Going on holiday with kids? Then head to BagsDirect…

Going on holiday with kids? Then head to BagsDirect…

It can be a nightmare trying to get your kids’ ready for a day out, and as an adult you end up carrying around more than you ever imagined. Why not lighten your load, with our range of kids’ bags. Whether it’s to go on holiday or just for a day out at the park, we have the perfect bag for you and your little ones.

Children love to have bright, distinctive designs to carry around and whether you have toddlers, or teenagers there are plenty of bags to choose from. The Trunki, which has previously been seen on the Apprentice, offers the perfect solution for a family holiday. With a capacity of 18 litres, it not only has enough room for your child to pack their favourite toys and clothes, it also has the world’s first ride on feature, allowing your child to sit on top of the suitcase, and be pulled along. The Trunki comes in many designs, from Bumble Bee’s to Princesses and is a must have for any young aspiring traveller.

There are also bags designed for the older children with featuring brands such as Kipling bags and Tony Perotti. The Kipling Firefly Backpack features a mobile phone pocket, making it perfect for older kids who need to have a phone at school with them, and Tony Perotti offers sleek, stylish satchels. It doesn’t stop there though. There are a number of backpacks by Falcon and Caribee which have been designed to hold laptops, making this especially appealing to the teenage market, or college students, or even those thinking of going to University, where a laptop is an essential piece of equipment. For the younger school students there are a number of smaller backpacks, as well as tote bags in a wide range of colours and designs.

As well as offering bags to suit every child, no matter how old, there are also a number of accessories to make travelling with a young child as easy and stress free as possible. Trunki offers seat belt covers in their BoostApak range to allow comfort when travelling in the car as well as the SnooziHedz inflatable travel pillow and blanket which is ideal when flying or travelling for a long time. As well as these accessories, the Trunki Extra Pack comes complete with stickers to make your child’s Trunki even more personalised, as well as a saddle bag, which can double up as a seat on the Trunki and a matching tote bag which can be clipped onto a plane or car seat in order to keep their toys organised and within easy reach.

With BagsDirect, travelling with children does not have to be stressful.