10 of the best carry-on luggage at BagsDirect

10 of the best carry-on luggage at BagsDirect

We have everything that you will require when it comes to luggage. Whether you are going on a backpacking holiday, a business trip, or a long weekend, we have the perfect pieces of luggage for you. For a short break away with your partner or your friends, or even a weekend business trip, it is unnecessary to bring large amounts of luggage with you; particularly if you are flying somewhere and are limited with weight and luggage restrictions. It is often far cheaper and easier to avoid any luggage fees and queues by simply taking a carry-on bag with you. Below are ten of the best options available to you at BagsDirect…

1) Falcon Ultra-Light Massive Capacity Cabin Backpack


The Falcon Ultra-Light Massive Capacity backpacks are perfect for short trips away and business trips. It has been designed to really maximise the amount of luggage that you can take on a trip with you, whilst avoiding long queues to check your luggage in. The bag is available in a range of colours to suit different personalities; however, they are all made from the same high quality water resistant material, designed to protect your belongings in downpours. As the name suggests, they have a lot of room, along with compression straps to evenly distribute weight and make it comfortable to carry. One of the best features of the backpack is that there is a separate laptop and tablet compartment that allows to work during your break away, but it ensures that it will stay protected during your travels. Perfect for those who are looking for a backpack design over a suitcase. Falcon bags have been built to last, and are incredibly great value for money. 


2) American Tourister San Francisco 2-wheel suitcase


The American Tourister San Francisco collection is excellent for younger travellers, as it is available in very bright colours. The two wheeled cases are perfect for those who are escaping for a long weekend, but is best suited for those who will not need to carry their case for long distances. It features an incredibly young, sporty and practical design, that has many practical pockets, including a large front one, where you can keep important documents that you need to be able to reach in a hurry. Luggage by American Tourister is made from the highest quality material and has been built to last. The San Francisco range is evident of this. The soft sided case has an adjustable handle to ensure comfortability and the small size is perfect for most airlines. 

3) Samsonite Disney Wonder and Marvel 2-wheel suitcase


This is perfect if you are travelling with children, or makes an ideal gift for a person that is a child at heart. The cases appeal to the younger traveller, and it will encourage them to be responsible for their own belongings. The cases are small enough, with specially designed handles so that it is comfortable for younger children to pull them along, and meet with most airlines size restrictions for carry-on luggage. It also allows you to bring more luggage, as you can pack their cases with all of their items. The cases are made from the same high quality that you would expect from Samsonite, and are available to buy in all of your child’s favourite Disney and Marvel characters. 

4)  American Tourister Jazz 2.0


The second American Tourister case to feature on this list is the Jazz carry-on case. These have an incredibly modern feel to them, and come in a variety of different distinctive colours and patterns, allowing people to pick one that really suits their personality. These hard shell cases are incredibly high quality, and because they are hard shelled, they keep your belongings protected it they get a bit bashed around; however, they can be harder to fit in overhead storage, as they cannot be flattened at all. The Jazz 2.0 has many useful features that really makes using this case fun. The four fully rotational double wheels, makes manoeuvring the case incredibly easy, and all of the cases in this collection are fitted with a fixed three-digit combi lock with TSA. The benefit of this is that the security of your case is never compromised, as security officials can use a skeleton key on any TSA locks in order to search the case, before locking it back up again.

5) Falcon 2 Wheel Laptop Cabin Tote Trolley Case


The Falcon 2 Wheel Laptop Cabin Tote Trolley Case is excellent for those who are going on a short business trip. It has all of the benefits of a briefcase, with the added benefit of having an extra compartment to fit an overnight change of clothes. It is small enough to be used as carry-on luggage for most airlines meaning you can avoid the queues, and are not tempted to pack too much for a business trip. The best thing about this carry-on bag is the fact that you can keep all of your work documents safe and organised. There is a fully padded laptop and tablet section, a zipped filing compartment, as well as a main compartment in which to store your clothes. The case is incredibly great value, and is of a very high finish, making them perfect for business trips. 

6) Caribee Time Traveller 2 Wheel Cabin Backpack


The Caribee Time Traveller 2 Wheel Cabin Backpack is perfect for those who are unsure whether they will be required to carry their luggage round a lot. The brilliant feature with this carry-on piece is that it is fitted with 2 wheels, and a pull out handle, allowing it to be wheeled arounds, but at the same time, it has a concealed Action Back harness system. This classic wheelie backpack is not only practical but spacious as well, and not only does it have plenty of storage space – it can store up to 35 litres, it also has a laptop compartment. All of the zips are lockable, so you can have peace of mind that your belongings will stay secure during your travels. This bag is perfect for business trips and those going away for the weekend, and best of all, it can easily fit in the overhead storage compartments, so you do not need to queue up and wait to have any backs checked in. It can stay with you at all times. 


7) Deslsey Segur 4 Wheel Slim Cabin Case


The Delsey Segur 4 Wheel Slim Cabin Case is incredibly hard wearing, and although it might be small, it is certainly a mighty case. It is constructed from 100% polycarbonate, complete with a ribbed patterned shell, giving it a really modern and tough feel to it. The interior is fully removable, allowing it to be cleaned should anything get spilt on it. This slim line case will easily fit in the overhead lockers of an aeroplane, and the size is perfect for a weekend away. The Segur collection is available in a range of different colours, from bright orange to black, so you really can pick one that fits your personality perfectly. The adjustable handle means allows the height of the handle to be raised or lowered depending on how tall you are, and similar to the American Tourister case featured earlier on in this list, you too can secure your Segur case with a TSA combination lock, so that the security of your case is not compromised at any time. 

8) Samsonite Ultimocabin Cabin 2-Wheel Suitcase


The Ultimocabin collection by Samsonite is dedicated to carry-on luggage. The unique selling point with this 2-wheeled suitcase is the front pouch.  It has been very carefully designed to assist travellers in speed-optimised transition through the security checks. The pocket has been designed to open while the case is in its upright position, making it much easier for you to find all of your essentials. The front pouch has many different pockets, so you can keep everything organised, saving you time, as you are not having to dig around trying to find the piece of paper that you require. The feature that really sets this case apart from the others though is the fact that it has all of the advantages of a hard outer shelled case, with the convenience of the pouch that is found on soft sided cases the majority of times. As with all Samsonite cases, it has been fitted with a TSA approved fixed lock, so the security of the case is never compromised. 



9) Vaude Futuna 25 Business Trolley Case


The Vaude Futuna 25 Business Trolley Case is another perfect option for those who go on frequent business trips. Particularly aimed at the younger businessman, this case is retro, yet trendy. It is the perfect size to store your laptop, documents and clothes, and is made from an incredibly tough and waterproof tarpaulin fabric. It is incredibly lightweight as well, so wheeling it around the airport is a doddle, and what’s more is that it can save you heaps of time prior to boarding your flight, as it is the perfect size to fit into the overhead storage compartments. This trolley case is available in different colours to really suit your personality. 

10) Samsonite GT Supreme Weekend Duffle Bag


The Samsonite GT Supreme Weekend Duffle Bag is excellent for a business trip, or a weekend away where you need to bring your laptop. Although the space for clothing is not as large as some of the bags, this duffle bag has many features that make it stand out from others. It is incredibly sophisticated – you could walk straight from the plane and into a meeting without looking out of place, and the bag features many compartments that allow you to organise your belongings. It is incredibly comfortable to carry, and has a sleeve that allows you to secure your bag to your luggage should you need to bring more with you. It is constructed from incredibly high quality materials and because it is from Samsonite, you can rely on it. 

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