Healthy Back Bag Textured Nylon Baglett Frost Grey

Healthy Back Bag Textured Nylon Baglett Frost Grey

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  • Bagletts, the mini version of The Healthy Back Bag, are functional, fun and perfect for life's little essentials. They can be clipped inside any Healthy Back Bag or worn on their own any one of five ways by adjusting the detachable shoulder strap. Made from Textured Nylon, hardwearing, machine washable, water resistant incredibly lightweight and affordable. Their vibrant colour alone making them a delight to carry anywhere.


Weight: 105 g

Colour: Frost Grey

Dimensions: 20.5 × 11.5 × 9 cm

Size: Baglett

Fabric: Textured Nylon

Capacity: 1 litres

The less you carry the more comfortable the bag will feel, and stress on the body is reduced. The intelligent multi-pocketed interior means that a lot will fit into a Small bag (our bestselling size).  Choose the smallest bag for your needs and body length to get the maximum benefit from the ergonomic design! And resist temptation to cram too much in...

Size Guide

Baglett: Clips inside any larger bags. Long detachable strap for use across the body or round the waist. Perfect for minimal essentials. Dimensions: 20.5x11.5x9cm

Large Baglett: A larger version of our baglett, for when a little more capacity is required. Dimensions: 25x14x11cm

Small: The most popular size for everyday use. Holds all daily essentials, plus diary, gloves, mini umbrella. Replaces the medium to large handbag. Dimensions: 43x23x15cm Capacity: 7 Litres

Medium: If you normally carry quite a large, well-stocked bag, this is the one to choose. Also good for day trips and sight seeing. Dimensions: 49x28x18cm Capacity: 10 Litres

Large: Extremely roomy. Great as an overnight bag, or carry-on luggage, also good for day-trips and expeditions. Dimensions: 54x33x21cm Capacity: 15 Litres

Remember, the key reasons why the Healthy Back Bag® works are its body-hugging shape and lack of rigid elements in its construction, so if you try to carry, for example, an A4 book/file in a medium or large bag (which can be done at a push) some of the bag’s functionality may be lost.

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