How to choose the right luggage for your holiday

How to choose the right luggage for your holiday

Whether you are jetting off to sunnier climes for a fortnight, taking a few months to explore the world or simply getting away for a long weekend city break, having the right luggage is vital. There is no point dragging round a massive suitcase if you are only away from home for a few nights, but on the other hand, it is also not wise to try to pack for an extended break with only a tiny holdall. Even if you consider yourself to be a savvy packer, getting the right kit for your travels can make a massive difference.

When considering luggage, look at all the different types - there are many to choose from at There are all sorts of options, from two-wheel trolleys and cabin luggage to large holdalls and hard-sided suitcases. Each has pros and cons and is best-suited to certain types of traveller and journey.

For example, those who make frequent short city breaks via aeroplane would do well to invest in a cabin case, such as Antler luggage like the Antler New Size Zero Cabin 2w Trolley Case, that can be carried on to the plane and will stand the test of time. These cabin cases are also great for those who get away via train or bus as they will fit on the luggage racks easily.

However, for families a luggage set will probably be a better investment. These, such as the Revelation By Antler Wow 3 Piece 2 Wheeled Luggage Set Black, include several cases of different shapes and sizes, allowing families to make the most of their combined luggage allowance and spread each person’s clothes across different cases.

For those visiting lots of different destinations a holdall, duffle bag or lightweight case will be ideal as they do not add too much weight or bulk, such as the Antler New Urbanite II Double Decker, and for people worried about their possessions hard-sided cases will offer better protection, like the Antler Liquis Cabin 4w Trolley Case, which also stands out on the airport conveyor belt.

Wherever you go, however you get there and whoever you are travelling with, be sure to start your journey in the right way with high-quality luggage that makes it easy and safe to carry your possessions. Always write a list of what you need to ensure that you don’t leave behind anything important – there is nothing worse than opening your luggage at the other end to find that new swimming costume or insect repellent is still at home!

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