15 of the best lightweight bags

15 of the best lightweight bags

Let’s face it; the majority of airlines are not quick to give you extra luggage allowance, unless you pay over the odds for it. In fact, many are doing the opposite and actually reducing their weight allowance, sending many travellers into a frenzy at the thought of having to leave many of their much loved belongings at the airport. Have you every though that the weight of your bag might actually be contributing to this. Some cases are naturally very heavy, and before you have even placed your first item in it, you are half way to your weight allowance already. At BagsDirect, we stock a huge number of lightweight luggage options to suit all styles, so you can travel safe in the knowledge that you will not arrive at your holiday destination with only half of the things you set off with. 


1)    Cabin Zero Ultra-Light Massive Capacity Backpack

Cabin Zero

This great backpack weighs just 720grams, meaning you have lots of free weight to fill with your belongings. Don’t be fooled by the handy cabin size of this bag either as it has a capacity of a whopping 44 litres. The CabinZero Ultra-Light Massive Capacity Cabin Backpack really is ideal for shorter trips, or for when you are travelling on budget airlines and only have a hand luggage allowance. Dubbed ‘the suitcase on your back’, this useful piece of luggage is incredibly strong and durable – it is made from high quality waterproof 600D Polyester and has a fully lined Nylon lining, and has adjustable padded shoulder straps and carrying handle to make it comfortable to wear. You can keep all of your belongings completely secure as well, with the built in Global Luggage Tracker, and lockable zippers. 

2)   Samsonite Firelite 4-Wheel Suitcase 75cm

Samsonite Firelite

Samsonite are well known for their high quality luggage options, and the Firelite collection is no different. This lightweight case has been constructed by the unique Curv material, and features 100 percent woven polypropylene. This is similar in appearance to carbon fibre, and weighs very little, allowing you to make the most of the space inside the case. Although this case is available in different colours, all feature a distinctive shell like ridge pattern on the exterior. This aids the rigidity of the shell, without compromising on the space inside. Infact, this is something that Samsonite have worked hard on, and have avoided overlining the interior of the case, which could sacrifice useful space. Instead, the interior has simply been laminated allowing you to see the pattern from the inside.  The Firelite collection features the fixed combination TSA approved lock to keep your luggage secure and is perfect for frequent flyers. 

3)    American Tourister Marvel Legends 4 Wheel Large Suitcase

American Tourister Marvel

The American Tourister Marvel Legends 4 Wheel Large Suitcase has been designed to bring out people’s fun, childlike side, whilst still ultimately being a useful and functional suitcase. The large case weighs just 4.40 kgs with a massive capacity of 87 ltrs, whilst the cabin sized version weighs just 2.7 kgs. The Marvel Legends Collection comes with everything you would expect from an American Tourister suitcase – a hard wearing, and tough outer shell, internal zip sections for organised packing, and a fixed combination lock just to name a few features, but you can carry your favourite superhero’s around with you. The size of this case makes it ideal for a week long holiday, but the lightness of the case itself means that you can easily move it ad carry it around, giving you plenty of space to pack all of your much loved essentials. 

4)    SUITSUIT Crocodile 77cm 4 Wheel Suitcase

SUITSUIT Crocodile

The SUITSUIT Crocodile 4 Wheeled Suitcase is new to us at BagsDirect, and it is quite simply stunning. If you are looking for a lightweight case that will make you stand out from the crowd, then this really is the one for you. The case weighs just 2.5 kgs, and is made from ABS/Polycarbonate. It is because of this construction method that allows you to pack more than you think you should be able to, without adding unnecessary weight to your travels. The case itself is available in a huge range of colours, all featuring the strong and fearless crocodile print. This large case is perfect for your annual holiday, and with the bright and noticeable print, you will have no trouble finding your luggage on the carousel. 

5)    Antler Urbanite Upright Expandable Trolley Bag 71cm Navy

Antler Urbanite

The Antler Urbanite Upright Expandable Trolley Bags are brilliant for the active traveller. They are incredibly lightweight – just 3.2kg with a maximum capacity of a huge 92 ltrs; and are perfect for those who are going on a long holiday that might require a lot of travelling. This hardwearing fabric really will stand up to some of the toughest of jobs, and makes it perfect for those busy holidays. The soft sided case can be carried as a holdall for ease, or you can stand it upright and drag it from the extendable handle. The trolley bags have been designed to be filled, and there are many different pockets and compartments for you to easily access and organise your belongings as well. If you are using the Antler Urbanite Upright Trolley Bag for travelling, you will be pleased to hear that the security of the bag has not been compromised, and all compartments are lockable, and the main compartment has been secured with a TSA approved combination padlock. 

6)    2 X Falcon Cabin Case 55cm

Falcon Cabin

This Falcon Cabin Case set is perfect for couples who travel regularly, as you get two cabin sized wheelie cases that weigh just 2.5kgs each. Whether you use them for a holiday, or for a business trip, you can happily fill them without worrying that the weight of the case will take you over the luggage limit. Just because these cases are small does not mean that they are any less practical. They have a large main compartment, complete with luggage retention straps, as well as an additional internal zipped pocket and an external zipped compartment, so you can really organise your belongings well. Security is not compromised either and a small padlock is included with each case. 

7)    Samsonite Lite Cube DLX 55cm 4-Wheel Cabin Suitcase

Samsonite lite Cube DLX

Another one from Samsonite and this time it is the Lite Cube DLX 55cm 4-Wheel Cabin Suitcase. This case is available in a range of sizes depending on what type and length of holiday you are going on, but the cabin sized suitcase, which is recognised by most airlines, although it is always better to check prior to travelling, is just 2.3kgs. It is made from the same Curv material that the Firelight cases are, which is just why it is so light to carry, not to mention why it looks so effortlessly stylish. The Lite-Cube DLX offers a highly stylish and effortless travel experience, coupled with the benefit of suitcase strength at a very low weight. As you would expect from any Samsonite cases, the inside is divided into different compartments to ensure that you can organise your belongings, and contains a fully zipped compartment to protect your valuables. All Samsonite Lite Cube DLX cases are fitted with an integrated 3 digit TSA combination lock ensuring the safety of your belongings. 

8)    American Tourister San Francisco 55cm 4 Wheel Cabin Suitcase

American Tourister San Fran

American Tourister is a leading luggage brand all over the world, and the San Francisco collection is one of their best sellers. The high quality soft sided case is just 2.69kg, and can hold a useful 37.5 ltrs, showing you that you are not short on space. This cabin sized case is recognised by the majority of airlines; however, to avoid disappointment and unnecessary charges, please do check with your airline prior to flying. This collection is fantastic for frequent flyers, due to the durability, toughness and sporty nature that this case has. The large external front pocket is useful for items that you will require easily; however, do bear in mind that unlike the rest of the case, this pocket cannot be locked. If you are looking for a great value case that is very versatile and will suit a huge range of trips, the San Francisco 4 Wheel Cabin Suitcase is perfect. 

9)    Revelation Finlay 69cm 4-Wheel Medium Suitcase

Revelation Finlay

Revelation place a lot of focus on the beauty of their cases, and the Revelation Finlay is absolutely no different. The collection has been inspired by glacier ice formations and this really can be seen in the attractive 3D pattern found on the exterior design on the case. This budget friendly case is incredibly tough and lightweight – it is just 3.8kg. It has been made tough ABS which not only reduces weight, but also makes a very scratch resistance surface, making it excellent for active adventures. It is not all about the look on the outside though; the inside is just as great. All cases contain a printed interior lining to add luxury, and contain an internal pocket and packing straps. Security has not been compromised either and all cases come with a Revelation combination padlock. 

10)    Samsonite Lite-Locked 75cm 4 Wheel Suitcase

Samsonite Lite Locked


As the name would suggest, Samsonite Lite Locked collections are among the lightest and the most secure. It is made from the same Curv technology as other Samsonite collections, but this is ultra-light yet robust is also incredibly secure thanks to the three point locking system and TSA combination lock that is fitted to every case in this collection. Samsonite have made it very clear that they want to aim their cases at everyone, which is why their three point locking system is very easy to use, designed to make travelling more relaxed and comfortable. The Lite Locked collection has been designed to match the Cosmolite luggage and feature the same pattern on the outer shell. The interior of the case is very much as you would imagine, with a zipped compartment and luggage straps designed to keep your belongings organised and secure. Perfect for both business trips and holidays. 

11)    Delsey Helium Air 2 4 Wheel Trolley Case

Delsey Helium

The Delsey Helium Air 2 collection combines extreme lightness (it is just 2.4kg), perfect robustness and iconic design. Although we have featured the cabin size case, you will be surprised at how much you can fit in there, proving that hand luggage only does not have to be unachievable. This bag can contain twenty shirts, two toiletry bags, six pairs of shoes, eight pairs of trousers and three coats, showing that it can easily be used for a longer holiday, or as a sharing case for you and someone else during a weekend a way. This small case packs a punch though, and is incredibly secure, featuring a TSA combination lock, as well as web tracking allowing you to see where your bag is at all times. The Helium Air 2 collection is available in a number of different sizes and colours, so you can really find something to suit your style. 

12)    Delsey Quarterback +2CPT WPS Suitcase Backpack

Delsey Quarterback

The Delsey Quarterback + Suitcase Backpack is not your average suitcase, which is why it deserves a place on this list. This collection was originally designed for those who are looking for a light weigh yet convenient bag. This backpack weighs just 2.8kg, and can easily be turned into a 2-wheel suitcase simply by lifting the handle. Whether you choose to use this as an everyday bag, or one for a weekend away, it is incredibly convenient, and gives you the ultimate freedom when it comes to carrying it. The feature that really sets this case apart from others though is the smaller touches that really show that they have thought about the user. For example, when you turn this bag into a backpack, you will notice that the wheels are on the opposite side to the straps, which means that they will not soil your clothes when being carried. 

13)    Revelation Weightless D3 2 Wheel Cabin Suitcase

Revelation Weightless

This large case weighs just 2.2kg showing that you really can focus on what you are taking without having to worry about the weight of the case. In fact, everything feature of this case has been designed in a way that keeps the weight down as much as possible. Lightweight fabric has been used all over the case, as has sporty, branded zip pulls that do not weigh it down. This has not compromised the quality and durability though, and the hard-wearing corner, it is tough enough to withstand a lot of travelling. This incredibly sporty case is suited for active travellers, and comes in a variety of colours and designs to ensure that it suits everybody’s individual style. 

14)    American Tourister Jazz 2.0 2 Wheel Cabin Suitcase

American Tourister Jazz

The American Tourister Jazz collection is incredibly colourful, fun, and brilliant for the younger travellers. This collection features four unique and fashionable prints, so you can not only recognise your luggage immediately, but also means that you will look stylish wherever you are. The cabin case weighs just 2.30kg showing just how light weight it is. This case features everything you would expect from an American Tourister case, including a fitted TSA combination lock which is guaranteed to give you peace of mind that your belongings will be kept safe and secure during your travels. 

15)    Delsey Flaneur Custo 67cm 4 Wheel Trolley Case

Delsey Flaneur Custo

This large case is slightly heavier than some that have featured on this list, weighing 3.9kg; however, it is still incredibly lightweight and will make travelling a pleasure. The Flaneur Custo is an incredibly fun collection and all cases come its very own sticker kits, so you really can make your case completely unique and personalised. This case is incredibly spacious inside, and all come with a removable and fully washable lining so you can keep your case looking great and hygienic no matter how many times you use it. All Flaneur Custo cases come with a fitted TSA combination lock as well to offer peace of mind that your belongings will remain secure during your travels. 

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