10 of the most child friendly destinations

10 of the most child friendly destinations

Planning a holiday for your family can be rather time consuming and stressful, particularly if you have young children. Trying to decide on a destination that is both fun for you, especially if you only have a maximum of one holiday a year, and suitable for your children, can be somewhat difficult. However; there are a number of places that can be just as much fun for both you and your children. Below are just ten of the most child friendly destinations.

1) Paris, France


Paris is a beautiful city that is rich in history, and is great for children and parents. You can take in the sights of you stunning surroundings, before visiting the famous landmarks such as the elegant Eiffel Tower and the atmospheric Notre Dame; before making a trip to Disneyland Paris. It is here that your children can meet their favourite Disney characters before enjoying rides based on their favourite story. There is plenty of entertainment for the kids, and restaurants and bars for you. The great thing with Paris is that it is so close. You do not have to endure a really long flight – you can even take your own car and drive over. It is the perfect place for young children who have not really travelled before. 

2) Orlando, United States


Sticking with the amusement park theme, Orlando is full of exciting opportunities for you and your family. Florida is a very popular part of America to visit, and thousands of tourists’ flock there to enjoy the sunshine every summer. There are plenty of beaches and shops that you can explore in Florida itself, but perhaps one of the most popular reasons that people head to Orlando is that it is home to two of the most famous amusement parks – Universal Studios and Walt Disney World. There are family orientated shows, as well as fun rides for everyone. A great time for you and your children. This type of holiday is best suited to those with a slightly larger budget, and it is best for slightly older children who have flown before due to the travelling time. 

3) Menorca, Spain


Spain is a very popular family holiday destination, and Menorca has a well-deserved reputation as being incredibly family friendly. Although it neighbours party island favourite Ibiza, it has a completely different feel and far quieter. Its beachy surroundings offer the opportunity for you and your family relax and to enjoy water sports from snorkelling to kayaking along the coast. It takes approximately two hours to fly to this Island from the UK, which is ideal if you are flying with children. Menorca is home to some of the most stunning beaches in the world. Its long stretch of beautiful golden sandy beaches, and turquoise sea makes you feel like you are a million miles away from home. 


4)  Algarve, Portugal


Both Eastern and Western Algarve are perfect for families with its huge beaches and incredible family friendly resorts. It is an excellent place to go to if you are looking for guaranteed sunshine and relaxation. Eastern Algarve is best suited to those who are looking for an active holiday. You can rent a family apartment in the hills with beautiful panoramic views of the sea. There are many child friendly activities from horse riding, golf and water sports. If you are looking for a more relaxing holiday though, the Algarve has plenty to offer. The huge beaches and reliable summer sun makes it the perfect place to relax. Many resorts have spa facilities as well, so whilst your children are enjoying their sports, you can take a little time to yourself just to relax. 

5) Barcelona, Spain


Spain has long been a popular family holiday destination, and Barcelona in particular. There are many different reasons that make Barcelona such a popular choice with young families. It is not too long a flight in order to get there, which is ideal if you have young children that are not used to flying. There really is something for everyone, from zoo’s, aquariums, as well as theme parks where your children can enjoy exciting rides. The area is steeped in history as well, along with beautiful sights that look like they have come straight from a fairy tale. If you wanted to relax on a beach, Barcelona has the weather and an amazing coastline with some stunning beaches. 

6) London, England


You don’t have to go far in order to have a great family holiday. London is perfect for your first family holiday with young children, as it does not involve a lot of travelling, or the need for a passport. Although London is not best known for its beaches or warm, sunny weather it has an awful lot to offer. If you can cope with the fast paced life of Central London, it is absolutely steeped in history, and some of the most stunning and famous architecture in the world. You can pose with your favourite celebrities at Madame Tussauds, or visit the sea creatures at London Aquarium, before braving the ghoulish Tower of London and eating dinner with stunning views of the city at The Shard. If you and your children have the head for heights, the London Eye is a truly fantastic way to view the city. Ona clear sunny day, you will witness breath taking views of this beautiful city. 


7) Edinburgh, Scotland


From one capital city to another. The capital of Scotland is another perfect place to take young children if you do not want to go too far from home. If you travel to Edinburgh in the summer months there is always something going on for you and your family to enjoy. The Edinburgh Festival Fringe has many aspects that are solely tailored for a younger audience. There are special stand-up comedians and theatre shows (many of which will involve audience participation as a way of getting the children really involved). There are plenty of other activities as well if you choose to go throughout the remainder of the year. Deep Sea World and the Edinburgh Dungeon offer fun alternatives, whilst the Castle offers a more educational and historical approach. 


8) Marrakech, Morocco


Marrakech might not seem like the immediate family friendly destination; however, it is an excellent location if you are looking for your children to get something more out of their holiday. It has an awful lot to offer, and can be a real eye-opener for children – a place to secure a lot of different memories that they can go back and tell their class mates at school. You can all enjoy camel rides, and the village of Imlil, which is only around an hour and a quarter away from Marrakech itself, is absolutely fantastic for family treks. Morocco is a perfect place for you to build memories with your family. 



9) New York, United States

new york

Whilst New York is a little pricey and better suited for those on a slightly larger budget, it is a brilliant place to take your older children. The seven-hour flight might be too long for younger children, but once you arrive there is plenty to keep you and your family occupied. You can take a walk and have a picnic in Central Park, visit the famous New York Zoo, as well as other museums and landmarks. You can take a ride up to viewing platform of the Empire State Building, where you can see right across New York, or take the famous ferry ride to see the Statue of Liberty. Once you have done this, there are plenty of shops that both you and your children will love. Bloomingdales and chocolate treat M and M world offer something for both adults and children. 

10) Dublin, Ireland


Dublin is ideal for a family holiday. Whether you fly or take the ferry across it does not take too long to get there, which is ideal for those with young members of the family. Dublin is known for being friendly and welcoming, and this is exactly what you look for when you are taking your children somewhere. There are lots of child friendly excursions such as the Viking Splash Tour, or a visit to Dublin Zoo. There are many walks in beautiful park surroundings where you can feed the ducks or have a family picnic. Don’t worry, there are plenty of things for the adults as well, including sampling some Guinness in a real Irish bar. 

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