Accessories at BagsDirect

Accessories at BagsDirect

It’s not only bags we do here at BagsDirect; we supply a large number of travelling accessories. From wallets to vanity cases and scales to padlocks, we have travelling covered.

Make sure you are well prepared when it comes to travelling. With our selection of luggage tags you will never be unsure of what bag is yours again. It can be a nightmare when everyone seems to be travelling with plain black suitcases and trying to pick yours out from the crowd can be no mean feat. With Travel Blue’s Neon Luggage Name Tags this can be a thing of the past. The bright colours make your luggage stand out and easily identifiable. The information will also help your luggage get back to you should they get lost. The TT50 TripNeeds TrackerTag is an excellent way to help you become reunited with your luggage should it go astray. Each tag has a unique number that is registered to you. If your luggage is found, this number can be entered into the tracker and you will receive a text message alerting you to its whereabouts.

Making sure that keep your belongings safe whilst traveling is important. The Travel Blue Safe Money Belt and Security Neck Wallet are discrete ways to carry around cash and valuables.  The Travel Blue Safe Money belt is not like other money belts. It literally is a belt that you can put through the belt loops of your skirt or trousers. Suitable for both men and women, the ordinary looking accessory has a hidden zip on the inside, perfect for keeping small valuables on your person at all times. As the zip is on the inside, it is very difficult for anyone else to get to the hidden pocket without physically removing your belt. The Travel Blue Safe Neck Wallet Money belt has been designed to be worn around your neck, under your shirt or top. Its size makes it ideal for carrying your money, passport and travel documents and the thin neck strap keeps it discrete and out of view. The waterproof pouch has three large compartments, as well as an additional layer of fabric, designed to be worn comfortably on the skin.

Finally the Travel Blue combination locks and security baggage straps means that you can have added peace of mind if your suitcase is not with you at all times. The lockable luggage straps come in distinctive colours, allowing your case to be easily identifiable as well as a combination lock to ensure that nobody but you can access your belongings. The combination lock is ideal for use when flying as it has been accepted and recognised by the American TSA. Should they need to look in your luggage at all, they can do so without damaging the combination lock.

BagsDirect is here to take away unnecessary stress from your holiday. We can provide peace of mind, knowing that you are getting great quality products that will keep all of your belongings safe and secure allowing you to get back to relax and enjoying your well-earned break.

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