Going to university? Look no further than BagsDirect

Going to university? Look no further than BagsDirect

When you are preparing to go to Uni, you are generally a bag of mixed emotions. On the one hand, you cannot wait, you are going to meet loads of new people and have the time of your life. For a lot of people, it is also the first time living away from home and whilst this is exciting, it is nerve wracking for anyone. You are entering into the unknown which can always be slightly unsettling. Don’t let your luggage and packing become something to worry about though. At BagsDirect, we have a huge range of large heavy duty suitcases that are perfect for those who are packing to head off to Uni in the coming weeks and as we aim to dispatch our items within 24-48hrs, it is perfect for those last minute panics.

Our selection of ZFrame luggage is specifically designed for those heavy duty trips, such as moving to university.  The cases are made form a heavy duty 1680D Polyester fabric, which has a tightly woven structure. This makes the cases incredibly sturdy and hard wearing, whilst keeping them feather light, so you will not have to try and manoeuvre a ridiculously heavy case. They also have a four wheel control system with 360 degree spinning wheels, so you can move your belongings around easily, as well as being compact; perfect when you have limited space in halls. If you prefer a softer holdall, at BagsDirect we have a huge selection of duffle bags. Some, such as Antler Urbanite MegaDecker range come with a dragging handle as well as a two strap carrying handle; whilst others such as our own range of Falcon Duffle bags come with carry handles, as well as a detachable shoulder strap. However you prefer to travel, at Bags Direct, we will have the perfect solution for you.

Our range of cabin luggage is also worth taking a look at before you leave to go to university. They are available in three different sizes and are the perfect size for visiting your parents for a weekend. Our CabinZero range of Ultra-Light Massive Capacity Backpacks have a capacity of 44 litres, so you can even bring home some washing! They are available to buy in bright colours, such as hot pink, allowing you to let your personality shine through during your travels. As well as the backpack style cabin bags, we also have a huge selection of hard and soft shell cabin cases, which really are perfect for a weekend away.

Feeling prepared can make the days before you leave a lot more relaxed and at BagsDirect, we can help with this. We only supply the highest quality cases at unbeatable prices, so you know you can rely on us to provide you with the travel accessories that will last throughout your studies. 

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