Samsonite S'Cure

The Samsonite S’Cure collection is the lightest polypropylene suitcase to date. It has been made with 100 percent polypropylene material, using a special mix call Flowlite, which reduces weight. It is an exceptional combination of durability and lightness. It is available in seven different vibrant colours, perfect for a summer holiday. The cases come in a variety of different sizes and the cabin luggage size suitcases meet all of the IATA recommendations, meaning you can carry them right on to the aircraft, however, do check with your individual airline as the size of cabin cases may be slightly different.

All of the cases in the S’Cure are spinners, meaning they have four wheels, all of which have full 360 degree rotation for easy manoeuvrability. There is also a fully lined divider in the top part of the shell, with lowered cross elasticated ribbons in the bottom shell to keep your clothes in place, reducing the amount of creasing. Of course the quality of the cases has not been compromised and all cases have been fitted with a 3 point lock that has been accepted by the Transport Security Administration.

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