Delsey Belfort Plus

The Belfort Plus collection from Delsey is perfect for the busy traveller, who is looking for a sturdy, robust and secure case to come with them on all trips. The cases in this collection are perfect for those who are going travelling, family holidays and even business trips away, and all come in a variety of sizes, including a handy cabin sized case that can be carried straight on board with you.

The robust cases in this collection have been constructed from 100% polypropylene, which not only makes them shock-resistant and sturdy, but also rainproof, so regardless of the weather condition you find yourself in, you know that your case and all of your belongings in it will be kept safe and secure. The cases all feature four double spinner wheels, and an adjustable handle, so manoeuvring your case through the airport will be a complete doddle.

This ergonomic and sophisticated case features optimum security as well, and all cases in the Belfort Plus collection features three closure points, as well as secure top and bottom locks. The cases also come with a fixed, coded, TSA compatible lock which allows security officials to open your case should they need to whilst you are on your travels, and lock it again, keeping your belongings safe and secure.

This really is a great, family friendly case, available in bright colours and a variety of sizes to suit everyone.

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