A suitcase to suit every traveller

A suitcase to suit every traveller

The days of travelling with old wooden trunks and heavy valises are long gone and these days travelling with durable, secure and good looking luggage is what modern travellers now expect. With a huge range of luggage for all travel needs, Bagsdirect can offer up a suitcase to suit every traveller.

For example, gone are the days of searching for a luggage trolley when at the airport, as most suitcases now feature built in wheels, such a useful innovation that you wonder why no-one thought of it earlier.

As well as the two wheel variety of cases are the four wheel trolley suitcases which mean you can move your case while it is still standing. Bagsdirect can offer over 200 versions, including the popular Samsonite Cosmolite and Antler Purelitee.

Suitcases are also more lightweight than ever and with airlines charging a premium for overweight cases, the need to have luggage as light yet tough and durable as possible is a given. So Bagsdirect’s range of lightweight cases, including the Antler and Falcon brands, are welcome additions. In fact, British made Antler’s New size Zero range for example can weigh as little as 2.4kg.

Suitcases are also more colourful now so you can spot your piece of luggage on the baggage carousel straight away, dispensing with the need to tie a bit of ribbon on your suitcase to identify it among the usual black, brown or grey cases. Bagsdirect caters for every taste, and with suitcases of all colours available, every traveller is bound to find something to their taste.

If you prefer a rigid suitcase which mean your items will arrive at your destination more or less how you packed them, Bagsdirect offers top quality Carlton and Delsey cases amongst their range.

Bagsdirect even have an extensive range of children’s cases, designed to take away the chore of handling the kids’ luggage when they can pull them along themselves. The ever popular Trunki ride on cases are great for younger children while ranges from Samsonite and Cuties provide child friendly luggage for older children.

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