10 of the best beaches in the world

10 of the best beaches in the world

There is nothing more relaxing than lying on a white sandy beach listening to the waves lapping at your feet. If you are looking for the perfect beach holiday, it can be difficult to know where in the world to really get the benefits of the best beaches. This is why we have compiled a list of some of the best beaches in the world. There are so many wonderful and simply exquisite beaches all around the world, so this list is by no means exhaustive; but here are ten of the best beaches in the world.

1) Baia de Sancho, Brazil


Regardless of what time of year you visit the Baia do Sancho beach in Brazil, it is just as incredibly, and has been understandably voted by TripAdvisor as the best beach in the world. We cannot disagree, as the views are just truly breath taking, with its white sandy beaches and beautiful bright blue sea. You can bath in the currents coming from Africa, as well as watch the native species, which include manta rays, moral eels, sharks, goliath groupers, sea turtles and dolphins, not to mention the huge variety of sea birds that can be found there. Truly a once in a lifetime experience. 

2) Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Island


This award winning beach is a definite must see. It runs nearly seven kilometres and is the largest of all the Whitsunday Islands. It is definitely a place to go if you are looking for an ultimate relaxation holiday, as you are simply surrounded by white silica sand, and bright turquoise sea. There are a number of different boat tours that you can book that depart from the mainland and take you to this wonderful location, where some will do overnight trips, allowing you to sleep under the stars. One thing that makes Whitehaven Beach really unique is the sand. It consists of 98% pure silica, which is what gives it the beautiful, bright white colour and cool touch. The best time to visit the beautiful island is between December and May. 

3) Elfonissi Beach, Greece


Elafonissi Beach is a small island that is located very close to Crete, and one of the unique selling points to this beautiful area, is that when the weather is nice, you can actually walk to the island as the beautiful, clear water remains incredibly clear and shallow. You can expect to see lots of different species of animals on this island, as it is a protected nature reserve. The best time to visit this exquisite beach, which has been voted one of the best in the whole world is between May and October when you can expect to see white sand, with distinct pink hues, and bright turquoise waters. Whilst the beach is only a mile long, with all of its hidden caves, you could easily spend all day exploring this truly magnificent area.

4)  Woolacombe Beach, United Kingdom

United Kingdom

When you think of the best beaches in the world, you might not immediately think of England. However, this small island is home to some of the most beautiful there is. Woolacombe Beach stretches for approximately three miles and on a lovely day, it feels and looks like you could be on a tropical island due to the white sand, and crystal clear waters. It is actually part of the North Devon Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and you only have to spend five minutes there to realise why it has been awarded that. The best time to visit this local beach is during the warmest summer months, so between July and September; but, whether you manage to experience it on a warm or cool day, it does not change just how beautiful this area is. 

5) Nai Harn Beach, Thailand


Nai Harn Beach in Thailand is absolutely beautiful regardless of what time of year that you visit. It is popular all year round with the locals, and is a popular anchorage during the boat season. There is plenty to see and do on Nai Harn Beach, with a few hotels and many local restaurants just above sea level. The white sand, and crystal blue waters are perfect for relaxing and exploring and there are many out of the way spots just away from the main beach that are absolutely perfect for engaging in a spot of snorkelling. The Nai Harn Beach should definitely be on your top ten list of beaches to visit. 

6) Playa Paraiso, Mexico


If you are looking for a truly relaxing beach holiday, the Playa Paraiso in Mexico is absolutely perfect. Not only is it absolutely beautiful and deserves a place on our list just for the appearance alone, it is full of things to keep you occupied whilst you are there, whether you choose to swim, read a book or just soak in your surroundings. It is not far from the local towns, so you can really get involved with the local life, and try the local food, knowing that this beautiful beach is not far from you at all. 


7) Rabbit Beach, Isle of Sicily

Isle of Sicily

Rabbit Beach is an incredibly remote location, 105 miles away from mainland Italy. There is so much to explore, and there is something for everyone. It is the perfect place to relax in the sunshine, especially if you visit during May through to September as this is when the weather tends to be the warmest, as well as being an ideal location to look for animals and wildlife – Rabbit Beach is home to a number of loggerhead turtles, or for those more action packed visitors, you can trek along the beautiful sandy beach before going for a snorkel or dive. The islands are steeped in history, that will leave you wanting more. 


8) Playa Paraiso, Cuba


Directly translated as paradise beach, The Playa Paraiso in Cuba really does live up to its name. It is incredibly easy to get completely lost in the spectacular views surrounding you. The beach stretches for more than twenty kilometres, and whilst certain areas of the stretch are a lot busier than others, it is possible to find some truly secluded locations where you can lay back in the super fine sand and paddle in the calm ocean. It is definitely worth a visit, regardless of the time of year that you are holidaying. 

9) Anse Lazio, Seychelles


The Seychelles is renowned for its wonderful sights and views, and Anse Lazio is no different. Regardless of what direction you look in, it is a picture-perfect postcard view. If you can get past the jungle clad hill, you will come across one of the most beautiful sandy beaches that you will have ever seen. The beach may be small; it is only half a mile long, but it is easy to get very lost in your surroundings, with the white sand, and turquoise water, which is so clear that you can see all of the fish swimming around you. It can be popular in peak times, but the beach is so stunning, it really doesn’t matter what time of year you visit. 

10) Flamenco Beach, Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico

Flamenco Beach is known for its beautiful shallow turquoise waters and soft white sand, and as soon as you set eyes on this beach, there is no wonder why this has featured on the list. It is beautiful all year round, and it is so secluded that you can only access it by plane or ferry. You can stay on the beach; however, due to the popularity of the area, it is important that you book in advance. You will be provided with everything you require and the beach has bathroom, showers, potable water, and there are a number of different kiosks where local food is sold, along with those all-important cocktails. This is definitely a place to put on the wish list. 

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