How the i-Stay collection can help you.

How the i-Stay collection can help you.

Carrying any extra weight from a bag every single day can begin to cause you problems and pain, regardless of what it is you are carrying. As any woman will know, the average handbag, filled with essentials that you cannot cope without during the day now weighs approximately the same amount as a small dog, with the average weight of a handbag coming in at over 6lbs. Whilst that does not seem like a lot of weight to carry for a short period of time, it will come as no surprise that this can over time have a detrimental effect on your posture, putting pressure on your spine, causing you to experience unnecessary pain.

trolleyWhilst it is not always easy to avoid carrying this weight around, especially if you are taking numerous electrical gadgets into school or the workplace daily, not to mention any essential, heavy textbooks, it is possible to carry these with minimal damage being caused to your spine. The i-Stay collection have been designed for those people who carry heavy loads, someone who is on the move a lot, those who dislike bag straps slipping off their shoulder which can cause accidents when you are trying to juggle everything else to pull it back up, and those who do not like the feeling of a bag strap that digs into their shoulder.

To put it simply, the i-Stay collection does just that. Its fantastic design means that these practical bags stay put, leaving you with two free hands whilst travelling. The i-Stay strap that comes with all bags has been designed in such a way that it can be removed and placed on any bag that has ‘D’ rings, and the way in which the actual bags have been designed allows you to spread the load, putting less pressure on just one point of your spine. We will go into more detail of the benefits and how the design reflects these later on. What’s more is that the bags are available in a huge range of styles and designs, not to mention colours, reaching out to all genders and age groups.

Like we previously stated, the unique design of the i-Stay strap means that it does not slip or fall off of your shoulder. Not only is this convenient, particularly if you are getting on and off public transport in rush hour; it also leaves your hands free to open doors, carry a cup of coffee, or even take important phone calls. It has more direct health issues though than just the convenience of freeing up your hands, and that is you will no longer have to distort your back, just to keep your bag on your shoulder. Whatever your chosen stance is; whether you choose to hunch your shoulders, or lean slightly to the side, it will be putting unnecessary strain on your back. By improving your body alignment, you will significantly reduce neck, shoulder and back pain. Its ergonomic design has been commended by the Royal College of Chiropractors, who have also acknowledged the health benefits that are gained from using these products.

So, just how is a strap capable of doing so much? The top part of the strap is constructed from very thick, webbed rubber, and is naturally very padded, and will grip on to every type of clothing or skin. This makes it incredibly comfortable to wear. The webbed strap is also wider than a standard bag strap, which helps to redistribute the weight of your bags load, making it easier to carrier, and also making it feel lighter than it actually is. Your shoulders will soon thank you for this feature, and it is this that improves your posture and the position of your spine. The i-Strap can be purchased separately and can be attached to any existing bag that you already own. You can simply attach the straps using the ‘D’ ring clips, and you have created a bag that will not put pressure on your back, neck and shoulder.

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However, i-Stay does not stop at the strap, and they have an extensive collection of luggage from backpacks to laptop carry cases, all which feature the strap and have been further designed in such a way that they provide even distribution of weight and will not cause you any back pain when you are using them. All of the current collections have been designed with simplicity and style in mind, with the modern day worker at the forefront of all the decisions. Nearly all of the bags i-Stay do have been specifically fitted with pockets that are designed for laptops and notebooks, and all have an organiser section in the interior. The bags are all fully padded, for added comfort and they are all made from the highest quality fabrics to ensure that they last.

i-Stay products really are perfect for everyone, and suits all customers both professional and casual. Click here to discover more about their range and the great offers that are available to you here at BagsDirect.

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