Samsonite Neopulse

The Samsonite Neopulse collection completely redefines the benchmark for lightweight luggage. They have all been made from polycarbonate, making them both strong, but incredibly light; in fact, the Spinner case is a mere 3.2kg.

The Neopulse collection does not compromise on space. The boxy shape of the cases lends itself to a very large volume inside, regardless of the size case that you choose. Its hard-outer shell will keep all your possessions protected whilst you travel, and the extra protective corners will ensure that the outer shell does not become damaged.

The cases in the Neopulse collection are very striking and all feature a metallic colour palette for you to choose from. The design on the front of the cases ensure that it stays looking good, and will reduce the visibility of any scratches that might appear.

Just as you would expect from a Samsonite case, all the cases come fitted with a fixed TSA lock to ensure that your luggage will remain secure, even if security must open it.

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