How to choose the best briefcase

How to choose the best briefcase

At BagsDirect, we have a huge range of office bags and briefcases. We appreciate that everyone needs something different from their briefcase, which is why we cater for everyone, whether you like traditional style cases, trolley cases, or a modern and simple backpack. We have the perfect gift ideas for those struggling to think of what to get a keen businessman or woman.

Business 1Choosing a briefcase might not be as easy a decision as you first thought. There are many different features that you need to consider. After all, this bag will inadvertently end up saying a lot about you, and you have to feel comfortable with it, as you will be using it every day. Many professionals offer a lot of advice on how you should decide which style case you want, but the easiest thing to start with is to think about exactly what you would be using your briefcase for. Whilst you are obviously going to be using it to store all of your work documents, think carefully about how much you have to carry around, and the nature of your job. For example, if you travel around for work a lot, and go on a lot of business trips, it might be more advisable to get a case that can be easily transportable, such as the range that is designed like a suitcase, making it very easy to transport. For those who work from an office, and do not have to bring a lot home with them, a smaller, more traditional style briefcase might be more suitable. If you are buying a briefcase as a gift for a loved one, take the time to look at their existing one. This will give you a good indication of the style that they prefer. Whether or not you decide to stray from this, is entirely up to you!

Most briefcases can be split into five different categories, and at BagsDirect, we stock a large collection so you can make an informed choice and get the perfect one. Padfolio’s are incredibly thin and small, designed to keep all of your documents neat and organised prior to going into a business meeting. They are designed to be carried underneath the arm, and look incredibly professional. Although they are not ideal for regular use, and for those who have a lot to transport, they make a really lovely gift. The Portfolio is incredibly similar to the Padfolio, but is slightly larger with a carry handle on the top of the case. This makes it better suited to those who have more to carry, and for those who regularly have to transport documents. Because it is slightly larger than the Padfolio, it is capable of holding slightly bulkier items. The Jekyll and Hide Real Leather Notebook Case is the perfect accessory for any businessman. It is a slimline laptop cover that is capable of carrying all of your important documents that you require for your meeting. On top of this it has a detachable shoulder strap, for ease, which can be easily removed when needed. We also have a brilliant collection of folders that are ideal for those all important business meetings.

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For the younger, or more trendy businessmen, messenger bags are ideal. Although they are the most casual version of the briefcase, it is fast becoming an incredibly popular style, and it is not unusual for professionals to be seen with a versatile messenger bag. Not only does it compliment the business attire very well, but it also allows all of your important documents, including your laptop to be transported safely and easily, thanks to the long strap that can be worn over the shoulder. Like we have said, the messenger bag is incredibly versatile and will suit many different styles. Take the Vaude Fohr Canvas Briefcase, the Tony Perotti Leather Messenger Satchel Bag and the Samsonite Cityvibe 3 Way Expandable Laptop Business Case for example. They are all incredibly different, and will appeal to all tastes and ages, yet they are all examples of a messenger bag. The Vaude Fohr Canvas Briefcase is incredibly stylish and modern, whilst still looking very professional. The Tony Perotti Leather Messenger is expertly constructed from the finest leather, and has been built to last. This luxurious bag has a much more casual feel to it, however, the high quality leather makes it a perfect gift for someone. The Samsonite Cityvibe business case is an incredibly practical bag that does exactly what you need it to do. Samsonite is an incredibly reliable brand and is renowned for their high quality products, so this is perfect if you are looking for something that is going to last.

Attaché style cases are what people think of when they hear the word briefcase. They are the traditional, angular case that is opened up on the side, presenting two compartments. It is carried normally by a single carry handle on the top of the case. They tend to be bigger, which allows you to carry around bulkier items. They are also ideal for those who have a lot of paperwork to transport to and from the office regularly. This style of briefcase has more than stood the test of time, and it is still as popular now as it was several decades ago. It looks professional, and it is the perfect partner for those all important business meetings. At BagsDirect, we have a number of different Attaché cases that suit different styles, including our Falcon Faux Leather Expanding Case, which is a traditional style of case, which will suit a number of different styles due to its classic feel. If you want something slightly more modern, although still in keeping with the traditional style, the Falcon Aluminium Briefcase in Silver, which has everything that you would expect from a high quality attaché briefcase, but its stylish aluminium exterior looks great and modern, and is incredibly lightweight, so you are not carrying around lots of unnecessary weight.

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Finally, we come to the cabin/travelling/rolling briefcases. These are best suited to those who travel a lot with work. This might be overseas, which is why all of our rolling briefcases are a handy cabin size, allowing you to work on the plane should you need to; or for those who are completely mobile, meaning they have to bring all of their paperwork wherever they go. As you can imagine, these briefcases are slightly larger than any other, as it is assumed that they are not only accommodating more paper, but also they factor in space for overnight or weekend clothes should you be away on a business trip. As with any briefcase though, your laptop or notebook is fully protected for your journey, and various pockets make organising all of your important documents easier. Again, these cases are very versatile and at BagsDirect, we have a range of different styles to suit your needs. The Falcon Compact Foldaway Pilot Case is perfect if you go on business trips occasionally, as it easily folds flat for easy storage. The Samsonite Ultimocabin Rolling Tote, is modern, stylish and perfect for those who travel regularly. It has a hard outer shell to protect your belongings, and it is the perfect hand luggage size. This is better suited as a business travel case, as opposed to an everyday briefcase, due to its design. Finally, we will take a look at the Falcon 17-inch Laptop Pilot Case. This is a super functional, sleek wheeled briefcase, best suited for those who are often on the move with their work. It is large enough to be treated as a mobile office, thanks to its spacious compartment, and twin side pockets. It quality and style have not been sacrificed, and it is perfect for organising all of your belongings, so you can be certain that you have everything with you that you require. 

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