10 places to see in the New Year!

10 places to see in the New Year!

Deciding where to spend New Year’s eve can sometimes be a tricky one. If you are stuck for ideas, but know that you want to get away for a few days, and see in the New Year in a place you haven’t before, we have picked just ten brilliant destinations that you could consider…

1) London, England

London NYE

The capital city of England has long been incredibly popular, and over 250,000 visitors flock to the banks of the River Thames on New Year’s Eve to see the spectacular firework display that erupts as soon as Big Ben strikes on the hour of midnight. It is a fantastic, happy atmosphere throughout London on New Year’s Eve itself, and the festivities continue onto New Year’s Day, where you can enjoy a three hour parade, complete with marching bands, elaborate floats, dancers, and finally a procession of the Queen’s horses. It really is not one to miss. 

2) Sydney, Australia

Sydney NYE

Although this one is not for the smaller budgets, a truly magnificent way to spend New Year’s Eve is with a visit to Sydney. There is always something going on in the run up to this celebration, including aerial flyovers which leave messages in the sky, mini light shows, a lighted boat parade, and of course the obligatory firework display. There is even an ultimate dance party, which is held at Bondi Beach, and because Australia is a full eleven hours ahead of the UK, you can be among some of the first to see in the New Year!

3) Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas NYE

It is no surprise that New Year is massive in Las Vegas, as it is a party town all year round. That said, over 300,000 people visit the famous four mile strip, which is shut to all vehicle traffic during the celebration period. Whilst you are there be sure to visit the Fremount Street Experience, which has three different stages providing you with nine hours of live bands. Be aware though, this is for over 21’s only. When the clock strikes midnight fireworks are let off from casino roofs all over the city, creating a truly spectacular display. 

4)  Edinburgh, Scotland


Surround yourself with thousands of other people for the Hoganay celebration in Edinburgh, where you can celebrate the last day of the year in complete style. As you would expect from the same place that brings you the famous and fantastic Edinburgh Carnival, you can see music acts, and traditional ceilidh dancing throughout the street. At midnight, a spectacular firework show is set off at midnight, which sends the party spiralling into the night in style. It doesn’t end there though, and there are many activities offered the next day on the Royal Mile, which includes a dive into the freezing River Forth!

5) Vienna, Austria


If you are looking for a quieter, more sophisticated way to see in your New Year, you should head to Vienna. You can experience an incredibly cultured celebration, and take part in quieter, more dignified balls, classical music concerts and hear some of the world’s best symphonies. Just because it is quieter does not make it any less popular, and you will be joined by many people who really want a glamorous way to see in the New Year. The celebrations do not stop there though, and you can enjoy a champagne brunch the following day. 

6) Miami, Florida


As you might expect, Miami is another city that does not celebrate New Year’s Eve in half measures. Throughout the whole city, you can find all types of different celebrations, which caters for all ages and tastes. For an all-night dance-a-thon head to South Beach, or for a more family friendly event, head to see the ‘Big Orange’ where a thirty five foot neon ball descends from the Inter-Continental Miami. Bayfront Park is where you can get the best views of the firework display, where there will also be family activities including musical entertainment, and food. 


7) New York City

New York City NYE

Spending you New Year in New York City means that you get to experience the incredibly famous yearly party that is held in Times Square. Over a million people head to Times Square every single year, where a twelve foot glittering ball is slowly dropped down a flag pole on top of the Time Square Building when the clock strikes midnight. You can expect to see performances from some of the world’s biggest artists, and a fantastic pyrotechnic light show. There is even a New Year’s Eve Wishing Wall, where you can write down all of your resolutions for the following year. It really is truly and utterly spectacular. 

8) Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s harbour is home to one of the world’s most extravagant firework and pyrotechnic shows. Hong Kong actually replicates the original ball drop that you can see in New York. It is the spectacular firework display that makes Hong Kong so popular over the New Year period, and it really is like no other. The best views of this can be found at the Avenue of Stars in Kowloon, or alternatively, you can board a special, dedicated ‘Countdown Cruise’, where you can celebrate the countdown to the New Year in great style. 

9) Reykjavik, Iceland


Iceland’s capital city is fabulous over the entire festive period, and is a truly magical place to spend Christmas through to the New Year. You can truly celebrate in style in Reykjavik, and the citywide celebration continues well into the morning of New Year’s Day. Bonfires are scattered around the city, as a symbolic way to burn away your troubles from the previous year, and the fireworks at midnight light up the entire city, regardless of where you are; however for the best views, you should head to the Perlan or Pearl. You can spend New Year’s Day relaxing in the in the hot springs as well, recovering from the traditional Icelandic party.

10) Maui, Hawaii


Spending New Year in Maui is perfect if you want a little bit of everything. You can head to the beach for a romantic dinner, or head to one of the beach side bars and clubs for themed activities that will continue throughout the night. Of course, New Year’s Eve is not complete without a firework display, and these can be seen throughout the whole of Hawaii. One of the most special things about Maui is the next morning though, where you should head to the summit of Haleakala where you can start the New Year with one of the most amazing sunrises in the whole world. 

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