14 ways to pack your suitcase

14 ways to pack your suitcase

Packing your suitcase for a holiday can be a very stressful process. No matter how much you try, you never seem to have enough room for everything you want. There seem to be so many tips to make it easier, garment bags, rolling vs. folding; but what actually helps? We’ve narrowed it down to 14 easy tips to help make packing easier, even for the most inexperienced traveller. Make this, a thing of the past…


1)    Put your belongings into piles before you pack

Work out exactly how much you want to take with you and lay it all out before you start packing. Put each item into neat piles, so you can see exactly how much. By doing this, you can be ruthless and eliminate some items. It is incredibly tempting and easy to put items you will not need if you pack straight into your case.


2)    Carry on or suitcase?

Know what you are going to take on board the plane with you and what is going to be packed in your suitcase. Doing this prior to packing will help prevent over packing as you will not be tempted to stuff anything into your carry-on bag at the last minute. Make sure you pack the items you will need throughout your journey into your carry-on.


3)    Plan ahead

The most important thing you can do when packing is to plan ahead. Whilst it may seem like it is taking longer, and you may not be able to pack at the last minute, trust me, you’ll be grateful when you arrive. Check the weather forecast and plan outfits. Know roughly the sort of things you will be doing when you arrive and pack accordingly. This way, you can say goodbye to “I’ll pack it just in case…”, only to find that it doesn’t even leave your case, and you bring it home unworn.


4)    The ‘rolling’ technique

The rolling technique is the process of rolling your clothes as opposed to folding them, saving space in your suitcase. To make your items even smaller, fold them first and then roll. These can then be layered in your suitcase, or put between shoes filling up the smaller spaces of the case.


5)    Stack and fold

Of course, some clothes are better folded as opposed to rolled. Shirts for example should be folded neatly, before being layered on the top of your case to keep them crease free. For an extra space saving tip, why not roll up a belt to put in the collar of each or your shirts. Its space saving and it will keep your collar in shape whilst you travel.


6)    Fill your boots…

And your shoes for that matter. Before you pack your shoes, which should be laid heel to toe and placed at the bottom of your case, make sure you fill the space first. Roll up pairs of socks to stuff in, or place small items of rolled clothing in the shoe. To keep your clothes clean, you can place them in re-sealable sandwich bags before stuffing them in your shoes. This will also help keep your shoes in shape whilst you travel.


 7)    Keeping comfortable during your flight

Don’t pack your comfiest outfit to wear when you arrive – travel in it! Whether it is your favourite pair of jeans or a pair of joggers, you will be much more relaxed for your flight if you feel comfortable. Also, by wearing something you will definitely wear on your holiday, it is one less thing to pack. A win, win situation all round.


8)    Don’t over pack; under pack!

We are all guilty of over packing, but it just adds stress onto what can already be a stressful time. Cabin Crew have suggested that you will not wear 1/3 of the luggage that you take with you. It is time to be brutal – take out anything that you do not think you will use. By the time you are having fun on your holiday, you’ll most likely forget how much you wanted that extra top, dress, pair of shoes anyway!


9)    Have a ‘travel’ drawer in your home

Safe time by keeping everything you use when you go on holiday in a separate drawer. For example, passports, travel adaptors, phrasebooks or maps you are likely to only use when you go abroad, so to prevent you from racing around your house trying to find a place for everything, keep them all in one place – a simple, solution that will save you a lot of stress.


10) Pack blazers and jackets inside out

If you are going away on a business trip it is important that your clothes look presentable when you arrive. To keep your suit jacket or blazer crease free and clean, turn it inside out, before folding it neatly and packing at the top of your case.


11) Overlap your ‘best’ clothes

This technique is saved for the clothes that you do not want to get creased. Maybe the nice dress you packed, or the trousers you want to wear in the evening. Start with the its of clothing that is likely to get the most creased, and lay it unfolded so it is half in and half out of your case. Repeat this, alternating the sides of the case, but making sure they overlap. Once you have done that, simple fold the parts hanging out of the case back in, alternating as you go, causing the clothing to overlap. Voila; this simple technique means that you can slip into your little black dress as soon as you arrive!

12)  Frequent traveller? Invest in some hanging fabric shelves

Whilst this suggestion might seem a bit extreme for an annual summer holiday, if you find yourself travelling a lot with work, why not consider buying some hanging shelves. These are fully collapsible and mean that you can pack your belongings in the shelves, before placing this in your suitcase, and when you reach your destination, you can simply hang your shelves up and you are unpacked! Simple as that! Perfect for if you travel a lot, without spending too long away each time.


13) Stop your liquids leaking

There is nothing more frustrating than reaching your holiday destination only to find that your toiletries have leaked in your luggage, and you are left with a gungy, creamy mess. Not the best start you could have on your holiday. There is a simple trick that you can do prior to packing your liquids that will prevent any unnecessary leakage and it’s so cheap and easy to do. Cut a little square of cling film and simply place this over the top, before screwing the lid back on – no more leaks.


14) Keep your wires safe.

Keep all of your cables and headphone wires safe with this simple trick. Secure all wires together with a bulldog clip or elastic band, before storing in an unused glasses case. This can then easily be packed into your suitcase or hand luggage, but you will know exactly where they are and that they are safe and secure. Simple, but effective.

If you are still struggling, check out this video from London Heathrow. Happy travelling!

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