American Tourister Soundbox

The Soundbox collection from American Tourister has been inspired by the beat of the world. The retro design on the front of the case has taken inspiration from retro vinyl records, hence the name. The hard-shelled cases have been crafted from a high quality polypropylene material, which makes it very durable and lightweight.

The colourful collection of cases is not only available in different sizes, making them perfect for longer trips and weekend breaks, but also offer zipped expandability, which is the first from an American Tourister case, giving you both flexibility and increased packing space. The interior of the case offers everything you would expect from a high-quality American Tourister case, and the cross-ribbon luggage straps keep all of your belongings in place and crease free for ease on arrival.

Don’t worry if security is a concern of yours either. All of the cases in the Soundbox collection come with a fixed three-digit recessed TSA approved lock for added security. This allows American security officials to access the contents of your case without having to break the lock, ensuring that your belongings stay secure for the remainder of your trip.

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