Hand Luggage Only...

Hand Luggage Only...

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Picture this; you’ve decided to escape the English weather and have booked a last minute holiday to spend a week sunbathing on a hot beach. You’ve managed to get a really good deal on the flights as you have decided to use a budget airline. It doesn’t matter that you are not travelling in luxury though, as the destination will more than make up for it. You finish the booking and you see the feared line…‘Hand luggage only’.  For some, this may not be a problem. The light traveller will be revelling in the fact they do not have to queue for ages to check a case in and pay an extortionate amount for the privilege. But for others, who take anything and everything ‘just in case’, it can prove to be a major problem. There is no need to panic though, with BagsDirect’s vast range of Delsey Cabin luggage you can add a bit of style and luxury to your travel.

The Chatelet cabin trolley case is an elegant, hard backed case which features an exclusive, brand new, integrated brake system. This system is applied to the front wheels, allowing it to still be rolled on two wheels. With its lockable casing you can travel knowing your luggage is secure. Or why not consider the Honore Cabin Case. Exclusive to 2014, you can have the most up-to-date stylish luggage. With the same features as the Chatelet model and its soft touch finish and leather features, it really is a must have. Both of these cases have an identification plate located on the rear of the case, which bears an individual code; allowing you to be put in contact with the person who has your luggage should it go missing.

If you prefer a softer case, why not try the Delsey U-Lite Cabin Trolley Case. With its lightweight flexible frame, and softer front, it is perfect for those last minute essentials that you have to cram in! All of the Delsey cases that we offer at BagsDirect come in a range of different colours, with one to suit everyone.

When travelling with only a hand luggage allowance, always try and make a list prior to packing. You are much more likely to pack unnecessary items if you pack at the last minute. Roll your clothes as well, you will be surprised at just how much more you can get into the case; plus there is the added bonus of not having to iron them at the other end as well! Oh, and wear your bulky items, instead of packing them, if you have to take them at all! The hand luggage allowance varies for each airline, so please check yours before buying. 

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