How to get the best holiday deals

How to get the best holiday deals

If you have not been on holiday in years because of the cost, then we could be about to help you. Taking time out is so important, but it is easy to see why people get so put off going on holiday because the cost is just so much. However, there is help out there and many ways in which you can get a brilliant holiday on a small budget. Read on to discover how you can have the family holiday you would like, whilst saving money as you go.

HolidayMany people believe that booking a last minute holiday is the only way to get a bargain, but this is not always the case. Although booking a last minute holiday is brilliant for some, for those with a family, it can become a bit more difficult. You have to be prepared to maybe change your destination, and be a little more flexible with flight times etc. If you are travelling with children, it might not be practical to get a really anti-social flight time; however, if you are going on an impromptu trip away with friends, it can be a really good way to get an incredibly cut price holiday.

If you do not want to consider a completely last minute holiday, try and get ahead of the rush. The earlier you book, the more likelihood you have of finding the perfect holiday for you that is also in your price bracket. This is especially apparent if you are travelling with children, and are limited to what time you can go. School holidays will get booked up incredibly quickly and it can often be risky leaving last minute holidays until then, so make sure you stay ahead of the game and book your travel and accommodation at least six weeks before you depart.

Before you book, have an idea of where it is that you want to visit, and shop around. Different websites and tour operators will likely offer different prices, and although it might take a little longer, it is well worth comparing different prices, and finding the absolute best deal you can. Have a rough idea of what budget you are prepared to spend in your head; however, when booking any sort of last minute holiday, it pays to be slightly flexible. When you are looking, be sure to check what you actually get included in the price as well. For example, some flight operators will sell you incredibly cheap price, but you have to pay a high price if you want to take any more than one piece of carry-on luggage with you. Another point to check is whether in flight food is included in the price. You do not want to rush into a booking a holiday just because they advertise a good price. Try and ignore all of the deals and promotion advertisement, and carefully read what it is you are offered.

Do not assume that all inclusive is too expensive. Many holidays are offering this now as it has greatly increased in popularity, and this means that you can also get some very good deals. Remember, that although you are paying more initially, the cost when you are out there will significantly be less. When you are comparing prices, be sure to look at both, and decide whether it is actually saving you more in the long run to pay more when booking, but not have to worry when you are out there. On the same note, try and book independently, rather than only looking at package deals. Although when booking last minute, package deals can seem particularly appealing, it is for this reason that they make their money. Not only will they limit your options, but you will likely find that they will push the price right up as well. Instead, try and book your flights and hotel separately.

Don’t forget about places closer to home. If you are on a very tight budget, consider places in England to go for your family holiday. ThereParis are some truly beautiful places to stay and visit in the UK, so do not overlook it. It might be that you can afford a better holiday somewhere in England, than you can abroad, so don’t immediately go for that option just because it is somewhere outside of the UK. That said, if you are desperate to go somewhere different, why not consider France? You can often get last minute ferry journeys across the channel on a budget, and if you have one, you can take your own car, saving you money on travel when you are out there. It also means that you can look at smaller, less touristy areas which are likely to be cheaper, without the worry of having to get there.

It is not just prior to going that can save you money. There is plenty that you can do when you are out there that can cost the price down, whilst not having to compromise on the quality. If you are going abroad, instead of using your debit card, consider getting a cheap overseas spending card, purely to use whilst you are away, to avoid the huge charge that many banks will add to the cost. Do not overspend whilst you are away though, as paying it off in full is the only way to avoid interest. Ensure that you have shopped around for this, and you apply at least three weeks before you are due to travel.

If you are travelling to areas in the EU ensure that you have a European Health Insurance. Whilst this is not a substitute for travel insurance, it is free to obtain, and will mean that you can get free or discounted medical advice anywhere in the UK.

Finally, make sure that you turn off all of your mobile data roaming charges to avoid unintended cost whilst you are away. Often these charges can be as much as £8 per MB, and you may not realise that are accruing these. So, whilst you are away, just pop your phone in aeroplane mode – plus it means that you can enjoy your holiday without any unnecessary disturbances. If you do need to use your phone during your holiday, inform your provider where you will be going prior to leaving, as they may be able to offer you overseas deals on the cost of call and texts.

These are all very simple tips that can really help you save a lot of money when you are on holiday. Although you might have to do a little bit more research prior to booking, it will be worth it in the long run. 

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