10 most haunted places in Britain

10 most haunted places in Britain

Halloween is just around the corner and that means that it is only right to discover the scariest places that are right on our doorstep. There is something a little sinister yet exciting about visiting a supposedly haunted place around Halloween even if you are sceptical on the existence of all things spooky. We have compiled a list of ten of the most haunted places in Great Britain that you should visit this Halloween.

1)  Pluckley Village, Kent


 Pluckley village in Kent has a well-known reputation for being the most haunted village in Britain, and was named this by the Guinness Book of World Records in 1989. Over the years, between 12 and 16 ghosts have been reported in the village; including a screaming man, a highwayman who appears at Fright Corner, and an old woman who used to sit on a bridge smoking. The village of Pluckley has been featured in many different ghost hunter programmes and attracts a lot of visitors, who come in hopes of seeing something spooky. 

2) Tower of London, London

Tower of London

The Tower of London is well known for the spooky presence that surrounds the building. It has attracted countless numbers of paranormal investigators, and it is believed to have one very famous ghostly figure. The Wakefield Tower is believed to be haunted by no other than Henry VI, and every year, on the anniversary of his death, he is believed to pace around the tower until the clock strikes midnight. This is not the only ghostly figure that has been spotted at the tower though; the White tower is believed to be haunted by a woman, whose perfume lingers so much that the scent has made many guards physically unwell. 

3) Borley Rectory, Essex

Borley Rectory

The Borley Rectory, situated in Borley village, Essex, was destroyed by a fire in 1939, and it since gained a reputation as being heavily haunted, when some unexplained events began happening. It has been investigated by high profile paranormal investigators, who have confirmed paranormal activity happening at the old mansion. Incidents began in the 1960’s when footsteps could be heard in the middle of the night. Following on from this, there have been reported sightings of the ghost of a nun, two headless horsemen and a carriage, and the ringing of a servant’s bell just to name a few.

4)  Pendle Hill, Lancashire

Pendle Hill

Pendle Hill, located in Pendleside is famous for a number of reasons. The most historical reason undoubtedly is its links to George Fox, which led to the foundation of the Quaker movement. However, the paranormal hunting began when a Bronze Age burial site was discovered at the foot of the hill, as well as the hills being home to the famous Pendle witches. This led to a live version of controversial show Most Haunted being filmed here, which showed lots of paranormal activity and has since been reported as the scariest episode that was ever filmed. 

5) Woodchester Mansion, Gloucestershire

Woodchester Mansion

Woodchester Mansion in Gloucestershire is a spooky location without any paranormal activity. It is an unfinished Gothic revival mansion that holds a big secret behind the closed doors. Although from the outside it looks completely finished; the inside tells a very different story. Several rooms are unfinished, some with whole floors missing, and it is because of this that over the years it has gained the reputation of being haunted. Many paranormal sightings have been reported, including a ghost in the cellar, and a phantom horseman. It has also been reported that visitors have been physically attacked by ghosts. 

6) South Bridge Vault, Edinburgh

South Bridge Vault

The South Bridge Vaults in Edinburgh are absolutely steeped in history, and it is no wonder that it is a location of much paranormal activity. The vaults were built in 1788, and form a series of chambers in the arches of the South Bridge. For around 30 years, the vaults were used to hold a number of tradesman, and illicit material, including several bodies. After these business left the vaults, Edinburgh’s poorest moved in, although they are reported to have left by 1820. It has since become the scene of many ghost tours and is a very popular site with paranormal investigators. With its gruesome history, it is easy to see why!

7) Ham House, Surrey

Ham House

Ham House in Surrey is rumoured to be one of the most haunted houses in Britain, however; it has also been the subject of a lot of scepticism. It is now used a lot in film and television, as well as being opened up to the public for different ghosts tours. A number of different paranormal investigators have reported a number of ghostly sightings, and different phenomena that has occurred in the house and grounds. It is even rumoured to have a ghost dog prowling around. 

8) Peel Castle, Isle of Man

Peel Castle

There have been a huge number of ghostly sightings at Peel Castle on the Isle, and is home to the legendary Moddey Dhoo, a black dog from Manx Folklore. The first sightings of the shaggy, unkempt dog caused confusion. No one knew where it had come from, or how it got into the castle as the gates were always shut. The guards of the castle reported that it had supernatural appearance and tried to ignore it when it could be heard padding up the corridors every night. No guard would ever walk along the black passage alone either, and two soldiers would take the key to the Captain’s quarters. 

9) Llancaiach Fawr Manor, Caerphilly

Llancaiach Fawr Manor

Llancaiach Fawr Manor was built in 1530, and has been named as one of the top ten most haunted places in Great Britain. It is because of this that the Manor has started offering ghosts tours, where every room has a paranormal story to tell; however, they cannot guarantee that any ghostly figures will be active at the time. Those who work in the manor have witnessed the ghostly figure of Mattie, the housekeeper who lived at the manor in the 19th Century, as well as experience unexplained objects and smells, such as lavender, violets and even roast beef! The ghost of a little boy has been seen as well, who makes his presence felt by tugging at visitors sleeves or hair. 

10) Glasgow Necropolis, Scotland

Glasgow Necropolis

Although a giant Victorian cemetery is the obvious place for paranormal activity, the Glasgow Necropolis in Scotland was supposedly haunted it became known as ‘the city of the dead’. There was one myth that made this cemetery stand out more than others were the rumour that this was home to a vampire with iron teeth. There have also been reported sightings by locals of a ghostly white lady who floats through the cemetery at night. It has been the subject of many different paranormal investigations, which has led to many voices being captured, as well as a strange mist being witnessed.. 

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