Caribee vs. Cabin Zero: Backpacking luggage

Caribee vs. Cabin Zero: Backpacking luggage

If you are planning a backpacking holiday, it is important that you have the right luggage. A backpack is the most common choice, as it is easy to carry around and it leaves your hands completely free during your travels. That said, there are a number of different things that should be considered when you are travelling, to ensure that you are comfortable your entire trip.

Depending on how long you are going travelling for will go somewhere to determining the type of luggage you wish to take. If you are moving around a lot, and are doing a lot of hiking that requires you to take all of your kit with you, instead of having a base that you will be coming back to, you need to find a bag that will not only stand up to the demands of being used every day, but also to find one that is both comfortable and practical. A hard shelled case is incredibly durable, but is neither practical or comfortable to take on hikes with you.

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We have looked at two brands who are both well known for having designed their bags for busy, dynamic and active travellers. Caribee is a firm favourite in Australia and have created high quality and tough bags for those on the go. They believe that they have created the perfect accessories to suit the busy lifestyle, whether you are travelling the world or commuting to and from work. They are suitable for both men and women, and there is a lot of choice from rucksacks to business bags. CabinZero have designed innovative luggage that has created the perfect alternative to wheeled suitcase. CabinZero promises to be both stylish and practical and have been designed to help reduce costs at the airport, but to also give you heaps of space without weighing you down. Their large capacity backpacks will fit in most airport cabin luggage dimensions, but have enough space for you to pack for an entire week away.

It is a fair assumption to make that these two brands would be ideal for an active holiday where you are likely to be travelling around a lot. We will be narrowing our search down to just two bags – the CabinZero Ultra-Light Massive Capacity Backpack and the Caribee Bombora Wet/Dry Backpack, and comparing 4 different factors to help other budding travellers get the best back for them.

Let’s start with the size of the bags. The Caribee has a dimension of 42x32x23cm with a capacity of 32 litres and the CabinZero is slightly larger at 55x40x20cm, but also has a significantly larger capacity of 44 litres. A larger bag would be more suitable for a longer trip, making the CabinZero better suited for those who are going away for more than a week or so; however, on the flip side, if you take a larger bag, the likelihood is that you will fill it, resulting in you having to carry around more weight, and a larger bag. If you were basing your decision on size of the bag alone, you would have to really consider the length of your trip, and realistically how much luggage you will require during your time away. Both backpacks fit most airlines cabin luggage regulations saving you time when you get to the airport, as you do not have to check any bags in prior to flying. Please check with your individual airline before you fly though.


Looking at the weight of the bags next, it is clear that they both live up to their names of being lightweight, weighing in at just 750g each. Comparing this to the size, it is very obvious that the CabinZero is actually a lot lighter, so this is worth bearing in mind if you are not sure what size to get. This is down to the material that the lightweight and waterproof 600D polyester that they CabinZero backpack is made from. This does not mean that it has scrimped on quality though, and all are lined with a luxurious nylon lining to ensure toughness and durability.

When we look at the individual features of the bag, it is clear that they are both incredibly versatile and are just as good as an everyday sports bag, as they are luggage for a holiday. The Caribee backpack has a triple compartment design which is excellent for organised packing, as it means that you can separate important documents that you will require during your travels; the front pocket also has an organiser panel. It has an action back harness which is really useful for those who are doing a lot of walking with this bag. The harness will give you added support, preventing injuries and increasing comfort, particularly of you are carrying it for long periods of time. The CabinZero backpack does not have as many organisation features such as pockets. It has one main compartment, which makes it ideal for longer journeys, but probably not as suitable for shorter journeys, or as a bag that you would use every day. Security is not compromised with the Massive Capacity backpack, and not only does it have lockable zippers, but also a built in Global Luggage Tracker which is powered by Okoban – the only property registration system that is actually linked to the airline baggage tracing system.

Finally, cost might be a big influence, and both the Caribee and CabinZero backpack are both excellent value for money. If you are looking for a high quality piece of luggage, that has been built to last and will serve an excellent purpose, whether that be transporting your gym clothes, or supporting your trip away, both backpacks are excellent. To view the collections, please click here for the Caribee backpack and here for the CabinZero. 

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