants to engage in. Don’t forget about the help of professionals, who can not only make the whole process a lot easier, but they might think of locations that you would have not thought of, and could actually be perfect for you and the family, regardless of the age of your children. 

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