Tony Perotti Contatto

The Contatto collection from Tony Perotti is one of the newer collections. Just like all Tony Perotti products, they are made from the finest raw Italian leather that uses only authentic tanning processes. What makes this collection really stand out is the distinctive ‘pebbled’ appearance that the leather has. This is caused by natural astringents that are added to the leather. The items in the Contatto collection are just as soft to touch and durable as other Tony Perotti products – just as you would expect.

The Contatto collection has something for everyone. Bags Direct offers a selection of small purses and wallets, as well as organisers, unisex bags, laptop carriers and across the body bags. They have all been produced with the same selected chrome process, which imbues the leather, giving it that incredibly soft feel. Certain items in this range are also available in both black and red to suit your personal taste. The Contatto collection has been designed with organisation in mind. All of the products have different pockets, to maximise your organisation, and the high quality nylon lining ensures that they will last and last for decades.

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