10 family friendly holiday destinations

10 family friendly holiday destinations

If you are thinking of booking a last minute family holiday in the summer holidays, it is important to know where the best places to visit are. There is more to consider when travelling with children, and therefore it is essential that you know your chosen destination is suitable and can cater for your children’s needs. Here are just ten family friendly holiday ideas for you to consider. 

1)  Spanish Mainland


Spain is a popular choice of holiday destination for families, for a number of reasons. The flight is just 2 hours from the UK which is perfect for children and once you have arrived you will experience sunshine, cheap prices for both food and drink, child friendly attitude and plenty of family entertainment. 

2) Scotland


For those who prefer to stay closer to home, Scotland is a perfect choice. Whether you choose the Highlands, or the hustle and bustle of a city, it is a perfect opportunity for your child to explore a beautiful country that is literally right on your doorstep. There is plenty to see, from the entertainment on the Royal Mile to the Loch Ness for some monster spotting. 

3) Florida


Florida is a very popular family holiday destination as it full of brilliant entertainment parks for kids. Disney World, Universal Studios and SeaWorld, are just a few of them. It is beneficial to hire a car when you arrive so you can travel around at your own leisure, and it is an easier way to see more of what Florida has to offer during your stay. 

4)  France


France is a brilliant place to holiday with the family; it is steeped in culture and history, as well as being home to children’s entertainment park Disney Land Paris. Another benefit of travelling to France with children is the distance. It really is on our doorstep, and is easy to get to by car, train or plane. 

5) England


Why not explore what England has to offer, rather than embarking on any long plane journey’s that can prove stressful for children and parents. Whether you chose to go camping in Cornwall, walking in the Lake District, or experience the fast paced life of London, there is something for everyone and perfect for those with families.

6) Canary Islands

Canary Islands

If you want to take your loved one to a place where you can soak up the sunshine, the Canary Islands are a perfect choice. Whilst some of the islands are better suited to families than others, all have their own individual character; however, Fuerteventura is particularly quiet and well suited to families. There are many popular resorts that are catered for children and therefore make the perfect holiday destination.

7) Lapland


This one is not best suited for the summer holidays, but is perfect if you are looking for somewhere to go away over the Christmas period. It would really make your children’s year if they could visit Father Christmas’s official home, and experience sleigh rides. Not only that but you can watch the northern lights in their full beauty, as well as sleep in an ice hotel. This is a guaranteed fun filled trip for both you and your family.

8) Greek Islands

Greek Islands

The Greek Islands are very popular in the summer with thousands of British families visiting the clear blue seas, gorgeous beaches, and scorching sunshine. All of the islands offer something, so whether you visit Zante, Kos, Corfu or Rhodes, there will be plenty to see and do for both you and your children. Not only that, but you can get some excellent family deals, so you do not have to break the bank. 

9) Algarve


The Algarve is very appealing for families due to the sheer amount of activities that it can offer. The huge beaches and family friendly resorts are perfect for those who are travelling with children, and sport lovers can engage in horse riding, water sports and golf, just to name a few. It is incredibly welcoming to families, and again, caters for all budgets so you do not have to break the bank. 

10) Ireland



Our final destination is Ireland. It is so close and easy to get to, which is perfect if you are travelling with children and can offer everything you want, whether you want a city break, or a relaxing countryside holiday. As a country, it is incredibly welcoming to families, and caters for everyone, ensuring you are not disappointed. 

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