10 essential travel accessories

10 essential travel accessories

Going on holiday can be somewhat stressful. Although it is well worth it when you arrive at your location, wherever it may be; trying to remember everything that you need can be difficult. We have comprised a list of items that can help make your holiday a little easier and stress free, so you can devote all of your time to relaxing and enjoying your time away.


1)  Portable luggage scales

luggage scales

There is nothing worse than getting all the way to the airport, only to find out that your suitcase is over the weight limit for your airline, and you either have to pay over the odd costs, or you end up racking through your possessions, deciding what you can bear to be parted with at the airport. Prevent this from happening, by checking the limit and weighing your luggage on some portable luggage scales before you leave. 

2) Waterproof phone case

mobile phone

A waterproof phone case can be an absolute god send on any type of holiday. It can keep your phone protected from heavy downpours, the sea and any water based adventures that you will be embarking on. You can avoid having to pay out for a new phone when you get home, by preparing for all eventualities before you set off. 

3) Camera


If you are going on a once in a lifetime holiday, make sure you have invested in a good quality camera so that you can have memories of your trip to look back on. Don’t rely on your phone camera alone, and get yourself a camera specifically to document all of your travels.

4)  Re-usable travel bottles


travel bottles

This one is a fairly obvious one. All airlines have a limit on the amount of liquid that you can take on board the airline. Instead of hunting around all of the different shops for specific travel sized toiletries, buy some re-usable travel bottles that comply with your airlines size regulations. This means that you can fill them with your favourite shower gel or shampoo. They are also handy for weekend trips away, when you do not want to pack a large bottle.

5) Portable USB charger

USB Charger

It is easier to get a potable utility charger that can be used to charge all of your electronic devices via a USB port. You will find that most hotel televisions have a USB port at the back, and it saves you having to purchase lots of plug adaptors for your holiday, as well as allowing you to charge your devices on the move should you be travelling with your laptop.

6) Foldable flat shoes

flat shoes

Apologies gentleman, this one is just for the ladies. Rather than packing a lot of bulky pairs of shoes when you go on holiday, invest in a couple of pairs of foldable flat shoes. These are widely available and allow you to tuck your shoes into pouches or even handbags. They are also a saviour when wearing high heels, as they can be packed discretely into your bag in case your feet start to hurt.

7) Inflatable pillow


If you know that you have a long journey ahead of you think about your comfort. A small inflatable travel pillow will not take up much room in your luggage, and be a saviour if you want to rest during your travels. These can easily be inflated and deflated making them an essential item to pack in your case.

8) Shoe bags

shoe bag

Shoe bags are such a basic accessory, but one that often gets forgotten. Shoe bags allow you to pack your shoes without worrying that they will make your clothes dirty, saving you time and effort from having to do any unnecessary cleaning once you arrive at your destination.

9) Colourful luggage tags

luggage tag

There is nothing worse than waiting for your luggage, only to find that half of the passengers on the flight have nearly identical cases to you. Make sure yours is easily identifiable by attaching a colourful luggage tag that you will immediately recognise. This can save you time at the airport, as not only will you see your case immediately, but you will be confident that it is in fact yours. 

10) High quality combination lock

combination lock


It is always worth bringing a combination lock with you whenever you go away, in case you need to keep anything secure. This is particularly important if you are planning on travelling, and you will be staying in hostels, or any form of shared accommodation to keep your valuables and personal items safe and secure. Invest in a combination padlock, instead of a one you require a key for in case you lose your key and cannot access your items. 

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