Get Christmas sorted with BagsDirect

Get Christmas sorted with BagsDirect

At BagsDirect, we have something to offer the whole family. The high quality designs of our luggage mean that our products make excellent gifts, ideal for now when people are likely to be thinking of buying gifts for their loved ones for Christmas.

Christmas presentFor the teenage girls in the family, who might be coming up to the age where they are thinking of whether they want to be going to university, or maybe they are preparing for their first holiday away with their friends. The Samsonite Jazz collection is a really modern style and design of case that young fashionista’s will want to be seen with. You know that you are getting great quality because they are by Samsonite too. They are renowned for their high quality, secure and long lasting luggage systems, which will stand up to even the toughest of traveller. The Jazz 2.0 Collection is available in 4 incredibly on trend prints, ranging from Japan, to the solar system, so you can really pick something that is fitting to their personality.

The cases come in a range of different sizes from cabin size upwards; however all have been fitted with TSA approved combination locks. The benefit of having luggage with a TSA lock already fitted not only saves you money buying one if they are planning on travelling to the States, it also means that your luggage can remain secure even if it has to be opened by airport staff as they can use the special TSA skeleton key and lock on all combination locks.

For the budding male traveller in your family, we have a huge range of rucksacks, backpacks and holdalls to choose from. Our CabinZero collection offers excellent value for money, whilst not compromising at all on the quality of the luggage. The ultra-light, massive capacity ones are perfect for travelling, or even for school. They have been ergonomically designed to not only look good, but to be extremely comfortable as well. They are available in a variety of different colours as well, so you can match one to their personality.

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Our casual bags are among the most popular at BagsDirect, and it really is easy to see why. Whether you choose to buy a messenger bag, or a stylish laptop bag, they make the perfect gift for an older child. Because they are only made of the highest quality fabric, they can stand up to a lot, especially like the high demand of teenagers, which means that you will not have to replace the bag in a couple of years’ time because it has become worn and damaged.

For the younger children, we have a brilliant range of children’s luggage and accessories that not only make perfect presents, but are also incredibly practical if you are planning any family holidays. First of all, we will start with the ever popular Trunki ride on case. They are available in a huge range of different designs suitable for both boys and girls, and can hold 18 litres worth of luggage. It is a brilliant way to encourage your children to take responsibility for their own luggage, as it has a convenient pull along handle, but the advantage with the Trunki case is that the top can act as a seat should the child feel tired during travelling. It is the first ride along suitcase, making it both fun and practical.If they are a little bit older, and like most children, love Disney, we have a really cute and fun range of Disney and Marvel cases. These cases are adorned with their favourite characters such as Mickey Mouse, and really do make the perfect gift for any jet setting family.

Finally, we can move on to ideas for mum and dad. You can treat you dad to a brand new business bag. The majority of business bags that we stock at BagsDirect, are made from the finest quality leather, and really look like they have built to last. It really is the staple accessory for any businessman, whether you go for the epitome of an English gentleman, and treat your dad to the ever popular attaché or pilot cases. If your husband or dad would prefer something slightly more stylish, on trend and modern, we can offer you a brilliant range of trolley cases, should they go away on a lot of business trips, or a more casual messenger bag that has a specific laptop compartment to ensure that all of his work remains organised.

GiftThere is nothing that your mum would appreciate more on Christmas Day than a beautiful high quality handbag. We stock a huge range of ladies handbags that will suit every single occasion. Our luxury Tony Perotti range is perfect for those ladies who enjoy the traditional, finer things in life. They are made from extremely high quality soft Italian leather and simply compliment any outfits. For the ladies who like the brighter, bolder statements bags, we have a huge Kipling collection that all come in a variety of styles and sizes, but every single one features the much loved monkey keying that is significant to the brand.

We are so proud of the luggage that we stock at BagsDirect, and we are confident that you could find the perfect bag or luggage for you and your family. We offer our customers next day delivery, allowing you plenty of time to find the best one for your family members. Let BagsDirect take care of your gifts this Christmas. 

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