10 ways to make lasting memories from your travels

10 ways to make lasting memories from your travels

If you are planning your gap year travels, or have simply taken a period of time off and are considering a lengthy travel trip, it is important to make lasting memories. If you are visiting many different areas in the same trip, it might be all too easy to forget some of the earlier memories that you have made, but there are many different ways that can help you make lasting memories, as well as gaining keepsakes from each of your destinations. Modern day technology has meant that it is much easier to share pictures and thoughts on social media during your travels; however, the following ideas provide a much more creative way of building memories that you can keep for years and years to come. 

1) Make a scrapbook


A scrapbook is a really effective way of collaging your trip, whilst creating a brilliant keep sake that you can look back on for years to come. It is an excellent way of keeping mundane items that would have otherwise become lost, such as receipts, tickets, or even money. Chances are, you would have forgotten the name of the really good restaurant you ate at on the beginning of your trip, and a scrapbook is an excellent way of gathering memories as the trip goes on. You can write small notes next to each item to remind you of why you wanted to keep that particular item. You can then look back and relive your time there whenever you want. 

2) Create a memory box

memory box

Memory boxes are similar to a scrap book in as much as you can keep items that you might otherwise dispose of, but it allows you to keep objects and other items that you could not display in a scrapbook. If you are visiting a number of different destinations, create a memory box from each place, with the destination written on the outside of the box. When you return home, you will have a number of different time capsules that you can then display in your home. If you do want to display them, try and get matching boxes, just for a better end effect. 

3) Send yourself postcards


Whilst you might feel a little silly writing notes to yourself at first, you really will be grateful when you arrive home and see all of your postcards waiting for you. Postcards are completely timeless and they will never go out of fashion. Pick ones that mean the most to you, and bring back the most memories of that specific place, don’t just go for the typical touristy ones. Write about your visit, and what it meant to you, picking out any particularly memorable things that have happened. 

4)  Keep natural souvenirs


Collect something natural from every place that you visit, so that when you get home, you can display your natural souvenirs from all over the world, creating excellent memories every time you look at them. Consider custom laws when you are doing this, and ensure that everything you are bringing home is legal! One really lovely keepsake is a collection of sand or rocks from each place. When you arrive home, you can display these in small mason jars, which you can then put lovely labels on the jars, so you know where you collected it from, along with a word, or feeling that you associate with that place. This will help to trigger all of the memories that you gathered during your time there. 

5) Collect something


Decide on something to collect at each place you visit. Examples of this could be Christmas ornaments, postcards, stones or magnets just to name a few. Pick an item that you will have room to carry around with you for the duration of your trip, as well as something that you will have room to display when you are back home. This will help you to keep track of everywhere you have visited, and is a really effective way of looking back and remembering the memories that you created during your time there. 

6) Create a travel playlist


I’m sure that everyone has been in a situation before when a song comes on the radio, and it made you think of a certain activity or place. Sounds can evoke memories, and really take you back somewhere. So, if you are going travelling, create a playlist of music you hear in that specific place. There are many different apps you can use that will easily identify songs and artists if you are unsure of who it is, sand you can then listen to this playlist every time you want to be taken back to your travels. It is a truly brilliant of making lasting memories in a more unusual way. 


7) Start a travel blog or travel diary


If you have the time and are prepared to put in the work that surrounds it, a travel blog is a really effective way of both preserving and sharing precious memories of your travels. However, a blog does take time to write, and to write it seriously, there is a lot of work involved. If you just wanted to make note of your travels, without sharing it, a travel diary is an excellent alternative, and is still something that you can look back on. 


8) Buy something you can wear


This is very similar to starting a collection from every destination, but try, if you can to buy something that you can wear from every place you visit. Again, this does not have to be a large item of clothing, but can be something small such as hats or jewellery. Not only will it build up a collection of unusual pieces that you can wear when you are back home, but it is a way of bringing memories of that place back every time you wear it. It is another association method, and is a really effective way of ensuring that your memories last during your travels. 


9) Print your photos


Very few people physically print their photos these days, as so much is shared on social media. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are all excellent ways of sharing your photos, but take the time to print some out, to put in frames, or to make a collage on your bedroom wall. Get really creative with your photos by displaying them, and every time that you look at them, they will remind you of the great time you had. It is also a great talking point when people come to your home. 

10) Create a video


Another way of being creative with all of the photos that you have taken on your trip is to create a video of them. if you are going away for a long time, it is easy to become incredibly snap happy, which can lead to you feeling overwhelmed when you are going through them by condensing your photos down into one single video, you can then edit them to create a montage of memories that you can easily show people and look back on to remind you of your trip. 

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