Don't forget your dad this Father's Day

Don't forget your dad this Father's Day

Father’s Day is just around the corner, on the 21st June. Knowing what to buy your dad for his special day can be difficult, but at BagsDirect, we have a whole range of luggage, as well as briefcases that he can take to the office on offer. Whether your dad is a keen traveller, or an important business man, we have something that is suitable for him, and because we offer free delivery on any orders over thirty five pounds, now has never been a better time to order from us. For all those late minute gift buyers as well, we will provide next day delivery on many of our items, as long as you order by 3pm, the day before.

CabinZero backpackLet’s start with the dads that enjoy adventure, and travelling. We offer a huge range of different backpacks that have been designed to withstand intense activities. Our huge selection of CabinZero bags is absolutely perfect for any dad that enjoys travelling. They have been designed by someone who has experienced travelling for himself. It was on these travels that he decided he needed a suitable, secure bag that would be lightweight, whilst still being strong enough to see him through his months of travelling. After much designing, the CabinZero bags were born. They are absolutely perfect for both trips abroad, as well as adventure days in the UK. All of their bags have been designed and manufactured to be suitable as carry-on bags when you are flying. They are an excellent, secure piece of luggage that is available in a large variety of colours and styles, as well as sizes so you can pick the perfect one for your adventure loving dad. The best feature of all is just how lightweight they have been made. They will have no problem carrying their bag around all day, as every item that is produced by CabinZero is made of the same, durable, lightweight material.

If your dad enjoys more sporty based activities, we have a have a huge selection of sport holdalls, as well as sport backpacks that are perfect for any sport activity, whether this is a quick visit to the gym, or an active weekend away. Our holdalls come in different designs and sizes, but we can assure you that all of them are made from the highest ever quality and are guaranteed to keep all of your belongings organised and safe. All of the holdalls have detachable shoulder straps to allow you to transport them easily. It also means that each bag can be perfectly fitted to them.

Before we move into the realm of briefcases, we should quickly mention the messenger bags. These are perfect for your dad if he likes to be a bit more casual and comfortable at work. Many of the messenger bags that we offer will have sufficient room in which to carry your laptop – in fact the Caribee Virtuoso ‘iPad ready’ satchel has a clear plastic pocket to the rear of the bag which has been designed for you to view your iPad screen through, which make them practical to take to the office, but still stylish and casual. Messenger bags are all designed to help keep the wearer organised. Our luxury Tony Perotti collection is made from the finest quality Italian leather and not only features several separate compartments, but also a large organiser compartment, which allows you to easily access and know where all of your belongings are. This makes them absolutely perfect for an everyday bag to bring to the office. Our selection of messenger bags are all available in different styles and designs, so you can really find one that is best suited to your dad.

Of course, we also offer laptop bags as well, which allows the user to safely transport their laptop between the home and the office. We have a huge array of styles, from more formal briefcase style cases, to sleeves, right through to laptop backpack bags, which are perfect for active dads who need their hands free when they are travelling. Regardless of the style you choose, they are all incredibly high quality, and have been designed to keep your laptop protected from the wear and tear of everyday commuting. If your dad has to go away on business trips, our laptop trolleys are perfect, as they are large enough to hold everything that your dad will need on his trip away, whilst being small enough to count as hand luggage, so you can have peace of mind that it is fully protected at all times.

Finally, if you are looking to get your dad something more formal, we offer our customers a large range of different briefcases. We stock aFalcon briefcase huge supply of styles and designs, so you can find the perfect one for your father. Our selection of Falcon briefcases not only look brilliant, and suitable for any important business meeting, they are also incredibly practical. There is nothing worse than turning up and not being organised for the event that is following. Especially if this is a meeting. Our briefcases have numerous organisational pockets, as well as secure area to store your laptop should you need to. This means that your dad can make sure that he is all prepared before leaving the house, so he can simply enter the meeting knowing all of his papers are in check and organised. Our huge supply of briefcases have a locking system on them, as we know and appreciate that sometimes businessmen may have to carry not only their personal possessions, but also sensitive information which should not fall into the wrong hands. The combination locks allow you to keep everything secure, whilst allowing you to easily access the contents when you require.

Bags do not have to be reserved just for the ladies, and will make a perfect gift your dad this father’s day. All of our products are made from the highest quality, and will be an investment piece for him. Many of our products mentioned will qualify for next day delivery as well, so it is not too late. Treat your dad this Sunday, with a bag from BagsDirect. 

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