10 ways to keep your luggage safe when travelling

10 ways to keep your luggage safe when travelling

Going on holiday should be a really fun and exciting break away, and you do not want to spend your first few hours of your break away worrying about your luggage, and whether your belongings are safe or not. We have all read horror stories of poor unsuspecting travellers had their cases tampered with after they had been checked in or even that their luggage had been lost in transit. Whilst, of course, this is the pure minority, there are a number of different things that you can do, and extra precautions that you can take to ensure that your luggage stays safe. 

1)  Wear any valuables


Or better still; leave them at home. If you know that you want to take some expensive jewellery with you on holiday; for example, if you are travelling for a wedding or a special occasion then wear them whilst you travel. Although this might seem strange, by doing this, you will know where they are at all times, and you do not have to either check them in or put them in your carry-on luggage. Preferably though, avoid all of the worry and risk, and leave them safely at home. 

2) Recognise your luggage

Red suitcase

You know what it is like when you arrive at your destination and you are waiting for your bag, and you often have to second guess which bag is yours. The carousel is literally filled with near identical black suitcases and it is all too likely that yours may inadvertently be picked up by someone else. If your cases are easily identifiable, by their print, or customisation, they are much less likely to fall into the wrong hands. 

3) Keep your passport on you


Keep all of your bank cards, ID and passport on your person as opposed to in your hand luggage. Whilst you may think that anything in your carry-on bag is perfectly safe as it is travelling around with you, there are many opportunities for your luggage to be tampered with. If you put it in the overhead luggage holder and fall asleep, it is the ideal time, or if they become full and you have to check your back in, you will then have to rummage around trying to find everything and risk leaving something you require in your bag. 

4)  Invest in some cable ties

Cable ties

Cable ties will not make your luggage secure, and it is only a temporary measure, but it can provide a little bit of peace of mind. It will allow you to see if your luggage has been tampered with, and it might also act as a deterrent for opportunistic thieves as it will take a lot more work to try and get into your luggage. Bear in mind though that if your luggage needs to be searched, these will have to be broken, so it is beneficial to no rely on cable ties by themselves as they are only a temporary measure. 

5) Get travel insurance

Travel insurance

This is a fairly obvious one. Getting travel insurance prior to leaving is so important. Not only will it protect you should you become unwell or injured, but some insurers will also cover any loss, theft or damage to your luggage. Be very vigilant when booking and double check exactly what it covers before you book so you are not left disappointed should something untoward happen to you or your possessions. 

6) Do not leave your luggage unattended

Luggage unattended

We have all heard the announcements over the tannoy system that say not to leave your luggage unattended, and it is such an easy way of instantly making your luggage that little safer. If you do not let your case go out of your sight, you are far less likely to have your luggage tampered with. It’s all about being vigilant and being aware of what goes on around you. If you need to go somewhere – take your luggage with you. It’s that simple. 

7) Invest in a TSA approved lock

TSA approved lock

If you are travelling to America, it is likely that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) may open your case in order to search it.  Many cases, such as our Samsonite collection have TSA approved locks which allow the lock to be opened with a skeleton key. The benefit with this is, unlike tradition lock and key padlocks, or other combination locks; your luggage remains secure afterwards. If they have to cut your lock, it is at a greater risk of being tampered with later on. 

8) Keep organised


Pack in a logical order and know where everything is. If you know exactly where you have put items, and where they are, you will be more likely to realise if something goes missing from them. It also allows you to access items quickly and easily when required. The last thing you want to be doing is digging around in your bag trying to find something, as this is an opportune moment for people to tamper with your other pieces of luggage.

9) Wear a money belt

Money belt

Although money belts are not always the most attractive accessories, they are incredibly practical when you travelling. They can be worn underneath your clothing, so it is not on show, and it allows you to keep your money and passport etc. on you at all times. Not just this, but it keeps them hidden and because of how it is positioned, it will not only stay with you at all times, but it will make it very difficult for a thief to locate easily. 

10) Keep a clear head

Clear head

When you arrive early for your flight and you are all checked in; it can be all too easy to go and sit in the bar and have a few drinks. Not only do you risk losing control and not being allowed on the flight, but it also puts you in a vulnerable position. You are not going to be as aware where all of your possessions are, and you are much more likely to leave something which can then be stolen. If you are travelling, particularly if you are travelling on your own, try if you can to keep a clear head. 

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